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  1. Cheap & Nasty

    Kaya, your pictures are absolutely beautiful ❤ Keep on keeping on, it gets better ❤
  2. I am an ENFJ, like Johnny Depp

    INFP 😊
  3. Type it out, email it to yourself, then copy and paste 😉.
  4. What If...

    What if no one wants to rule the world? What if everyone is to blame? What if Led Zepplin kept ramblin off? What if she was buying a stairway to hell? What if we weren't here now, don't entertain us?
  5. Truth in advertising

    My two cents... I have perused the interwebs a few times looking for advertising options and have found my pictures, stats, and even ads I have written ( mostly from BP days) listed on sites that were geared toward and advertising things I absolutely do not offer... Websites that lift pictures and ads without permission( and will not take them down, believe me I tried) are very common
  6. What's your fantasy?

    Pretty sure I was a witness to this a couple weeks ago... dreams do come true 😂😂❤️
  7. The way I look at it, it keeps our community safe from A) Individuals that are not looking out for the well being of others ( would elaborate but not sure it's allowed) B)Agencies that may not be very honest with their posts C) LE and others trying to take away our right to do what we do. I have had nothing but great experiences on TOB, and would like it to stay the way it is for as long as possible. I have participated in other boards and have had many not so great experiences with the moderators and clients...but here I have been treated with the utmost respect. I appreciate what is being done for the reasons it is being done... And hey, there are A LOT of other people that have all of the same info I provided as well... It's already out there 😂😂 Thank you mods for being awesome 😘
  8. Quality vs Quantity

  9. New friendships

    Sometimes a person will reveal, over time, some attributes that are not so desirable... Because references are given as an assurance to other providers or hobbiest that a person is safe, clean and respectful, repealing of a reference may be warranted when a client or provider no longer meets those requirements. That's when the" ethics" part of this " business" comes into play. Just my opinion.
  10. Chocolate covered espresso beans

    All of the above, and for all of the reasons listed 😍
  11. I don't think that is what GeeCue was doing at all, from what I understand he probably just pm'd AND text, as some ladies will check one and not the other, or maybe he was trying to validate his handle on the board... Either way, GeeCue is FAR from creepy or stalker like... just my opinion 😉
  12. Today

    https://theotherboard.com/forum/index.php?/topic/39083-my-favorite-grammatical-error We've already gone there 😂
  13. Happy Monday...

    Laci coming over on Saturday
  14. Disgruntled Client

    Sent you a PM

    Interesting perspective, thank you for sharing.