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  1. Obama hasn’t endorsed anyone. Bloomberg ran misleading ads that implied an Obama endorsement. Not sure where you’re getting Warren, since Warren and Obama didn’t really get along.
  2. On the subject of hairy dudes.

    That’s basically what I do as well. I trim my chest hair once a year, at the start of summer. I usually do everything else the day before I’m seeing someone.
  3. Minneapolis

    I've never used the site, but I've heard that Grain Belt News is popular hobby board in the midwest. There's also RS-AVS, which is a verification service similar to P411, and is heavily used in Chicago and surrounding areas.
  4. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Now that sounds like a great way to spend an evening with someone 😁
  5. In my experience, the more liquid expelled, then the more likely it’s just pee. But I agree, further research is warranted 😆
  6. Big donations

    Whatever niche you can think of, there are providers and clients for it. So yeah, there are high roller clients, who are willing and able to book with super exclusive providers. And such providers frequently place ads for many cities to generate interest. Any client who really wants to see them and can afford it, won't hesitate to pay for their airfare & hotel, in addition to booking an extended date.
  7. Go to app for Las Vegas

    In addition to Tryst, Slixa and Private Delights each have a lot of listings for Vegas.
  8. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Laci wins the thread.
  9. "Treat her right"

    I've been active in this hobby for a long time and have written a lot of reviews. I try to avoid the obvious cliches, but it gets hard not to repeat myself, even when my experience with someone was amazing/fantastic/incredible (see my Private Delights reviews, and you'll see those words again and again). The more I like a provider I've seen, then the more I worry that I'm shortchanging her by reusing the same superlatives. But maybe I'm just being neurotic.
  10. The wonerful cyber world

    There's nothing wrong with being outspoken. I actually appreciate it when providers say what they like and what they don't like. But at the same time, if someone repeatedly says things that make me not want to hang out with them, then I know I shouldn't see them.
  11. The wonerful cyber world

    I’ve lost interest in a fair number of providers due to things they said on Twitter. Sometimes it’s because they tweeted or retweeted something I found offensive. But more often, it’s because they present themselves in a way that makes me think I wouldn’t enjoy my time with them.
  12. "Treat her right"

    You forgot to add the part about receiving the best BJ you've ever had.
  13. Price of adds

    P411 is kinda pricy for us clients, and every year I consider not renewing, but I always do. Almost all the providers I decide to see have p411 profiles, and it's been my most consistent, useful resource over the past five and half years.
  14. HR vs 90min vs 2HR

    Dude, if you’ve have great experiences with travel dates, then that’s awesome. I’m kinda jealous, honestly. I guess I haven’t found the right person, but both times I’ve tried an overnight date have been underwhelming.
  15. Big Brother Is Watching

    The police aren’t actively looking at Ring video feeds, but they can look them up at any time for any reason.