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    Creativity in all forms....Everything outdoors..Animals, and people!
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  1. Stop Chasing Another Version of Yourself

    Happiness is also good tequila and good company.. just sayin 😉😘
  2. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    Find a hobby! There's a whole lot of meet up groups around here, for any hobby you could possibly imagine... Go to some hot springs, people are always friendly there Even going and just sitting at the bar for dinner will put you in a situation where you will most likely talk to someone
  3. Sex On Demand

    For me, it's all about your approach... " Hey U Avail?" Makes me want to vomit.. really... Not being polite and saying thank you after I've responded politely saying " I'm sorry, I am not available" is rude as well in my opinion, and the next time you ask for short notice appointments, I will be less likely to try to make it work . I received an inquiry not too long ago, where the gentleman stated " Good morning, I know this is short notice, and you probably have a screening process, but I was wondering if there is a chance you are available in an hour or two?" Bingo, that's the way to do it! And what do you know, I sure was available 😂 I also think short notice for new clients that will only use references to be screened is extremely difficult, or contacting a provider that only accepts references as a new client is kinda setting yourself up for a no go.. and that's where P411 comes in as well...
  4. stings

    Just out of curiosity, any insight as to why this time of year?
  5. stings

    Yep all the reporting was very vague, stating that the sources were " social media" and busts happened at " hotels and casinos".... The one thing that was specified, which I found odd as well, was that it " ended" on October 15th. So are "they" saying it's alright to come out and play now? 😂😂 I think not.
  6. STING by DIA!

  7. Thank you

    Lol me too You're welcome, Mac, and thank you too! Definitely goes both ways 😉
  8. just takes a second ...

    You are the best Sam 😘😘😂😂
  9. Thanks to you

    I would like to use all my rep points for life on this post haha. Thanks for starting it Amber!!! 😘😘😘😘
  10. Weird behavior?

    Yes. 😑
  11. Taking an extended " Break"...

    Aww I don't know you, but good luck, and you will be missed 😘 I always love reading your contributions to the board, and your hot as hell 😉 Good luck!
  12. Touring Question

    Boulder lol 😂😂
  13. Been Fun

    Good luck to you! I don't know what all that other stuff was all about, but you seemed pretty cool to me for what it's worth!
  14. The NERVE!

    Lol I edited 😂
  15. Dark Horse Bar and Grill Boulder.. Good or?

    It's fun Nice place to hang out after you've done something that makes you all sweaty 😂