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  1. Reviews

    @Caressa Duval Thank you for your insight, I did not believe I had a leg to stand on since I'm just the client. Please do not feel that I think you're all stupid that is not my intention at all. And you're right, I came here to vent and maybe get a little advice on what I should do in the future to ensure a good experience for all involved. I do have the proof but I don't want to want to go as far as to get someone band for having a bad day.
  2. Reviews

    It did get taken down at my request because for the threats to my reputation, which I could not fight. The person had over 100 positive reviews and I felt confident, only to find out that the reviews where wrong. My best guess is that they where bullied for the post to be pulled down or change. That is just my thoughts not sure if that has happened.
  3. As someone that is still kinda new here I wanted to know more about reviews. For the most part I have had a positive experience until recently. I posted my first negative review which gives the person the right to respond back, which is more then welcome. The provider reached out to me to discuss the problem. It quickly went from a discussion too being talked down to and threated with false accusations if the review was not taken down. I worked hard to have my reputation in good standing on the site and want to keep it that way. So my question is how can someone trust the reviews when you know for a fact that they are wrong? How can you post an negative review without the fear for that person using not only TOB, but other sites to smear your reputation out of spite? I asked for the the review to be taken down because of these threats and not sure how to feel moving forward.