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  1. How long does it take?

    It's just a guess but I think Katie Creme might be banned from P411.
  2. Lila?

    That's funny. after this post she did take the time to delete her ad..................................................
  3. 411 on Alba from Privlege agency

    We have already proven this to be untrue.
  4. 411 on Alba from Privlege agency

  5. I Failed!

    It's not that big of a deal. in a couple of days I will give you another chance.
  6. Bbbj and p massage

    Private messages only.
  7. Real world dating as an adult

    The one thing that keeps hope alive is maintaining an erection after 50.
  8. Lottery Winner

    With that kind of money even I could get laid!
  9. Question for providers

    It's getting really deep in here.
  10. Real world dating as an adult

    It's not just you! No advice though I gave up long ago.
  11. ISO Casino Friends

    I was trying to leave this post open but it's gone a little far with this post and some of the others. "Your post falls on the side of discussing specifics about MnG/Events/parties in the Forum which is not allowed; " This will need to be continued via private message.
  12. Happy birthday Laci

    I can't believe this. I was going to set you up with a free hour for your birthday and I missed it! Happy birthday anyway, it will give you something to look forward to next year.
  13. Caution may make you spit your beverage!!!

    There is nothing wrong with a glittery Y.
  14. Deep thoughts

    My very deep thoughts. it's the first week of May, it's cloudy, it's 43 degrees, and the water is clear at 36 degrees. Hhhmmm What fly should I try first, a Green Damsel or a North Park Shrimp, decisions, decisions.
  15. Birthday fun with a provider

    Private messages only on this one.