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  1. GOT!!!!!

    Hey, I have some of those too but mine are thigh high!
  2. Apology

    This is a silly question. if you didn't take the time to read it, obviously you didn't want to know what it said.
  3. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    I fixed this post for you.
  4. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    The last few times you posted about this obviously didn't fix the problem. I'm sure this post will do the trick.
  5. Asian man, white woman porn

    Once you post a thread on the forum it takes on a life of its own. we don't delete threads just because they move in a direction the OP didn't expect.
  6. Trim your trees

    That one eye is looking right at you!
  7. Is there anywhere in this history lesson where the guy gets a blowjob?
  8. Advice Please.

    I'm a little late on this thread but I think I have the perfect solution to your dilemma. You need to sit on my tongue for about 45 minutes and see if it doesn't help you make up your mind.
  9. Ladies preference – session length?

    3 Minutes to get undressed, 6 minutes of foreplay, 3 minutes of sexy time, 3 minutes to get dressed.
  10. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    I don't agree, I think they could have squeezed a little more money out of that fool.
  11. False Images..

    My bad, good point.
  12. False Images..

    P411 Also has rules against using stolen pictures.
  13. Have you ever regretted not writing a review

    When they see another provider. we have had three or for of these reviews over the years.
  14. Discrection in coming to incall....

    It looks like these two would like to talk in private.
  15. False Images..

    There were many threads about this so I'm not sure how it would be calling you out. it definitely wasn't any kind of secret. I was simply pointing out along the lines of the OP's topic that even a person who used fake pictures doesn't like having fake pictures used to scam them.