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  1. Gift cards?

    Cash Only. Vagina is not a " credit" Item πŸ˜‚
  2. Dilemma

    Can u pm me directions please. I can't find it in my Gmail settings but I found the Text block finally
  3. Airbnb/ Private Resident?

    It's private enough that you do not know about it ...I'm just saying if you want to know something I have encrypted in post form , please Send me a PM as the 10+ others have.. I understand there's a lot of new people here and they're learning their ways, but one rule has Never changed. Loose Lips sink Ships.
  4. Airbnb/ Private Resident?

    Why wouldn't you PM me for such a private answer , instead of wanting Screening Help on the board for everybody to see???
  5. Dilemma

    Guess I wanted to argue with a Hobbyist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€β€β€
  6. Dilemma

    I got that. Ty I Think I am just having a Very off and bad day. I am not sure loll I dont have many...,But I do want to apologize to you for the way I came across and posted with my Mouth instead of Head.... I am gonna strip down and step back until I feel better in mindset. .. Forgive me 😢
  7. Dilemma

    ISO is a 411 to me LOL .. I guess I better change that outlook
  8. Who provides a Late night in call?

    Pm sent. Also a particular detective in Broomfield had success in 2015 with an account he maintained for two years with only three posts... believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear . its 2018 and everybody hides behind a keyboard these days
  9. Dilemma

    You say this HOW EVER you offered A Ladies info to a brand New Member inquiring about Late Nighter that was not even posted in the Correct 411 forum ????
  10. Dilemma

    Guys are doing this too! Passing out info to Inquiries via PM .. I had 2 this week that really pissed me off. Now that my Reg gave them Info I did not approve, I am being hassled daily by these two (or the same?) aaahats 😑 😑😑😑
  11. Who provides a Late night in call?

    Do you know if this gentleman is a legit member to the community before passing out girls information behind the scenes ??? do you know if she would appreciate you doing so without her knowledge or contacting her beforehand? This is not a cool move ... We All appreciate you guys trying to help each other out, but you are hurting us more than you are helping by pulling moves like this...I received 2 " pass it on " inquiries from No names in this exact fashion... Yes I roasted my Regular for doing so.... let everybody do their own damn homework!!!
  12. Airbnb/ Private Resident?

    This is not New here.. Over a year now they have been doing it. Again THANK goodness there is an app for that.
  13. Looking to throw a bachelor party

    They're going to end up at a strip club.. there is no provider that's going to want to deal with 12 -15 rowdy drunk asshats.. it's too dangerous and it's not going to work on the escort board..I call B.S
  14. What should I wear?

    LoL There is a very popular Hobbyist in Houston that shows up in Full Costume to every appointment. I got him as Spider Man .. My Bestie at the time got him as Batman.... My Review was well earned😎
  15. What should I wear?

    Ohhh!! well then!! they just want to know what do you want your first Vision to be once that door opens