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Found 7 results

  1. what are your favorite fetishes? Mistress B
  2. The posibility Colorado Other Title says it all I suppose. I have a big time panty fetish and am looking for the perfect provider in the Denver area to play with. I mentioned a while back in another post that I used to see a provider in Chicago who was extremely good at satisfying my kinks and fetishes, and panties were chief among them. I own a couple of pairs of thongs and a few pairs of silky Jockey hi-cut panties that I like to wear and play in whenever I have the place to myself, and would love to do the same with another provider who is into the same thing
  3. Colorado Companion Does anyone know of a provider that has fetish type clothing and is still FS? By fetish I mean thigh high boots, vinyl, leather, etc.. Thanks
  4. Requests?

    Being new still I’m not sure how to ask for certain things. Is there a way to ask without looking weird or being judged?
  5. I rarely post / but I'm not new. I'm P411 cleared with 25+OKs. I am looking for a few new friends that will Rolex play with menrollment... Nothing specific - depends on the friend. Please PM me if you are interested or have suggestions.
  6. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    Hello ladies, I will be visiting your lovely state around Labor Day and would love to meet one of you. I have a couple of weird fetishes and thought I would just throw them out here and see who might be open to them. I get very turned on hearing a girl burp. Either if you can burp on command or need to drink something. My other fetish is that I get quite turned on at the thought of a girl who is about to get sick and puke. I know that's fucked up. Let me know if you can do either one. If you can only do the first one, that's totally fine, and please don't let the second one scare you off. We have reference/p411 info. I'll be doing some hiking in the Rockies, maybe aspen area, then will be in Denver for a few days over the holiday weekend. Hope to hear from some of you! Roman
  7. My Fetish Dilemma

    I face a dilemma when trying to find a good FemDom provider and am curious if anybody here has any recommendations. My dilemma: I enjoy pretty rough femdom (yeah, I know I am weird, but fuck you too) but want a better ending to the experience than self-service. In my experience I have found that: Many femdom provides are willing to do the rough femdom session, but aren't willing to offer any sort of ending beyond self-service. Most traditional providers are willing to go beyond self-service, but aren't experienced or equipped for femdom, nor are they comfortable providing the level of intensity that I crave. So I either get a good femdom session without a good ending, or a minimal femdom session with a good ending. I'd like to have both the intense femdom session w/ the good ending. There are a lot of traditional providers that *say* they offer femdom, but they're not equipped for it, nor are their hearts and heads really into it providing such an experience. Does anybody know of good providers that might offer both a high intensity femdom experience AND more than just self-service? Bonus points for providers near the Springs. Thanks!