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    Irish,Single,we can discuss the rest over whiskey :)
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  1. FS QV

    I agree! And super glad the OP isn't local LOL.
  2. Significant Others

    No body wants to die Alone. So YES many Providers have families,Children, Boyfriends, Husbands,Lovers ect ect.. I myself just can't seem to make a relationship work While in the Hobby so I date Outside of the hobby Never revealing my personals..My Family Knows about my shenanigans so no secret there. There is no One Answer here. It is a loaded question that will get Many answers.
  3. Vail

  4. To Good for backpages?

    LOL ..this reads like a back page girl wanting information before making the jump to Tob or A Newbie BOOB😕
  5. A good conversation

    Mae West, Grace Hopper, Ella Fitzgerald, Cleopatra, Susan B Anthony..
  6. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    SNOW! I wanna make naked snow angels and see if there is a difference then when making them in clothes : )
  7. What do you love/hate to hear?

    Love- "Thanks for being on Time" Hate- " I have to cancel something came up"
  8. Negativity in the Hobby

    💞💓💋💖💞 To EVERY ONE, EVERY DAY!!!!
  9. From the hoses mouth

    Kisses and Love Melissa. . A scary thing always. I say We as a community Band together to Help. If You need anything babe. Use Us!!! I know I am not the only One that would be honored to help a fellow sister
  10. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

  11. Review Bullying

    Unfortunately it happens a lot, because I am not BBBJ GFE I get a ton of flack from Visitors. "Chrissy I missed you in Texas,(4 year stay!!) I am here in your city and Would love to see you But you have to offer BBBJ, then I will write you a Glowing review and give you the whole donation" I simply Laugh at them in Return Text and Let them Know. I am MY OWN PIMP!! I say What, Who, When and How much..And When I want to play. The replies I get in return are Nasty but To me its Worth it. Letting them Know they don't Run Shyt. Hell I took an entire 12 days off this Board and ALL others because of the recent crap fest.. And I am loving every day of it.. I should Make T-shirts that say " Yeah, Yeah ,Yeah I heard you, On the back of T-shirt " Tell someone who cares" 😄😎
  12. Welcome to 2018 unless someone cam find a 60's similar toy????? Google..Set..GO!
  13. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    I want peach!!
  14. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Absolutely Yummmmmmm! Add some pics to make it even better
  15. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    I absolutely adore the guys that go a bit further than others , it Does Give us great memories and a one Up on the rest so to speak,...when I wear a certain pair of panties I always remember the session from the gent I received them from. Makes me smile. When I eat the candy I have received it sparks that memory of that special guy, again It makes me smile. I just gave a Snowglobe Xmas gift to A regular of mine that Comes intown from Tennessee I stopped and Got burgers for a date that was driving 4 hours to meet me worried he didn't stop and eat beforehand. Gifting goes both ways And I think its appreciated by everyone!! Happy Holiday Season Everyone!!