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  1. Chocolate covered espresso beans

    All of the above, and for all of the reasons listed 😍
  2. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    I don't think that is what GeeCue was doing at all, from what I understand he probably just pm'd AND text, as some ladies will check one and not the other, or maybe he was trying to validate his handle on the board... Either way, GeeCue is FAR from creepy or stalker like... just my opinion 😉
  3. Today

    https://theotherboard.com/forum/index.php?/topic/39083-my-favorite-grammatical-error We've already gone there 😂
  4. Happy Monday...

    Laci coming over on Saturday
  5. Disgruntled Client

    Sent you a PM

    Interesting perspective, thank you for sharing.

    I certainly don't consider taking tattoos out of a picture false advertising though, especially if they are distinctive, would reveal real life identity, and the provider has disclosed in other ways that they have them? There are options in that field as well, I believe they are none, some and many.

    Not so much, as long as the provider fills the " tattoos" field in their profile with accurate info, and the client does their due diligence and reads the profile section 😉😉
  9. There goes the neighborhood

    I sure do wonder that, and did ask once... the person's response was " So what are you my dating coach now" 😂😂😂 I no longer try to reason with it.. delete delete delete...
  10. When providers retaliate

    Thank you 😉 My thoughts exactly.
  11. Wise words for the average guy!

    YES 😍😍😍
  12. Coming up on a long weekend!

  13. Happy Birthday Fish 🎂🎂

    Happy Birthday 😘😘
  14. How's everybody doin"?

    I'm in!
  15. How's everybody doin"?

    Well Laci discovered that you can rent one the other night... Maybe we can all pitch in??