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  1. Coming up on a long weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday Fish 🎂🎂

    Happy Birthday 😘😘
  3. How's everybody doin"?

    I'm in!
  4. How's everybody doin"?

    Well Laci discovered that you can rent one the other night... Maybe we can all pitch in??
  5. How's everybody doin"?

    THATS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID....and then somehow we started searching for midgets online 😂
  6. How to treat a client

    Most definitely not. Many keep it all business, and that's what they prefer. Some dabble in between, and I will also give my time and companionship without donation, if they want to talk on the phone some nights, or hang out in my studio past the end of their time. Some prefer leaving everything in the studio though, that's why they do this, and that definitely does not make them a " Shmoe".
  7. How to treat a client

    Well, yes, Mr. Coyote, if you look back on my forum posts, you will find that I have stated there have been many occasions where I have spent time with a client without accepting a donation, because I enjoyed his company and vice versa. I'm sorry that you have yet to experience that type of connection in this industry, and I hope someday you do, because it's a really nice 😊.
  8. How to treat a client

    I strongly disagree. I have definitely declined a number of appointments because there was no chemistry after the first meeting. Money isn't everything. I enjoy what I do, and would like to keep it that way. I would not be doing anyone any favors by " acting" my way through an hour just for the money.
  9. I Wonder If This Is a Good Thing

    When I first first started in this, and didn't know any better, I was not completely in control of my listings, what was said to potential clients about me, my pictures, ect ( I was not Independent)... I did outcalls only, from 8pm-5am, and would get texted an address, and told a time frame , that's it... I would show up to said address, and sure as hell, sometimes turn right around and leave, for various reasons, use your imagination. So I guess I am also guilty of wimping out 😉. Sometimes there's a good reason, there is an ugly side to this as well. Just my experience.
  10. I Wonder If This Is a Good Thing

    I don't know, maybe it's just the full moon, but I appreciate your post, maybe wasn't worded the best, but I think I get where you were going with it... When I first started, I was only on Backpage, and then I found TOB, when BP took out certain sections overnight and I panicked. I did both TOB and BP for awhile, after I figured out how to navigate the new BP format, and in the end, just TOB because BP got crazy. Finding TOB changed the way I did things, who I saw, and above all improved my life in this world 100%. All of this is what you make of it, and if you look for the positive, you will always find it and prosper, which is what I feel like you are doing mistermogget. Maybe just choose your words better 😂😂😂😘
  11. I Wonder If This Is a Good Thing

    I disagree... I don't think he " wimped out" to be a dick or play games ... I think the backpage scene was built from impulsive behavior, and maybe he saved himself some real trouble by listening to his gut when it came down to it? Maybe he's smarter than most... Who knows 😉
  12. How to treat a client

    Indeed, or you're not giving your address to some teenager giggling behind his computer screen in his mom's basement... My real name is on my real lease for my real studio 😂😂 just sayin...
  13. Frustrated

    He did right by me...Sorry, ran out of rep points for the day
  14. Frustrated

    OP did, as of tonight, make good on a cancellation consideration with me. I will say that I did not have a "policy" in place, as I tend to just move on...however I did explain to the OP how a NCNS effects my personal life, and he chose to contribute accordingly. I do appreciate him owning up to the situation at this time, and wish him the best, hoping that this is all a good learning experience.
  15. Frustrated

    Yep, same here.. thank you Laci and Callie for having the balls I didn't lol... What's the adage, best not to throw stones in glass houses??? Or how about just plain old " Karma's a Bitch". 😂😂😂