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  1. Gfe or not

    That sounds just like wife experience to me.
  2. These kinds of posts always surprise me coming from a woman. any woman above the age of 21 should already know that a man can be smart but men are dumb stupid angry creatures who live by their hormones. about 90% of all men don't give a damn about anyone but themselves including their own family. men will use up a resource as fast as possible even wasting it if need be to keep other people from getting it. in business you should know your targeted clientele. the problem is not the men who are calling you but what you expect from 90% of the men calling you.
  3. I think I skipped a heart beat…

    You might just need more roughage, or some Beano.
  4. This thread reminds me of that old song....Love is a Many Splintered Thing. divorce can't remove those splinters but if you're really nice your next girl might.
  5. Best and Worst Pick up

    You have very plump and perky shoes!
  6. Guy's Do You Prefer Selfies Or Professional Pics

    This kind of childish bullshit will not be tolerated. members who run a thread off topic in this manner will be permanently restricted from posting content.
  7. It's a beautiful day

    When I think unpredictability I don't think weather I'm usually thinking flatulence.
  8. Best and Worst Pick up

    My best line is......................."Kiss me baby, nothing makes me sick."
  9. I need a sociopath in my life.

    Now that's what I'm talking about! no stalkers at all and now I have two.
  10. Grumpy old Man, "Stay off My Lawn! LOL!

    My neighbor had a cat like this. I got lucky though, the cat disappeared and no one knows where it went.
  11. I need a sociopath in my life.

    I don't know about a sociopath but I always wanted my own stalker.
  12. Skipthegames
  13. Can I borrow that video when you're finished?
  14. Did someone say pierced nipple fishing? I'm down!
  15. K Time to Lighten It Up Again...

    Oh hell yes, I remember being married!!