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  1. Anyone else having yahoo issues?

    I can guarantee your account was compromised. I just got an email from you stating I was the best lover you've ever had.
  2. This forum seems lonely! What's your favorite dessert?

    I like Pumpkin Pie no ice cream.
  3. scent of a woman

    When I glanced at this post I thought it said "squirting Mtn Dew" and I was thinking, this is my kind of woman.

    Never going to let me live that down are you?
  5. The mysterious YMMV - He said. She says.

    There are always three sides to a review. what she said, what he said, and the truth.
  6. 411 Sunshine Denver

    She has reviews here..................
  7. Stop or I will shoot

    Your avatar makes me want to pick up a piercing gun and take aim!
  8. HEADS UP FC BOYS! Someone's WIfe Knows...

    Only the married ones!
  9. Hobby vs Camming

    I can't really see a problem here. I talk / complain to my friends about my work why shouldn't they do the same?
  10. 411 on Sarah or Britney

    Summers pictures are bogus, run them through Tineye.
  11. On self-reviewing

    Members who wish to make suggestions on how to improve this topic can use the "Contact Us link".
  12. jade

    Cached link to expired ad...................
  13. Zyanne

    Cached link to ad......................
  14. Couple Friendly and Submissive Providers?

    Providers can't post here about this they can only private message you.