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  1. The posibility Colorado Other Title says it all I suppose. I have a big time panty fetish and am looking for the perfect provider in the Denver area to play with. I mentioned a while back in another post that I used to see a provider in Chicago who was extremely good at satisfying my kinks and fetishes, and panties were chief among them. I own a couple of pairs of thongs and a few pairs of silky Jockey hi-cut panties that I like to wear and play in whenever I have the place to myself, and would love to do the same with another provider who is into the same thing
  2. Colorado Companion Hello all, I have been involved in the hobby for quite a while and am currently on the hunt for a kinky, fetish-friendly provider. I have a laundry list of kinks and fetishes and at the very minimum am looking for a provider who is open-minded, adventurous and willing to explore. Before moving back to Colorado late last year, I saw someone regularly in Chicago who was a bona fide ATF of mine and so much fun to play with. The best thing about her is she was very open-minded and willing to explore and satisfy my kinks and fetishes, and I left every session feeling 100% satisfied. I am hoping to recapture some of that magic here in Colorado (I live south of DTC, if that helps), so if you or anyone you know truly loves to get kinky and dirty, any guidance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated 😊