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  1. Client References

    I know it's a workaround, but I will open the references to any providers I may be wanting to see in the future...
  2. Client References

    I know we clients have an option to share a review with individuals by clicking a button on our side...
  3. Plans for the 4th of July

    stay home and comfort my puppy from the "oncoming doom"..., he's very dramatic...
  4. Fourth of July

    Colorado Springs says fireworks are not allowed in the city, but our street sounds like a mini war zone for the weeks before and after the 4th..., and from the sounds of it, someone has snuck ordinance off one of the bases...
  5. Does a connection count?

    I follow several providers on Twitter and depending on how much they post, it gives me a good chance at interacting in a non-threatening space. With a few I have followed for some time, I can banter or flirt(I need all the practice I can get) with them and not suck up their time.
  6. Could it be?

    it would be amazing if this could happen..., however, I don't think the "holier than thou" groups would allow this to happen... are there any Colorado groups organized and lobbying for decriminalization??
  7. Credit Cards

    I don't care how it would show up on my statement, but I would rather continue to use cash. There are no technological problems, service fees from the bank, declined cards, etc.... If I were to prepay for a session, I think Cash App or Venmo would be better. It would be like me transferring money to a friend to pay them back for something they bought for me.
  8. the more the better...