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  1. To Be or Not to Be

    That wasn't a personal attack that might indicate anything systemic, was it mod?
  2. To Be or Not to Be

    As much as I enjoy providing you vicarious pleasure, I was in the mw4m lane. The m4m is all you.
  3. To Be or Not to Be

    Quite the sodomite, eh?
  4. To Be or Not to Be

    There's only one, maybe two ok, three things Laci can do for me. And none involve my being on the receiving end of a dildo.
  5. To Be or Not to Be

    Good point. And I have a few in my life however, in this context, they can't all be "our women". Nevertheless, there are more than a few here who appreciate and make excuses for "women" who think using a strap-on (and pissing) on men is somehow educational. I'm not in that camp. Are you?
  6. To Be or Not to Be

    In a nutshell, only with the kindness and respect she deserves. BTW, real men don't take strap-ons, so the lesson is likely lost on you. Suffice it to say, you wouldn't like the results of breaking out that strap-on in a session with me.
  7. To Be or Not to Be

    With handles that include bad, dude...women, etc., I wonder how many who consider themselves men truly understand the part biology and nature play in our role, our function as men. Judging by the overwhelming tendency to coddle and/or appease women that I've seen on this board, I'm sad to conclude they're not many. Despite the fact most women appreciate a real man and for brevity will clarify not meaning one who manscapes, quick with attempts to illustrate a supposed hypocrisy in one stating they are old school and chivalrous because they are the men they profess to be (you know who you are), what you fail to realize is you've sipped the Kool-aid of a feminist movement which, by emasculating the man, has gone astray. Being the guy who will open doors, compliment your outfit/perfume, tell you how smart and amazing you are, in the end... "I'm into having sex I'm not into making love." - Fitty! Of course, tender sensibilities frazzle at the notion a female is on this earth for males to fuck and not just that but, as many and with as little risk as possible! Forget the Bull Shit, speaking to our imperative to reproduce, it's just real talk! In the herd's rush to judgement, some find it easy to forget that everyone on this board defies at least some of the basic tenets of feminism which include, taking a definitive stand against misogyny, the objectification of women, etc. which, though the byproduct of the "modern" society, is perfectly fine - no one is espousing keeping women at home, barefoot and pregnant! However, we shouldn't forget it wasn't that long ago in our existence when men had to be men for our mere, collective existence and, given current events, it won't be long before we'll have to rely on our inherent strengths and weaknesses, to survive! I mean, let's face it, women (and "modern" men) can think what they want, we all know who's most likely to nurture little ones, drag prey home to the fire and/or keep intruders at bay when all hell breaks loose. That is all.
  8. Bull Shit

    Don't start none, won't be none - James Brown.
  9. Bull Shit

    There, that's better. Oy vey, how do you know what you're saying? A, B ( XXX ) and C is not A or B ( XXX ) and C, thus the challenge to your grammatical skills, which seem to linger as evidenced by what it "looks to" you I'm saying. Look, I can do this all day but won't, except to state a common knowledge the average person reads at an 8th grade level, which means one definitely has to be smarter than a fifth grader to comprehend the w-r-i-t-t-e-n word so, where you should really just stop trying, you get the last word.
  10. Bull Shit

    Worry're not my type.
  11. Bull Shit

    Oh, so you went from -IQ to reading, kind of? I mean, one has to advertise to receive offers, and that wasn't posted anywhere in this thread, was it? In fact, I'm pretty sure I said I was cruisin' CL, didn't I? It's OK, bro. Practice makes perfect. And what makes you think you know or that I'd take the time to help you understand my sexual preferences or inclinations? But as for your assumptions, you can only wish.
  12. Bull Shit

    Talk about trolls, I suggest you read again or revisit elementary grammar, as I never said no BJ. How hard can it be to understand, TOB/ECCIE/P411/BP/CL are online marketplaces that make acquiring goods and services easy, like choosing to buy meat from Safeway versus hunting and discrete, like I don't know about you, but this works for a guy like me, who can't be seen picking up women and/or dating. Needs and wants are not one and the same. Think what you will, but a few ladies here absolutely do. The question is, will any admit it?
  13. Bull Shit

    Aww! I even made a "slot" for you in my post, fishydude. And that meme why, how apropos!
  14. Bull Shit

    I know. What is it, sub-zero now? I'm surprised you were able to get that out!
  15. Bull Shit

    Thanks for the analogies, Yorick. I suppose they're always good for something...somewhere except, allow me to pull a page from your book and advise you against bad mouthing CL too much, as some of the ladies here use it, Just saying. This wasn't a complaint, but an attempt to share my journey, mainly to let the less learned among us know there's more to "getting laid" than the elitism that is TOB/Eccie/P411, which I don't need to get laid and damn sure hope you don't either.