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  1. I'm all for the ladies staying safe, but...

    Wow Times are changing, I really wish the game wouldn't
  2. Goodbye Aretha, the Queen of Soul

    She was A true Queen. I rarely cry when a Star passes. This one Hurt
  3. I'm all for the ladies staying safe, but...

    You never know what goes on in ANYONE'S mind. Incall where You lay your head is never a safe idea.. You can see a guy 20 times and on that 21st Visit, shyt can change. I for one Completely agree with her Use of Cameras. I am pretty sure they are off when she is home in session, except for the outside ones, And she turns ALL on with her dandy app when she leaves.????
  4. I'm all for the ladies staying safe, but...

    From my understanding This was her Actual Home that was robbed? @CountryGentleman
  5. Goodbye Aretha, the Queen of Soul

    Another Legendary Icon Gone. The Queen of Soul is Finally at peace. Her painful battle over.
  6. Is this true???

  7. It's a Business

    Her business Is slow. And she knows the Saved #'s in her phone Are not LE . . You got the same pics she sent to the other 10 guys she texted. Fishing for an appointment is not New practice. Its been around since cell phones became a NEED! It is a HIGHLY unprofessional act and Should not even happen as often as it does. this is just my opinion..
  8. Anybody hear from JRWolfe lately?

    Thank you for caring. And reminding us, that we all have someone we care about in The Hobby. Even if it is off the clock. I will message him and see if I get a reply.
  9. Go Topless Day

    Don't Forget the sunscreen!!
  10. new vetting process?

    I agree. I just met with a gent and he mentioned a couple prior ladies ( a year or so on TOB) asking for his pic. He happily passed on this form of screening and Asked me why The hell would he send PROOF he may be cheating, or lying on his SO to have a quick romp in the hay. " Sure! I am gonna send my pic to ANOTHER WOMAN??" what Ever!! (Were his words)... Something that can bite him later???. I DO agree with this. This is an UNATTACHED business. It is supposed to be a secret...You having a Clients Photo in your Phone is Not unattached or even safe... What if you lose your phone? What if YOU get arrested?? What if You have nosey tablet grabbing kids, or a SO.?? Its Not Our business what You look like. Its our business to Cater to your likes. The Only pics that should ever circulate in the hobby are Already Online.
  11. Mr. Number

    Still working fine for me. I have not had any problems. I use Android
  12. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    Its too hot for anything. I prefer Naked
  13. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    Mimosas! You can't be mad when your sipping on one
  14. 411 on Kali2000

    Pexel Pics Not Instagram LOL.. Was hoping the guys would catch on sooner than later
  15. Kingkam60

    I do not know if she is legit, I recall those photos somewhere else. I do KNOW one thing. She is not Caucasian 😂