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  1. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I love when a woman talks dirty to me. when she whispers things in my ear like "I' m going to throw rocks in the water while you're fishing" or "I'm going to cut the bottom out of your dip net" or "I'm giving the fish you caught to my friends".
  2. No show

    I was thinking this when the thread posted, she has 2 no show reviews but complaining about a no show.
  3. Twitter down😳

    Twitter could be down for a year and I would never know it other than a post like this.
  4. Introduction to TOB Forums//Community :)

    What a contrast, just a few weeks ago we had a woman post that every guy on this site was a POS.
  5. Pet peeves

    This was a good topic before the hijacking and trolling. hopefully with the trolling removed it can continue as a good topic.
  6. Pet peeves

    Does anyone know a great place to eat in the DTC?
  7. Introducing my girlfriend

    Private messages only please.
  8. 411 on rosiecalloway

    Agree, not if my life depended on it.
  9. To Greek or Not to Greek

    I guess if you really have your heart set on it I have a shit you can take.
  10. Water sports

    Thank you.
  11. Meaning of term Alternative?

    Alternative is really hard core kinky sick shit. like tying a guy to the bed and putting line on his fishing real backward of the spool or breaking his fishing pole in front of him. some people can really get dark and twisted.
  12. When your wife is cheating?

    Ok, I think I can fix this. you give me the wife's number. that way I can bone her without an emotional attachment and she wont be cheating on you anymore!
  13. When your wife is cheating?

    In the case of this thread, marriage is about the Pot calling the Kettle black while trying to convince everyone (including himself) that it's own color ins't. Hell now that I know you can hobby without cheating on your wife I just might get married again.
  14. When your wife is cheating?

    Do whatever you think she would do if she knew about your cheating.