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  1. Negativity in the Hobby

    Thanks and, real talk. May you enjoy the holiday and have a prosperous new year.
  2. role-play Looking for role play partner

    Along the top toolbar you'll find an Activity tab. Click it then go to Search and enter "role play" in the Interest field. This is what came up under Member Search:[4]=1&group[9]=1&group[3]=1&group[6]=1&core_pfield_7=role play. You'll see there's a Content Search as well. All the best.
  3. role-play Looking for role play partner

    Not that he asked but, on behalf of the OP, thanks for not rushing to judgement and having reason, @ilovewomen.
  4. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    Where the FCC has voted to repeal it, with formidable opposition the Congressional Review Act may be invoked to nix it, which more than one legislator has vowed to do. This said, like @JRWolfe said, it's not about censorship but profiteering, not to mention the ever lingering anti-Obama stench.
  5. FS QV

    Oh, but you did. And neither is it for goats, Billy. Thanks, I like to use the K.I.S.S. method, but only when anything more has even a slight chance of befuddlement.
  6. FS QV

    A $7, 750 ml bottle of artificially flavored whiskey.
  7. FS QV

    That's funny! I don't do motels or hotels, which is why we haven't met . Block away...
  8. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    See that's just it, I too partake in the finer things in life. What I don't understand is the inclination to cast shade on my lack of time or inclination to confuse lust with turn my pants upside down romance. Where I have those in my life who merit as much, in this context, it's about the nut. As for Bill Gates, who is to computers what Vanderbilt was to railroads, I'm very interested in knowing your ability to reinvent the wheel to convince the world YOU will change the way they live. Of course, his accomplishments are nothing in comparison to the long line of customers out your door. Talk about legends in our minds, of course, there's no sanctimony there. Oh, and no offense to the fine ladies of TOB, I'm sure there are no Katie Perry's here.
  9. FS QV

    Don't kid yourself
  10. FS QV

    So, I'm a little OK, A LOT wordy but, stay with me, Lucy. You can do it! Didn't I quote you saying, "It's especially cheap if you're asking for QVs when they're not advertised"? After reading your ad, RIGHTFULLY void of any description of services which makes the statement a moot point, my response in a nutshell, is, "what advertising?", and I lack reading skills. How am I asking you to incriminate yourself, when I also said, "When and where is it OK for specific services to be advertised, FS or otherwise?" but, I lack reading skills, eh? Also, I responded to Audrey, who got it BTW, that by getting to know her what I mean is , "I did mean get to know her 'skills', enthusiasm most of all" so, who is it that's lacking reading skills? Me, I know. Not a rip-off? After taking payment and seeing the covers I strategically placed, it's easy for a provider who literally lubed then hijacked the hobbyist's junk until completion while PURPOSELY not responding to input to get them out as fast as possible...forget 15 minutes, to say that but, that's simply justification. I once saw a hooker similarly equate her fee to the cost of her johns paying the wife's mortgage, light bill, dinner dates, etc. Yeah,'s your lie, you can tell it. What efforts am I making? How about driving to your location at risk of being seen as yet another knob twister, creating the disposable income that helps pay your bills??
  11. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    Ah, yes; guess it's official. You worked for this so, so here's an imaginary step stool as a token of my appreciation. Should help with your rrrrreeeaachhh...
  12. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    Funny, I didn't see this
  13. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    Thanks, rhood. No, but I am a full blown lesbian.
  14. FS QV

    Whoop, there it is!
  15. FS QV

    When and where is it OK for specific services to be advertised, FS or otherwise? Not on your ad which I just looked at to find we'll mix geekdom with passion, with no mention of the Man in the Boat. And whittled down to a "Contact: (XXX) XXX-XXXX" on BP, I have to ask, what advertising? Then there's the whole skies falling if the hobbyist asks specific questions, making it all a crap shoot by definition, mainly for the hobbyist. Not that providers don't roll the dice, because I know they do but then, so do cops, firefighters and Navy Seals, all in the line of "duty". As seen by a few responses here, FS QV is most definitely not unheard of, and I knew this with my OP. The question was, is it a rip-off to receive a H.J.B Franklin in exchange for my efforts which, unless the hobbyist knows going in, an improbability at best, I believe the answer is yes, as the least to be expected is a BnG for it. Well, Homey Don't Play That and neither do his Benjamins so, hh or better it is but, having met with the equivalent of blow-up dolls for more, I have to let the provider community know...the struggle is real. We're in it together, no?