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  1. Patience

    Wow that is so cool....thanks for sharing I love all the cool Barbie stuff there is.....She leads a charmed life just like I have thanks to those who are part of this community.....Thank you to everyone, its great to be back home again....
  2. Patience

    Indeed I will have to see what I can find on that and share it with everyone here later.....
  3. Patience

    Would anyone here expect different from me???? Hi everyone I am back and wanted to wish everyone here a great spring....
  4. 9999

    Darn there was a party and I didnt check my messages so I missed it....Well congrats Boink and just wanted to say this place would not be the same without you so glad it didnt Y2k ya today and thanks for always being here for all of us, youre awesome....And so is everyone else, youre all a great group of people and I am honored to be a part of this little place in the cloud that we have been blessed to have....Thanks everyone and have a great day....
  5. This is as bad as that Dru Magnolia or what ever her name was who posted the lovely message about clients a few years ago on Craigslist but at least that one was humorous instead of just being ugly about things....Different strokes for different folks i guess...Everyone has a bad day but there is really no reason to come on here and act like that toward everyone and then not even apologize when you come back is even worse....I am sorry you are having a bad time and while it is true things have changed here, they have changed everywhere and there is no reason to shot yourself in the foot over it....People come and go, its a fact of life here just like any other place where people come together....
  6. A tough one for me

    The problem I foresee with this situation and an apology fee is the fact if it was in deed a bad situation offering any type of compensation could create a problem.....Dont want any money transferring hands for any reason if it is a potential sting....Maybe I am wrong thinking that way but it seems like it would just not end up being such a good thing.....Just saying
  7. Well, It finally happened

    Sorry to hear about your inconvenience but it is good that the lady you were trying to see is okay and that you are too....Maybe try again another day when the trip is more comfortable and she is too with her situation....Just a thought....
  8. A missed opportunity and blocking

    And of course Mr. Gr8wl, you have hit that right on the head.....Sorry took this off track but seemed to be appropriate after a few of the other posts here....Good time for me to call it a night and wish everyone here well this evening....Have a wonderful evening everyone...
  9. A missed opportunity and blocking

    And another thing that speaks highly for government regulation in the industry.....For anyone who does not remember what happened with "The Mustang Ranch" after it was seized by the federal government, I suggest you research that before you consider legalization of anything else....The federal government failed to operate "The Mustang Ranch" at a profit and that was one of the biggest lies told to the American people of that decade....Honestly that is all that needs to be said about that.....
  10. A missed opportunity and blocking

    I think you mean see more clients, not less dear...And yes the rest if pretty much correct and those who are looking to convince us that is such a good thing, are nothing more than corporate middlemen who are looking to get rich as glorified pimps with some fancy government title for what they do.... Testing is essential for any professional and that is not limited by industry, it is just part of being a professional... While carrying liability insurance would be great, there is not any offered at this time and anyone who says otherwise is not being honest about what it is they are doing.... All the fancy legal forms of the past, didnt cut it and what is happening now is just trying to cover up the real situation as they try to convince us that its a good thing....I do not see the government meddling into anyones life as being a good thing....Look at what happened with the markets in 2007, all because of greed and the corruption within the government and it seems that it is setting up to do that same again but this time because of the farming bills being passed at this time...Just saying anyone who has doubts about what is being set up right now just hold off making a choices about legalization of anything else in this country . until we see what happens with the government insured loan programs, especially in the farming communities as that seems to be the next area that is currently being set up that will send this country into yet another recession due to more government corruption and corporate greed.....
  11. A missed opportunity and blocking

    Seriously do you actually expect any of us to believe that the legalization of anything has lead to Anonymity???? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life...A comment like that would only come from someone who has positioned themselves in the market to profit off of government regulation, not anyone who would ever be a legitimate provider or client here...There has never been a situation where government regulation has ever led to more Anonymity in anyway shape or form....Between this post and that of the established provider setting someone up, it seems alike the propaganda scare tactics of those who have a stake in profiting from government regulation, not those who are currently legitimate providers and clients.... It certainly seems there is a real push on with the propaganda right now from those who are seeking to profit by obtaining the support of those of us here...Watch out everyone this is starting to seem like the same type of propaganda push that was being fed to the Germans in the 1930s and we all have read how well that turned out for them...We have all been around the block enough times to know that government regulation of anything does not make it better, instead it makes for a higher cost to the consumers in the end and that has been historically shown to be true in all vices, including the recent ones....
  12. A tough one for me

    Hotel security do not pack heat and dont let anyone tell you otherwise....You did the right thing and who knows maybe that provider got herself into some trouble and might have been trying to get herself out of trouble....You never know
  13. Great day for homemade chili

    My sister cooked tonight and she made a feast with creamy white chicken chilli and for those of you who have never enjoyed it, I do highly recommend that you do because it is almost better than sex....Key word here being almost of course...But it was absolutely wonderful and I am getting ready to sit down and enjoy more in a couple minutes...
  14. New Years Plans๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

    Happy New Year everyone see you all in 2019
  15. Working on Christmas day?

    I have worked in the hotel industry most of my life, not pun intended and that means you work all major holidays as hotels are open 24/7/365, so there is no time off for holidays....It is one of the few industries that does that and also requires not only general employees but also requirements management or at least someone to fill in as such be available or on call anytime....Its a very demanding field and I have worked every holiday since I started working in that industry just out of college....