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  1. It's. Been. Years.

    Hey gorgeous!!!!! So happy to see your post! 😘
  2. FishnDude

    I am really sad to know he is gone. He was a gentleman and a pleasure to know in this community and in private. His perspective and smile will be missed! Rest in Love 🐠 πŸ’žπŸ˜ͺ
  3. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    So glad you are still here gorgeous!!!!
  4. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    OMG you remembered sexy lady!! πŸ˜‚ Yeah we need to get dirty LOL
  5. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    Me tooooooooo!!!!
  6. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    Well It looks like I may take a few this weekend and post for giggles. Any preferred colors πŸ˜† I'm known at work as the Colorful Nurse. One day I look like a exploded bubblegum pack , the next I may look like a Giant ass peach!
  7. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    Hello Sexy!!!! I was nervous LOL. I didn't know if TOB was still the "IT" place to be LOL!
  8. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    Ty Ty Ty my friend. I'm just going through seeing new changes and Faces.. sooo many gorgeous ladies!!!! Looks like I need to update my pics!!!! Ya think my scrubs would be a sexy pic πŸ˜‚ Or just stick with the old Selfies?? Ggeez I'm afraid I may be outdated here LOL.
  9. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    SO happy to see that 2023 is treating my friends well!!! Still around just super duper low key LOL. Just checking in, I figured just clicking on posts ,folks would think I was a ghost LOL so I decided to put words behind my clicks
  10. Restaurant Recommendations - Lunch

    Southlands isn't too far from DTC. Great area. I enjoy Lazy Dog most weekends Great outdoor seating too. Right near the Aurora Reservoir if you want to enjoy Scuba diving, Yolo boarding ECT ECT .
  11. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    Wow Megan Love I m sorry you are going through it still I am back, so you can definitely count on me for my piece of crazy on here LOL. Prayers going your way my dear😘
  12. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    Hey Everyone! Sooooo Most of us skipped out for the 2020 year. I definitely did and used that time to focus and advance in my Real world career. (Essential worker here LOL) Now that some of us are coming back To the Hobby I am curious to know WHAT YOU did the Last year while you had Forced time on your Hands?? I Learned to play Mancala and frisbee golf!! Got my very first Car (I was 16 yrs old) up and running with tons of help of course! Adopted a new doggie Completed about 10- 500 piece puzzles. Learned to do My OWN Mani and pedis LOL! Butchered my First Own haircut Last March ....... What did You do?!?
  13. Members you miss

    Coming back Fall 2020!! I missed y'all so much. And I have a friend so I can't waaaaiiit!!! I miss u Mama Bear! @Laci French
  14. Hi Me High and TOB!!! I missed Y'all!!!

    @seeker 5280 I am super glad it worked out!!! @CountryGentleman and @ilovewomenYes I have been abroad with my career .. And Thank you!! I have a week to get there and get settled. Then For 9 weeks I get to do what ever the hell so want! LoL .. I know the Gaylord is new. Anything else I gotta see??? . Besides all the lovely ladies and gentlemen of TOB of course and gotta see @pfunk boner!!! πŸ˜„ @Kali Sensual Reiki, @Hunter VanDyke Muah!!! so happy to see you beauties still keeping those mile high men happy!
  15. Hey everyone! Yep Still alive LOL... I missed all of my crazy home ladies and gentlemen of TOB!! I can't wait to take some time to catch up on the threADs but for the Next week I am just getting re established so do not expect too much LOL! Any thing Super duper important I should know now instead of Slowly lurking the threADs and feeling like I missed out on a ton?? I hope all has been well with our Lovely Vets of the board and all the new ladies and gents... Can't wait to see everyone again!!! P.S I hope the board didn't go all mushy on me! I missed and am in need of our crazy Colorado TOB banter 🀣🀣 Kisses and hugs ChrissyπŸ’‹