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  1. Bars in Denver

    Lets not forget hooker math. if her posted age is 20 that would put her at early to mid 30's.
  2. Question for the fellas......

    I will bring my small Magic Marker!
  3. FS QV

    The only effort required by the client is being clean, polite, and paying the bill. if any provider expects more effort than that she needs to consider paying the client for it.
  4. Vail

    I wouldn't think the length of session would need to be so long if travel is compensated at a reasonable rate. when I was working for a while in Eagle I paid a provider her hour rate for drive time plus an hour session and an extra 100 for gas. it just depends on what you both agree on.
  5. msog in an hour

    +1 if MSOG is not in the ad or agreed on in advance I wouldn't count on it. In all the years I have only had 2 providers get #2 in the hour. I will give the rest an E for effort though, it sure is fun trying.
  6. To Good for backpages?

    How did you gain yours? I hope you included yourself in that brain trust, I don't see where you were any help to him.
  7. To Good for backpages?

    I have to agree with this and wonder about the credibility of a member who would recommend BP to a new member without research experience.
  8. A good conversation

    +1 Sooner or later there will be more fishing trips with Dad.
  9. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    The difference between naked snow angles and clothed.
  10. So this happened

    I don't think you did anything wrong, she took more time than you had to make sure you got scheduled for your trip. it's hard to point a finger at you or her, it just didn't workout.
  11. "Embellishing" Providers?

    It's nice to know you now speak for every member of this board. I wonder how many will quit posting because you are doing it for them?
  12. "Embellishing" Providers?

    Us? who is us??
  13. Holidaze

    You want to stagger around the street drunk yelling obscenities at passing cars?
  14. Denver Broncos Losing Streak

    Remember it's not about winning it's about sportsmanship and having fun.
  15. BitCoin: The New Green Dot Card Scam?

    you were bound to be right sooner or later.