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  1. Yeast in rolls & I'm not refering to the baked kind

    I'm just going to guess that this guy actually wants to get better.............................
  2. Fantasy football provider league. people draft providers, if a provider on your team gets a review you score a touchdown. if it's a bad review you get a field goal.
  3. Megan 411

    Great thanks.
  4. Megan 411

    How did you know her name was Megan?
  5. BP-no AA in the ads

    I took a minute to run this post through the hobby forum post translator. here is what I got back.................................................. "What does a wife and Denver Ladies have in common?............................."
  6. Warning LE problems, wierdos, and creeps

    Any providers who would like the number can contact privately.
  7. BP-no AA in the ads

    If this were true women would have had equal rights decades ago.
  8. Providers that complain

    +1 And her TOB profile says "Smoker: No" with no answer at all on P411.
  9. Elara Star

    I keep lists of names, pictures, and links to threads and ads in folders in my email account. you can search the providers name on the forum and find threads like this that point out bogus pictures but the provider can always change her name.
  10. Elara Star

    Maybe not looking hard enough. here pictures were already confirmed bogus and removed from this site. the bogus pictures are still being used in her advertising but none of the reviews mention bogus pictures. I have already taken every name that has reviewed her and added it to the list of reviewers I don't trust. If you record all the providers using bogus pictures and all the guys protecting them it will help refine your search results.
  11. +1 The little black dress is a like on my P411 profile.
  12. Dear Abby…

    I only sent that dick pic because I thought you needed a good laugh.
  13. Introduction

    You're lucky Johnny, she never calls me sugar.
  14. I love intellect!

    Quick, look behind you!!!
  15. Outcall in car

    This story alone would make a good thread.