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  1. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!

    Lola Lomasi in COS was cool
  2. 411 on Annie in COS

    I saw her once a few years ago. It was fun and she delivered. I don't know why I didn't review, but I recommend.
  3. Historical in the Springs?

    I can't believe that nobody has mentioned the Pioneers Museum downtown. Definitely worth a visit. https://www.cspm.org/
  4. Cat in Colo Spgs

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but came across this just now. In case anybody is still interested... I saw this provider about 4 years ago. The encounter was pretty unremarkable. She aimed to please, it was a pleasurable experience, but I have not repeated. I don't recall any sketchy or concerning behavior, and I'd see her again under the right circumstances.
  5. No Burner Phone/App Numbers?

    I get how somebody could tell if you're using a burner app, but I don't see how someone would differentiate between a burner phone number and a regular phone. A cell is a cell, regardless of its use. And FWIW, I like Google Voice because it let's me text and call without immediate access to the phone. I've never had a provider take issue with that (not that most would even know).
  6. STG Uber petite 4’6

    She is on a social networking site that I shall not name and also lists her age as 25. . She has an interesting story...
  7. Oral Delights go both ways

    I fucking LOVE to give oral. That being said, giving it to somebody in the business seems a risk proposition.
  8. Gift cards.

    I've used them for tips. But for payment, anything other than cash feels sketchy unless agreed upon beforehand. And if I was a working girl, I wouldn't agree to anything other than case for my base pay.
  9. High Hopes

    I think it's all chemistry. I've really clicked with some people, and really bombed with others who were all generally nice, decent people, but just no connection.
  10. Store for sexy clothes, heels and lingerie?

    Fascinations is pretty consistent Amazon is hit and miss. Lots of cheap crap on there. If you shop in store at least you can assess quality before buying.
  11. Strap on/ Pegging play

    I have good recommendations for Denver and Springs. See my reviews or PM me.
  12. How to avoid stings?

    Can you described what happened when you were caught?
  13. Just checking....?

    BadBoy nailed it. If you can't pre-book and are trying to schedule something same-day, then sometimes you have to cast a wide net at first to see who's actually available.
  14. Colorado Springs

    Welcome to COS