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  1. Mans Dinner Menu

    I am going all-out ! My first trip to the store is done. Took me over an hour and half!! Am soooo dreading my next trip for the Chili and Jambalaya stuff So far there will be ribs, Wet and Dry two different styles chicken, fried and grilled, hot dogs, bratwurst ,juicy Lucy burgers, kabobs, stuffed bell peppers, stuffed mushrooms, four different types of cold salads, and I have two family recipe warm salads , three different casseroles. And of course all the potato chips and dips, vegetable, meat and cheese platters and I'm even doing bobbing for Apples!! Great deal at Hobby Lobby for the barrel..a good All American tradition LOL Not done yet but I have got it covered. I am Making Desserts tonight, if not store bought. Those can thaw LOL Nephews and Neices shucking corn, Siblings decorating, Dad is grilling, My Queen(momma) is gonna just chill in her chair while I make my Third attempt in life to pull off this big a shindig πŸ˜’ So if yall see a cast about a "Huge Welcome Home @ DIA" on the news Its us πŸ˜„..please no freeze framing the TV! Hahah Again thank you so much EVERYONE! I was freaking out the other day when I found out I had somehow volunteered the Welcoming Committee and First days Grub, And just today I now have every detail accomplished ... Thanks for all the wonderful p.m's with ideas!!! Xoxoxo Chrissy
  2. Thank you

    Im out too
  3. Mans Dinner Menu

    Breweries!!! They love Alcohol duuuhhhh!!! Thank you SS πŸ’–, I can NOT believe I didnt even have that One in my brainage! That's it!!! A BBQ bash with all the Fixings! Blues and Good music And lots of Beers!! Combine all Summer foods and just do a Huge Buffet We are having the perfect Weather for it this week πŸ˜„ OMG I have it folks! Thank yallllll ssssooooooooo much πŸ’‹πŸ’žπŸ’“πŸ’‹ Xoxoxoxo
  4. Mans Dinner Menu

    That would be the Best Compliment ever! LOL Bring stretchy clothes when Staying with "This" Hostess
  5. Mans Dinner Menu

    Noooo please share Your cuisines experiences!. Topic here is Food
  6. Mans Dinner Menu

    OMG! I forgot about Southern Dishes! I have got to add fried okra and Jambalaya. Ty love! And I have 3 types of pies in the deepfreezer LOL I can't bake (French silk, Cherry, Lemon Meringue and trying to avoid Turkey day stuff since they will be here till Mid Dec and once again havimg another huge feast then. .
  7. Thanks to you

    I agree! Ty Sexy lady ... To All lovely ladies that make a hard business easier, Mmmuuuaaah!!! Take a bow To All you generous Enjoyable men, rock out with your cock out!!! So the lady taking a bow may Take Aim;) We need a national hobby day. Lol
  8. Sensual Christi using Stolen Pics

    Just don't book her. After her 30 day paid Ad I am pretty sure "they" will think Colorado Sucks and move back to BP
  9. Mans Dinner Menu

    Your absolutelty right! They're coming to the states So give them a Stateside menu. I am sure they are probably talking about American barbecue, Mexican tacos, Fried Chicken and such.. I am definitely going to give it to them. American Style!!! But I still want to offer home dishes JUST encase they hate American Food LOL
  10. Mans Dinner Menu

    I am definitely throwing in Childhood favorites but I guess I am really worried about the "Guests" I have never met any of them in person and This is the first trip To the states for them. I want the food to be something they would eat.. 11 are coming and that's a lot of different pallets. Does anyone here Have Food experience with Folks from Europe? What Did you eat when There ? What's a popular No fail home Dish? Ya know something Like Our American Chili LOL
  11. Mans Dinner Menu

    And no I'm not talking about our menu's LOL. Serious Note I have family members coming from overseas (servicemen and a few New additions) and I want to serve them a Great surprise "I missed Home" feast, (They will be present for Our Big Family Turkey day, So avoiding that menu) but I have NO clue what servicemen overseas have been eating and what they're going to want when they come home? What do Transplants eat in Europe? In previous mentions They said there is a couple of Fast food chains Like Mc D's, Subway with menu variations but what about At home dinners? All I know is some breads they mentioned Liking and lots of Beef with Gravy and crème dishes Do Europeans even BBQ? Eat Mexican Food? (Weird ? IK) Chinese Take out? Ect ect. Its a really big Shindig Surprise Bash with the help of Knucklehead Siblings so I can't really ask them, worried they will spill the beans and I suck at decorations LOL. HELP! I've got "The Meats" down (I hope) But am a lost Deep Fried Turkey about Now Whoa! Scary thought! Do they even Eat Fried Turkey???

    Lets hope this goes through.
  13. DPD officer in hot water

    Every one be safe. Stings this week @ DIA. Birdie says it will be a week long deal
  14. So, What Really Turns You On?

    Cynical Humor does it for me. Love me a smart ass 😎
  15. DPD officer in hot water

    If she has Priors ,Your word or hers No longer matters to the Courts.