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  1. Foreign IP addresses

    There is also a service called hide my ass which is a virtual private Network device that allows you to hide your location and appear from anywhere in the world https://www.hidemyass.com/what-is-vpn
  2. Goodbye MassageRepublic

    They have directed US based providers to start using slixa
  3. Not quite. The supreme court ruled in his favor that the Colorado civil rights commission violated the shop owners first amendment rights and displayed anti religious bias, but the supreme court did not rule on whether a business can use religious objections to deny service to gay people. So it is still up in the area if they can or cannot deny service to anyone
  4. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    Watched that originally, just started rewatching on netflix
  5. Gfe or not

    GFE after you answered "do I look fat in this outfit?"
  6. Accepted age difference?

    Interesting, that actually ends up being right in the ball park of the youngest ladies I look for.
  7. Accepted age difference?

    I have had same question. I tend to look for ladies closer in age to me(low 40s), plus or minus about a decade, cause feel more comfortable but have been curious about some of the lovely younger ladies too, but for some reason just felt a little weird to see someone half my age. Totally mental I'm sure, maybe I'll have to give it a shot some day and just see.
  8. Happy Easter Everyone!

    Hope all you tob folks had a great day. Got in a family bike ride this morn then dinner at our place with some great friends. A great day all around. The only sad part is it is winding down and Monday is upon us.
  9. Long time hobbyist

    Welcome to TOB. It's a fun and welcoming place by all (most) the ladies and gents. Read through the rules and recent posts have fun and join in the conversation.
  10. What If...

    Darn it, you're so right. Thanks for setting me straight.
  11. What If...

    A Disney compilation What if Aladdin didn't find a whole new world What if The price didn't kiss the girl (Ariel) What if Elsa didn't let it go?
  12. Out of Action

    Sorry to hear that, but sounds like your are recovery well. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  13. What If...

    What if TLC was wrong and we should be chasing waterfalls? What if Ice Cube didnt have a good day? What If the Fresh Prince was wrong and parents did understand?
  14. Any TS tops near GWS?

    Thanks. I feel very edumacated now 😂
  15. What If...

    What if Van Halen wasn't hot for teacher? What if Dean Snyder could drive 55? What if roses didnt have thorns?