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  1. Valentine’s Day

    You are not alone being alone.
  2. This is apt to get me in Trouble maybe...

    I would delete War.
  3. Trip to Denver

    His post was code for................ my wife checked the history on my computer.
  4. Posts need to be approved by a moderator

    Especially my nipples!
  5. Aurora movie and delivery

    That's the way I read the OP. watch a movie and order delivery with some company. sounds like an awesome way to kill some time.
  6. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    You don't remember reading the posts from DemureMorman??
  7. I love Men!

    OK, I stand corrected! I must admit this post even made me blush a little bit.
  8. I took a minute to run this post through the hobby forum post translator. here is what I got back..............................
  9. I love Men!

    I haven't found any proof of this yet but I'm going to keep fishing My ass off just in case. you never know, there could be a woman out there who is thinking " check out this graying out of shape over weight old dude who would sell his soul to go fishing in the mountains, I gotta get me some of that!!!".
  10. Gonna be a great week!

    Underpants full of Skittles?
  11. 9999

    Thanks Kaduk I think this picture of my next xwife is worth posting about. I wasn't really thinking much about the numbers until I started reading this thread. everyone joining in made the milestone special for me, Thank You!
  12. Ten Important Facts

    Some of the largest regrets in life have been passing up a bathroom. Now I've become quite a connoisseur, I have seen most of the public offerings in the city.
  13. Karaoke 101

    I tried to sing Karaoke once. two people in front threw up and a guy in the back had what I think was a stroke. I was hit in the head from behind and woke up in the alley behind the Denver rescue mission. my shoes and socks were gone and there was a used condom in my pocket. I'm never doing that again.
  14. Puffies???

    Reminds me of the tail lights on a 61 Impala.
  15. Remember the old days when a thread like this would say "every guy on this forum is a broke ass bitch with no dick and a dirty ass" ? I think a thread like this shows the guys on this forum have come a long way.