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  1. World's biggest orgy in Las Vegas

    My RV sleeps 7 but you're the wrong sex.
  2. Recent text message-

    I didn't say it was inappropriate. it just makes me feel so cheap and used and then I get horny.
  3. Recent text message-

    I got a text a few days ago that said "Hey, when are you gonna come lick my kitty again". when are women going to realize that some guys are more than just a tongue?
  4. The Stupidity Is Real

    Stupid people often assume other people are stupid too.
  5. In-call Grand Junction?

    Thank you.
  6. Favorite Additions?

    Do you also have a wok??
  7. Fast or Slow

    So let me get this straight, there are other speeds than 30 strokes per minute for 20 seconds??
  8. "Are you circumcised?" (P411)

    How do I know if I'm circumcised, is there a check mark on my birth certificate or something?
  9. "Fake"?

    These are profiles with confirmed bogus pictures. use the search function and change the all content to members then search the word fake. this will show you all of the profiles.
  10. Reputation

    Is this a review??
  11. fake # and email list

    Use the search function and change all content to members, then search the word fake. this will show every member profile with known bogus pictures.
  12. International Table Top Day

    Tonight's choice is Pente, I have the board on the coffee table warming up!
  13. Reputation

    Not mysterious at all, behave or I will put you over me knee.
  14. What’s the first thing you notice?

    I'm not sure, take off your shades.