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  1. Sadie Hawkins Day

    I get these all the time but it's usually because a toilet it plugged or a dead battery.
  2. I played games and video poker, went out for dinner, and watched a couple of movies. it was very relaxing.
  3. There are many more where those came from.
  4. Thank a VETERAN

    Thanks is not nearly enough but thank you all (our wonderful vets)for protecting us.
  5. Please be careful driving in this mess

    I fixed it for you.
  6. Perception

    No just a change in the Matrix.
  7. Preemptive 411:: ExoticBella - Fake

    Very first post and calling her out on bogus pictures, we should make him a moderator.
  8. Site maintenance

    Do you really think we could get that Lucky?
  9. skinnyblackchick/Angelicastjames - Banned

    Can you provide links to these profiles?
  10. Can someone show me to do a review

    Tide is just trying to yank your chain, my boat is not that fancy.
  11. Can someone show me to do a review

    I only do refunds no coupons.
  12. skinnyblackchick/Angelicastjames - Banned

    How would you know that?
  13. Polygamy

    The end result of 2 or 3 wives is 2 or 3 divorces. that's crazy and crazy is already legal.
  14. Generic fails

    Generic lube, once I use it all up I won't ever get it again.