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  1. am I black listed on p411

    I use P411 and love the service. I've had much more good than bad and appreciate the protection it affords. I've had some problems with communications, however, similar to this thread. I hobby with my SO, which means setting up times to meet is a three body problem (pun intended.) Question for the experienced users of p411 - should I use the private message feature, pre screening, or email to work out logistics and pick a day, or do the providers just prefer that I schedule an appointment request, and they will take it from there? I've always felt it was rude to just throw out an appointment request for a couples meeting without verifying that the time is even workable, but am sensitive to the sheer volume you providers have to deal with from email and private messaging! Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  2. Pony Up or Not…

    For what its worth, I'm comfortable renewing my membership for now. I like the verification capability for safety reasons, and am keeping my hopes up that wisdom will prevail regarding recent regulation. P411 membership implies a level of professionalism for both provider and client, at least in my mind. Perhaps I will feel differently once the service is verification only in 2019:)
  3. Just wondering question

    Do you get a notification if we un-favorite you? Asking for a friend:)