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  1. So That's What That Means.....

    When I first started posting on TOB and reading the forums and reviews, I came across a few acronyms that I swore I knew the meanings of... Soon after, I discovered Urban Dictionary .... Here are a few I still use in passing just for a giggle :)... UTF: Ultimate Titty Fucking MSOG: Massogonist DATY: Daddy Issues ATF: Adult Toy Finder French: The provider is Au Natural One year later, my vocabulary has greatly matured ~Emily
  2. Looking to share an office/ studio

    Hi All! Wondering if any lovely ladies would be interested in sharing their office or studio with me? Send me a PM! Thanks 😉
  3. Pestering Prospective Providers

    Kali your post # is 669 😂😂😂
  4. Pestering Prospective Providers

    ^^^ This^^^ You really do not ever know what is going on in a providers life, just like she had no idea that you were stuck with said architect 😉😉 I would also try all avenues of communication and then stop.. I don't think you are pestering if you are being polite, which your demeanor thus far seems to reflect 😊. I appreciate your post, it shows that you are a considerate person. The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked, in my opinion.. Good luck!
  5. NO Reference for YOU!

    I think we all kind of vent here, don't we? I know I do sometimes.....And based on her reviews, I'd say Trystin has more good experiences than not!
  6. Schedules!

    I found a solution!! By appointment! Yay!!!!
  7. Schedules!

    Bankers in general get me wet... had to do it
  8. Hotel or Outcall?

    Yes! I love it Sofia.. thank you! 😘
  9. "A little goes a long way!"

    ^^^Thats freakin great 😂😂😂
  10. Hotel or Outcall?

    Omg yes!! Problem solved 😂😂
  11. Hotel or Outcall?

    Thank you
  12. Schedules!

    I agree
  13. Hotel or Outcall?

    I love the cleaning part too.. and it feels like you're always on vacation 😂😂
  14. Asking an FBSM provider for "legit" massage work

    ^^^^ Exactly...I've heard a provider can get in much more trouble for offering massage without a license along with the other part than just offering the other part...I think it's safe to say in this business, just don't discuss any services, ever. Just my opinion.
  15. Hotel or Outcall?

    So the conclusion to this topic...Hotels are ridiculously expensive right now ( at least the good ones), I'm guessing because of graduation...made a few phone calls, and worked out the original incall location with the original schedule ...Thanks for all the input guys! Everything works out how its supposed to in the end