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  1. Schedules!

    I found a solution!! By appointment! Yay!!!!
  2. Schedules!

    Bankers in general get me wet... had to do it
  3. Hotel or Outcall?

    Yes! I love it Sofia.. thank you! 😘
  4. "A little goes a long way!"

    ^^^Thats freakin great 😂😂😂
  5. Hotel or Outcall?

    Omg yes!! Problem solved 😂😂
  6. Hotel or Outcall?

    Thank you
  7. Schedules!

    I agree
  8. Hotel or Outcall?

    I love the cleaning part too.. and it feels like you're always on vacation 😂😂
  9. Asking an FBSM provider for "legit" massage work

    ^^^^ Exactly...I've heard a provider can get in much more trouble for offering massage without a license along with the other part than just offering the other part...I think it's safe to say in this business, just don't discuss any services, ever. Just my opinion.
  10. Hotel or Outcall?

    So the conclusion to this topic...Hotels are ridiculously expensive right now ( at least the good ones), I'm guessing because of graduation...made a few phone calls, and worked out the original incall location with the original schedule ...Thanks for all the input guys! Everything works out how its supposed to in the end
  11. Schedules!

    I will definitley try to make it down there someday!!!
  12. Schedules!

    ^^^ Indeed...and also conflicts with the housekeeping schedule, as I vaguely remember an incall I had at a downtown hotel when I first started... despite the " Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, I was pretty naked when the poor housekeeping lady tried to come in, mid session 😂😂... so I'm going to have to stick to daytime ish hours for now!
  13. Hotel or Outcall?

    You're too sweet You're too sweet 😘😘 I'm going to try the incall at another location... I think I'm outing myself a lot with this thread so hopefully it works out... I'm the most indecisive person the world, so I'm thinking moving around may suit me too!! Thank you 😘😘
  14. Schedules!

    Happy Saturday! Im thinking of changing up my schedule when I find a new incall...I am an early morning person, so I was contemplating a 6am-2pm availability time period... Does any one else have experience with this kind of schedule, both ladies and gentlemen? What have you found works for you? I love early mornings, and can easily shuffle around other life obligations, but also don't want to be sitting at an incall if i'm the only one that gets up at 5am ...Kind of an odd question, I know...There's really no consistency in this business, but I love to schedule myself
  15. Hotel or Outcall?

    I am always nervous doing outcalls...the benefits, in my mind, are A) No overhead B ) Client is comfortable in their space, and can indulge in adult beverages or other activities and not drive anywhere.. C ) It generally draws less attention to the hobby, being that there is one woman coming in to your spce ( could be a friend, I dress super casual) rather than multiple men visiting one room/house/office...I have had some great experiences in clients homes and hotels, and some not so great.. Like you said, safety issues can happen anywhere...it's a toss up. I definitely would love to have an office space, as it is consistent, economical, and can be your own, in regards to decorating and energy...I always always always tell clients that I am at a hotel when I am there..I totally respect the apprehension in that situation. But at the same time, with an office, and the reason why my last incall is no longer an option, is the attention I was drawing to my adult business. Another appealing part of the hotel is that I could travel, and not be tied to one space...Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs.. 2 days each a week? I think I will start another thread about the hours..I am an early morning person, and feel I am at my best at that time..However, I have never had any requests for super early...but I have read that a mans testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning! Posting said thread shortly Thanks for the feedback! You have a great weekend as well