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  1. Who would you bring back?

    Sabrina Black Claire Shepard Dru from wildflowers
  2. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Dru from Wild flowers Sabrina Black - wow what a great kisser... Claire Isabela Dylan - damn
  3. Lakewood

    Yep always has been. I got busted there in the mid 80's. Pre-Internet Ad in the Rocky Mountain Oyster if anyone remembers that.
  4. Outfits....

    Prefer garter belt and stockings with heels, but I'll take thigh highs and heels.
  5. +1 I usually ask the provider for black stockings and heels, but if I have seen them before and know they're tan I'll ask for white. White looks so good on a dark tan:D
  6. Other day time jobs?

    So maybe there is something about the teacher and nurses fantasies;) Works for me... Woodman
  7. 411 Stacy Carlson retirement?

    I would say she retired. http://www.stacycarlson.biz/ woodman
  8. Bikini/fitness model type body ASP recommendations...

    Just missed her by a week. This lady fits your requirements and then some... http://www.tobreviews.com/index.cfm?show_all_reviews=yes&asp=1769 If you have a P411 account she is on there. Woodman
  9. still ISO ...

    +1 for getting a P411 account if you don't have one. You can do advance searches and I'm sure there are several ladies that meet your requirements. Or venture out of your requirements and see one of the well reviewed ladies you might just be surprised. Woodman
  10. Busted by LE

    I got busted back in the mid-80's pre-internet. Oyster adds and was living up in Evergreen at the time and setup an appointment on my way home. Yep you guessed Lakewood. Walked in apartment was furnished looked OK, but was a little nervous (as always) made the transaction she told me get comfortable and then about 4 cops came out of the other bedroom. Arrested me, fingerprinted me, gave me a summons with a court date and sent me on my way. Never got hauled to the station. Went to court no attorney and plea bargained with the DA to a solicitation. Thing I remember was about 10 years later a cop car shows up to my house and hands me an envelope with a copy of the ticket and my money. Weird.... Moral of the story from even 30 years ago - STAY OUT OF LAKEWOOD! Woodman
  11. Opinon

    I would say different ladies. One list more activities such has fisting and squirting.
  12. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    Yep this is the way I walk on through as well.
  13. yes or no??

    Maggiano's is always good as well.
  14. I like this line that it's a gift... "He claimed that she stole his sperm, but the court rejected that stance, saying his sperm was given to her as a “gift,” “an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee,” according to the court decision.