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  1. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Don't worry about trying to "get it". Like every sexual desire, it really can't be rationalized. Either it turns you on or it doesn't.
  2. Strangest Request

    So what was the tarp for?
  3. Dumb Hobby Moves - I'll Start

    Wow, you are very lucky your SO asked you about the hotel room beforehand instead of after the fact.
  4. A little music

    Yes, great Pixies tune! Here's another from the same time, and from one of my most favorite albums ever.
  5. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    Haha. Yeah, I did like reading that. Now maybe she can explain in graphic detail the last time she tossed her cookies.
  6. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    Thanks, but I'm pretty sure I've made some ladies' most unusual request lists. They usually say they've seen much worse though, lol! Can any ladies burp like this? Laci, the hiccups are for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoW-Qseb9DI
  7. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    Oh yes I understand. Everyone has their price, some higher, some lower. I do not haggle and respect every lady's needs for compensation, and then I will have decisions to make. Sometimes I strike out, sometimes things work out perfectly.
  8. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    I feel quite special for leaving you speechless Nikki . Yeah, I don't know how that "we" got there, but this is just for myself. I'm actually more turned on if a girl really has the urge to BARF and can't stop herself, as opposed to gagging on something, whether her finger or my cock. But either way is hot for me, in different ways. No, I'm not offended at you asking, but I really don't think this makes me demented, and I'm not otherwise into inflicting pain or other gross stuff. These things that turn me on go back to my childhood, before I even knew what "sexual" feelings were. There are some things I could probably point to back then which may be where these came from...
  9. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    Believe it or not, I'm not into farting. Wrong end (for me). I seem to have a stomach/mouth thing. Also turned on by hiccups...
  10. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    I probably should have started out with an introduction before jumping right in. I'm a 38 year old chemist from the Midwest living in St. Louis now. Best thing about St. Louis is I'm only a day's drive from Colorado now, haha. You seem to have a nice community here on this board, like I remember from other cities I've lived in in the past. I know I have some unusual fetishes but I can't help it. Of course I do enjoy nonfetish gfe fun too. You can always pm me here if you prefer.
  11. A little music

    Nothing sets the mood better than a chill downtempo mix...
  12. ISO open minded lady for weird fetish

    Hello ladies, I will be visiting your lovely state around Labor Day and would love to meet one of you. I have a couple of weird fetishes and thought I would just throw them out here and see who might be open to them. I get very turned on hearing a girl burp. Either if you can burp on command or need to drink something. My other fetish is that I get quite turned on at the thought of a girl who is about to get sick and puke. I know that's fucked up. Let me know if you can do either one. If you can only do the first one, that's totally fine, and please don't let the second one scare you off. We have reference/p411 info. I'll be doing some hiking in the Rockies, maybe aspen area, then will be in Denver for a few days over the holiday weekend. Hope to hear from some of you! Roman