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  1. Looking for gal in Rockies for tonight. Must take cc

    Stay tuned for next Saturdays post.
  2. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    So it's a tweet for twat kind of thing?
  3. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Money can kill a woman's self respect faster than wedding cake can kill a new brides sex drive.
  4. Colorado Winters..

    It's going to get cold enough it will look like you're braless even when you're not.
  5. Sensual Christi using Stolen Pics

    Her bogus pictures were already removed from her TOB profile.
  6. Wifey wants a threesome

    Private messages only.
  7. Any providers accept paypal?

    Private messages only.
  8. Zoey Portland

    Is this the correct Zoey...........................
  9. New Game of the Week

    I already post under my escort name. the title of my last ad was "boink36, I love you short time".
  10. DPD officer in hot water

    The investigation was in February according to the story on the post. I think the time line fits really well.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JRWolfe!!!!

    I might buy you dinner and a beer but I'm sure not going to do whatever that censored item was.
  12. DPD officer in hot water

    That article didn't paint a very nice picture of the nasty disgusting crack HO provider he was with.
  13. Has anyone seen her?

    The phone number matches.....................................
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JRWolfe!!!!

    Happy Bday JR, I hope you did something fun?
  15. Birthday tomorrow - suggestions?

    I was in hope this thread might give me a few Bday ideas. I'm thinking about skydiving but I can't figure out how to safely set fire to the plane before I jump.