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Found 4 results

  1. Snow!!

    Beautiful morning. Haven't been outside but it looks like at least 12" and is still snowing in Boulder. About time we got a real storm. Everyone be safe, especially if you have to drive someplace. I'm going to split my day between shoveling and a good book.
  2. Ready for winter?

    Are you guys ready for winter? On my side of the state, it looks like winter is going to come fast and hard. We literally went from upper 90's to 40's & 50's within a couple days time. I believe we hit the 30's the same week that we were in the 90's. Gotta love Colorado right? At least it keeps things exciting Personally, I am so so done with the outrageous summer heat that we get on this side of the mountain(s).( I miss living closer to the rockies I wasn't made for the desert. ) Plus, the cold is a good excuse to cuddle up & warm up
  3. Rant ( weather)

    This weather in Colorado is bipolar... Reminds me of an ex boyfriend... Okay I am done now. Have a great day!! (-:
  4. Only in Colorado-(long, sorry;-D)

    [font="Franklin [size in Colorado. Yesterday, I went to Pueblo to meet with a new client. It was a particularly bright, beautiful Colorado day as I began my drive south on I -25. It was the kind of day where you could just drive forever. Hardly even a cloud in the sky could be seen. The temperature outside my jeep window was towards the upper end of 60’s F. And I was wearing my favorite pair of navy blue shorts, with a matching pull-over wind-breaker. It was so drop-dead gorgeously warm out that I wore on my feet just a pair of brown leather clogs, no socks to cover my freshly painted toes. I remember thinking at some point between the 'Springs and Pueblo that I was going to have to put the ac on. That is when I found out then that it doesn’t work in the ol’ heep. (1) Damn, I thought, I am going to have to get the Freon checked before to much more time goes by, adding this to my mental, running list of things “mean green” needs to have done. As I continued my now warm journey further into south western Colorado I kept my windows downs, enjoying the drive and the day. I had the heep’s air vents open, allowing the warm draft to blow gently on my legs, upwards toward my pussy. Rather a nice, gentle feeling it was. A perfect pre-cursor to a session with a new client was the thought I had then. The session lasted a few hours, ending with client and me going out to dinner at a local eatery. The kind of place that has mom and pop fare. You know the type of restaurant. The diner you find in every small town in America. With the menu featuring the feel - good, stick to your ribs kind of food that tastes so damn good. People who are totally into healthy, no-fat, no cholesterol type of eating would probably gag at this stuff. But I grew up on this kind of eating and I loved it. Finally along about seven in the evening I took my leave and headed back to Denver. Pleased with the day, and the session. And since I have lived in this state for the past 27 years, I was watching the sky turn that interesting color of grey over to the west of me. I was just hoping to get past springs toward Denver before I got hit with it. I didn’t. Just about the time I was getting close to the only rest area in Colorado that is open (before ‘Springs, coming from the south ;-D) the wind hit. The wind was giving all of us on the freeway it's best efforts at a blow job. Fortunately, as a seasoned, transplanted resident of this wonderful state, I was pre-pared. So I pulled over into the last open rest area in the state of Colorado, parked, jumped out and ran to the back of the heep and popped open the hatch. I grabbed my little duffle and ran back to the driver’s side door. By this time I was dodging debris and tumble weeds. I got back in my heep and thought, “fuck this” I am changing right here. Much to the delight of the guy parked next to me. Off comes the pullover on goes a t-shirt. Next, jeans, socks, and boots. Anyone who has ever tried to put jeans, tight, out of a dryer on with a steering wheel in the way, knows what the dude parked next to me could see. You have to raise your butt up as far as you can, and tug and squirm. All to the gentlemen next to me bemusement. I am not sure what his old lady thought when she blew back from the rest area’s head, but I know he enjoyed it. I did, after –all give him my best efforts at letting him catch a glimpse of bare skin. I hope he got a woody and banged the hell out of his wife when he got home. After the rest area the drive continuously went downhill. The wind was giving the 'heep the blowjob of its life, tumble-weeds, deer, antelope, small cars , and flying monkeys that were trying to find their way back into Kansas- all sorts of flying debris, then after the ‘Springs, and heading up the pass, rain, quickly turning into a heavy sleet. Anyone who lives in this state for any length of time at all has heard the term, “Don’t like our weather, wait five minutes”. It's true. ="5"]Gothic Medium"]