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  1. Good News, Probably Bad news

    Sorry to hear about your injury and wish you a full and speedy recovery Sparky....
  2. Happy Birthday goodguy69

    Happy birthday my friend....May your day be filled with joy and love of family and good friends and may it bring you all that you need, want and dream about it in your life....I hope you have the best day of your life today and may all that follow be even better than today...
  3. Not taking on new female providers?

    And I am not positive there really is a dominant board anywhere anymore or so it seems....There are many but trying to figure out which is legit and which is not is not easy for anyone...
  4. Not taking on new female providers?

    There have been several new providers showing up here on and off... As far as giving a reference for any of them, I would think it would be best served coming from one of the guys, not one of the ladies unless of course they have worked together...Otherwise there is no way for the lady to know for sure that the lady is providing what she believes it to be whereas if it was one of the guys then he would know, or so one would assume....
  5. Spinners

    I believe this topic actually belongs in the 411 area not discussions sweetheart.....
  6. Not quite but there will be an exchange that occurs...same thing happens with men....its a shared connect that is achieved, it takes you to a higher level of connection....better understanding of others needs as well as your own, its like a learning experience that is shared....a better understanding overall is shared and leaves with you for the future....
  7. We are all made up of energy....It is when the other person releases that energy that is achieved....It is a sharing of that release of energy that occurs that you can feel inside you, whether it is real or not is not the point, it is the sharing in the energy that is being produced that is the experience in itself....Thats the best way that I can describe what happens.... It is much like information that we learn about, everyone perceives that information differently on the level that they can and it is in sharing that information that forms our sense of reality.....Just because someone else does not see that information the same way that you do, does not make it less real to them....I am not certain if that makes any sense at all Neo1 but that is how reality actually is for people and that does not make it any less or more real to that person....
  8. Fallowing with Anonymity?

    <3 to the Beautiful Kali.....I do not understand why anyone would choose to hide their identity from being shown from being friends with a beautiful soul as you are here for us all....
  9. Be kind, you never know what one is going through.

    Honestly ladies do not want to see men who say such comments sleeping with the fishes instead most would prefer that he live a long life in order so he can think about what he said for a very long time...LOL....Only joking of course.... However seeing this made me realize there have been times here where I was less than considerate of others here feelings with some of the things that I said because I was having a difficult time in my own life and instead of facing it, I projected my anger onto others and for that I do apologize to anyone here who I was less than compassionate about their situation and I hope that you will accept my apology for that...We all have our own issues we each have to deal with that no one else is aware of and that is why it is important instead of taking it out on someone else we think of what we say before we say it....And as that chapter in my life is over and I have come to grips with that fact, I just wanted to thank you all for putting up with my less than positive attitude on occasion and if you ever need to vent just know I am here and would be happy to return the favor that those here did for me....While we never truly express the importance of having good people in our lives, this place is a place filled with wonderful people and thank you all for taking the time to share a little piece of your life with the rest of us, as that is what makes this place so very special...I do hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for being you....
  10. Alternative screening ideas. I want to know.

    Personally I do not think it matters from what side the perspective is from when it comes to issues like this and it is not something that needs to be discussed in a public forum....It seems to me that there are too many people here who are trying to set standards for something that is something that is personal and this is starting to remind me of government regulations...There are some areas in our lives that there is not a place for government and their regulations and this is one of those areas, so lets not try to bring that here or you might find that many people who feel the same stop coming around here, unless that is what you are trying to do with your inquiries....