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  1. AMP's

    For the house fee + say a $20 tip I haven't seen any.
  2. Help about losing the erection

    Check out PT 141!
  3. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    Any issues with it lasting more than 4 hrs? Wouldn't want a trip to the ER!!
  4. is listing under Denver, massage several AMPs as well as providers as "FREE" !!! Anybody biting on this?
  5. I Failed!

  6. Aurora LE on the move

    Hobbyist on RM described an AMP he was enjoying Tuesday when Aurora PD entered. They asked for ID and licenses but no arrests. He was unscathed but it was a close call.Start of a trend? Stay safe out there.
  7. Best Exercise Program

    Swim 5000 to 7500m per week. Make sure you get your heart rate up
  8. How to improve your FBSM service

    Great post. Always shower and scrub immediately before so I can get alot of crack and anus attention.
  9. Any Transgender

    TS Ashley in Lakewood? Might be what ur looking for.
  10. ED (erectile dysfunction) help

    Might try Magic For Men
  11. New To TOB.

    Enjoy our wonderful state. You've come at just the right time.
  12. Private Bath House / Spa around Denver area?

    I think there is a place in Aurora, Havana Sauna??? Much more communal and no where near as private or elegant.
  13. Introduction

    Welcome to Colorado! You've come at just the right time. Spring and summer are great here.
  14. Introduction

    Welcome to The Board!
  15. Anyone worried about

    this? Seems pretty troublesome.