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  1. Happy Bday Ryann

    Not yet we still have 6 shopping days left.
  2. Sybian
  3. Sweetest Girl Roxi

    I would think this would just be common sense but some guys forget common sense when a woman tells them something is OK. a deposit is and always has been a huge red flag. I have never and will never pay a deposit.
  4. Happy Bday Ryann

  5. You must be the poor bastard that married my X-wife.
  6. For the homophone challenged

    I really don't care if she can spell blow job.
  7. Any fun plans this week?

    Note to self: Never get 5th row floor tickets for George Strait!!
  8. V day! What’s your plans?

    Can the girl and the steak both be juicy??
  9. Minneapolis

    None of this has anything to do with the fact the information you gave was incorrect,
  10. Minneapolis

    This is not true at all. you need to get your information straight before you post something false like this.
  11. I did that 20 years ago and my life is so peaceful and calm now you can't imagine. the only thing that could possibly screw it up now is a woman.
  12. Hello! Is this thing on?

    Now that Audrey has logged in and posted I see the forums are busy as normal. some women just naturally make great lube.
  13. Duck Job.

    Just for fun.
  14. Anyone ever played 2 words??

    Get Bent