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  1. Stay healthy and active!

    I'm sure having sex with a pron star is why 99% of the male scientists wanted to be a scientist.
  2. Bored to tears!!!!

    Toilet paper is easy to get at 7-11. I got five copies of The Denver Post at 7-11 just this morning.
  3. Corona humor

    i took a tour of Fort Knox and took a picture that I smuggled out..............................................
  4. Stay healthy and active!

    If you want to get life back into proportion flop your junk down on a ruler.
  5. I have 14 rolls of toilet paper and I'm not sharing.
  6. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I'm going to guess it's here ^^^^^
  7. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Happy Birthday Audrey.
  8. I don't know why any of you are worried abut this, if you will remember we all died during the Cuban missile crisis when Russia nuked the US off the map. then we all died again during the cold war also at the hands of Russia. then we were all killed by SARS and now this beer virus is going to kill all of us. I can't wait to see what is going to kill us all next.
  9. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    You never told me you had sex with my x-wife.
  10. Messaging providers

    This thread is from July of 2019. I'm willing to bet that he has figured it out by now.
  11. Turned down by my looks-yikes!

    I can tell you from experience there are a number of things an ugly guy can do to up their game. never send a picture to a provider. tell her your stylist was talking about how dangerous it is to send pictures on line, because what ugly guy has a "stylist" right? at the hotel always park on the end with no windows, this gets you inside without being spotted. once inside approaching the room, high collar, hat, and sunglasses are your wing men. once you get in the door, this is when you make your move to turn the lights off! if she asks about the lights, you can't tell her it's because you're ugly so make something up like it's more romantic. you may be thinking once the session is up it's time to turn the lights on but you would be wrong. an ugly guy reference will really make your hobby days tough so you will need to learn to get dressed in the dark. while getting dressed and finding your wing men you can ask about a reference. when she opens the door remember collar up and face down into the hallway. once out the door make a run for the stairs. if you wait for the elevator and she comes out she might get a good look at your face and you can kiss that reference goodbye. I've had a lot of sex as an ugly guy but none of it was with the lights on.
  12. I posted it was pee years ago.
  13. Happy Bday Ryann

    Not yet we still have 6 shopping days left.
  14. Sybian