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  1. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    I've been in the hobby for almost 10 years now and in the past have been very active. Nowadays it's very few and far between and have always done plenty of research and chosen well reviewed providers but recently had a terrible experience. Read enough reviews and you'll see it's kind of common-place, even for well established providers: the rushed 1/2 hour when you donated for an hour. This is truly one of the worst things a provider can do to a client. Most of the time, the actual main-event is secondary to the experience as a whole. As a client and as a man, we want to feel desired and attractive and feel worth the providers time. Many men don't have that validation at home and spend several $$$ in donations to feel that from a beautiful, sexy and kind woman. So for a provider to rush through 1/2 hour of companionship when the donation was paid for an hour, goes beyond feeling ripped-off money-wise, but is quite the blow to confidence and ego (the very thing we want to help by spending time w/ a hot companion). Figured since I don't like to write negative reviews, I'll ask the forum for advice. Like I said I did my research and the provider was well-established with only one negative review and most hour reviews specified msog. I was kind and respectful upon entering but got rushed vibes 5-10 minutes in. She explained that there would only be one round and as disappointed as I was, I didn't argue or put up a fuss. I tried to last longer than I normally would in a msog environment, but was quickly told to stop slowing myself down and to just finish. Afterwards she handed me towel, put on clothes and lied on the other bed and played with her phone. I felt so low, like I was nothing - and on top of that, ended up paying more than her advertised 1/2 an hour. I wasn't rude at any point and not sure if she was having an off-day or what ... Instead of being on Cloud 9 on my drive home, I felt like shit. Like some desperate creep who couldn't even get the attention when paying for it ... and then you feel distrustful and angry. I've had many amazing experiences with amazing women and I'm telling myself that not everyone is like that ... but so hard to get it out of your head. Makes me hesitant to see other providers. And of course today, a provider I tried to initially contact texted me telling me she was coming into town and on top of that sent me a couple of unsolicited photos of herself. Of course I want to see her but after getting my wallet and ego bruised so recently, I'm gun-shy to see someone else so quickly. Have you had this happen to you? What do you do to get yourself back on the horse? I know I could always see a provider I've already had a great experience with, but my favorites have mostly retired (that and I love new girls and new experiences, just not bad ones) Any advice?
  2. Pop up

    It is pretty shitty but anyone w/ intelligence or experience knows that AM and similar sites are bs and packed w/ bots. Most experienced hobby-enthusiasts know this already. Newbies might be enticed thinking they can have something for free; but after they waste their time and money talking to bots, they will quickly return to TOB and look for something guaranteed with even more enthusiasm. Think of AM as a gateway drug for men needing an affair. I was stupid enough to believe AM almost a decade ago and quickly learned of their scheme. Started using TOB and never looked back. TOB is the real deal to find a real time. I wouldn’t sweat it too much but I see why you would worry …
  3. Onlyfans

    Lately noticing a lot of providers are starting to use the platform and was seeing how they've been able to make it work for them. Are you selling a lot of content or just using it as a way to promote the hobby business?
  4. face fuck Good Times Party "ANIMAL"

    WOW! The English teacher in me is reaching for my red pen. Bad punctuation, poor capitalization and numerous misspellings ... yet you use the correct form of “too” twice. I give it a D-
  5. Sex Addiction

    So as I sit in my car with my heart in my throat waiting for my ultimate date to text me their room number, I start to ponder the idea of sex addiction? Is it a real thing or just something we’ve made up as an excuse for our depraved sexual appetite? What are your thoughts out there as a hobbyist or as a provider? What are the factors for addiction and can we apply it to sex? Remember, that I’m not just counting sex, but masterbation and pornography use as part of the umbrella term of sex addiction. Let your thoughts roll. Maybe you can help self-diagnose me 🤪
  6. Sex Addiction

    So as I sit in my car with my heart in my throat waiting for my ultimate date to text me their room number, I start to ponder the idea of sex addiction? Is it a real thing or just something we’ve made up as an excuse for our depraved sexual appetite? What are your thoughts out there as a hobbyist or as a provider? What are the factors for addiction and can we apply it to sex? Remember, that I’m not just counting sex, but masterbation and pornography use as part of the umbrella term of sex addiction. Let your thoughts roll. Maybe you can help self-diagnose me 🤪
  7. High Hopes

    So my last two experiences on the hobby have been extremely disappointing (I don’t put up negative reviews) to me. Not saying they were bad but I have extremely high expectations when it comes to the hobby. I have a lot of good to great sex in my regular life so when I do venture in the hobby world I expect my experiences to be phenomenal. Like I mentioned the last two were far from it. One was when I was out of state I saw a girl last minute with no reviews. Though she was super-hot she was also super lame. My next experience I put some thought into and saw one of my bucket list girls i’ve wanted to see for a couple of years. Great reviews with menu items that matched my taste but when I saw her she had changed her rules and didn’t allow something that I love to do in a session. So now 6 months removed i’ve Booked a session with a well-reviewed duo with reviews that only say this might be the greatest session ever (and I’ve been with some hot duos). Do I get excited and have the highest hopes or do I try to keep low expectations? I mean, isn’t this hobby something that’s supposed to bring excitement to our lives? But with such high expectations, are sessions able to live up?
  8. High Hopes

    Well not everyone is as amazing as Kandi Apple. Maybe that’s the core of the problem. Providers like you set the bar too high 😍😘😍
  9. High Hopes

    Well thanks for thinking that me being hot and making the provider nervous might be a possibility ☺️
  10. High Hopes

    Like a Marvel movie ...
  11. More than one round?

    The gorgeous Kandi speaks the truth. More time usually means more rounds (but not always). You should never expect multiple rounds w/ a hh but most good/quality providers will allow them with an hour or more. Some providers might be ok with you texting that question (after you’ve passed references), but some won’t be. You can look at reviews or message the provider or other clients she has seen on TOB. Btw, Kandi - you’re unbelievably hot !!!
  12. HH vs HR

    I’m with Mountainrider33. MSOG is totally necessary with the HR and haven’t had any providers have a problem with it. I never have trouble going a 2nd round and ladies are happy to make me happy
  13. It’s been awhile

    Glad to see you’re still around. Thought you were moving back to Cali ... hope you’re doing well, Sexy.
  14. Taking chances with secret encounters

    When I was married and the SO went away for a few days, I thought the same way (mine was from laziness and didn’t want to make a DTC drive); I hosted and did everything i could to make sure that her presence afterwards could not be felt. But always, something happens and she lost her pink belly button ring somewhere in the bedroom. We looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. She left without it and maybe a month later, my SO brought it up during dinner. Luckily I played it cool and dumb and it was forgotten about. I’m divorced now for other reasons but it could’ve been that one right there. Don’t risk it ... unless you want to be single (worked out great for me)
  15. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    Amy Andersen - but I might be partial since I got to live out my fantasy 3 years ago and sleep with her when she came through Denver ...
  16. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    Wow, great question. Roof of my house in the middle of the day; against the outside wall of a Home Depot at night, blowjob in the movies with people sitting in front of me, a rooftop of a building in downtown Boulder during dinner hours, apartment pools, damn, the list goes on. All of that was a little over 2 years ago ... has my life gotten that boring already?
  17. Fake Reviews

    So I know you said this was a question for the ladies, but I think mainly of your stellar reviews. 99.9% of reviews are positive that if I would see one negative review, I would chalk it up to the guy being a douche.
  18. Which one?

    That’s exactly the route I took. Talk about a gateway ... funny enough, my first body rub girl went solo away from her “spa” and would then become my first FS experience in the hobby. By the time I was knocking on hotel doors - with people i’ve never met behind them - my hand was a little less shaky. They still shake though, that’s one of the thrills of the hobby ...
  19. Denver Ladies are the Best

    So I’ve been meaning to give this shout out a while ago to all the amazing Denver ladies out there!!! I had a shorty experience with the hobby while visiting another metropolitan area and it just really made me appreciate all of my wonderful experiences with all the girls in Denver. I know guys can get frustrated with their own bad luck and vent on here about how shitty the CO/Denver providers can be; i’ve had not-so-great experiences with providers in the area. It happens. But all in all, we here are blessed to have so many beautiful, kind women who do their best to meet our needs and fantasies. I thought it would be cool to experience the hobby in another city, but I had such terrible luck with two lame providers that I haven’t even tried again since. However, as the months pass and the sting of the last experience cools, i’m getting more excited about the possibilities with the range of gorgeous Denver/Boulder girls or those visiting (even just visiting this beautiful place makes people nicer ... and sexier) in the near future. Thank you again local ladies for making this area the best for the hobby. Can’t wait for my next experience with one of you to wash away the memories of the last ... Guys - quit bitching. We got it made 😊
  20. Denver Ladies are the Best

    Definitely mean all the ladies around Denver!!!
  21. Ex-Lover turns Provider

    So I recently discovered that a somewhat recent lover of mine has become a provider. She was a much younger girl that I met on a kink website and we engaged in a very passive 6 month tryst. We had lots of fun and connected on an emotional level. We did some kinky things but I never shared with her my involvement in the hobby. She moved away from the town I lived in and after a few visits lost touch for a while. We had a short reunion 7 months ago that consisted of a random ffm 3-some but again fell out of touch when she started going down the “sugar-daddy” route. I think she felt judged by me but I was just jealous that she was sleeping with men that held her attention with money where I kept her attention with passion. Months later I ran across her pics and profile on another provider board. I texted her old number asking if she’s ok but she hasn’t responded. I want to contact her and tell her about my involvement in the hobby - not to get with her, but for her to know that I don’t judge her and am involved on the other side myself. To tell her an old friend can be someone to trust and talk to about this hobby. I provide an insight of the hobbyist. Maybe that could help. I guess I just want her back in my life in some way. No one knows about this side of me and she knows something of my sexuality but not this part. Could use a friend to talk to about it. What do you think? Should I contact her and let her know about what I do? Not sure but could use different opinions. Thanks
  22. Ladies reaching out...

    I've been a member on TOB for a while and I only recently had a girl I've never met message me about a post. This began a conversation, a connection, a telephone call and then a planned meeting. This provider was not on my radar, but she got there by having a real conversation with me. By reaching out. She planted the seed and watered it and it grew quickly to a plant. Maybe she only wanted my donation, but she did a great job of hiding it. This also goes with girls I've seen before. I rarely see girls a 2nd or 3rd time. So many beautiful and reputable ladies to share time with in this hobby. However, if a provider I've seen reached out saying hi, I might be more inclined to schedule with her again. As long as it's a real message bringing up something from the session and not some generic "hey, love. I'm in town" kind of thing. I know providers don't all have the time or energy to reach out but that's what sets the great ones apart. I've often said that the best ones make you feel truly special (even if they're faking it). A quick , real message can do that.
  23. Doubles show

    Check out my reviews. Most of my most recent are all duo listed under 1 girl’s name. Pm for more questions if needed.
  24. Are in this hobby for a good romp or a fantasy humper?

    That guy has no idea what he missed out on ... you would’ve blown his mind!!!
  25. Are in this hobby for a good romp or a fantasy humper?

    I don’t think anyone would judge you for your line of reasoning. Probably the reason most people do this. My ex was gorgeous but everything becomes stale with the same person over time; after so long the only exciting thing is something new. I’m single now and still participate in the hobby. For me, it’s the fantasy experience now. I have sex somewhat regularly for being single (sometimes I have to go a few weeks/a month) but it’s usually average sex with average girls. It’s not like awesome porn-star sex with super-hot women w/ big fake tits and two at a time (women and tits ;)). Nearly impossible to experience in a real-world setting. That’s why I do this now