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  1. Other websites

    30m m&G or coffee is the same as BCD so just meet under the sheets lol
  2. Posting an urgent message for our friend Caressa

    Oh wow hope she recovers soon .. Best Wishes
  3. Las Vegas peeps

    I'm going soo for a family wedding ... No Not Mine lol
  4. Other websites

    I like hoops and jumping .. so i use EROS .. keep in mind EROS can't say who will open the door so do you home work ..
  5. Switter closing down

    They are owned by TRYST.. I Never like Switter
  6. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    I like to keep myself at ease at all times , so how I do this is to book out 2hr's after each appt , just in case we go over or he is running late .. So no one is rushed out ... But Hhr is hhr hr is a hr ..
  7. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    Yep get back on and go for it ..
  8. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    Can always make better selection on the serious providers who takes her business serious ..
  9. What music do you listen to?

    I'm loving me so MC so much I just did a photo shoot in this outfit / well close to copying it lol Pink Lady G Rock & roll will be my true love ..
  10. Pop up

    I still can't see why a PIC ID works for screening ? No one ever looks like DL ID lol and some ID's can be fake . I never ask for PIC ID , unless he's under 25 yr.
  11. Pop up

    With TRYST can use a Credit Card / not that shit Bitcoin ...
  12. Anybody vouch for Alexis from Texas?

    See if shes on ECCIE Or OH2 .
  13. Pop up

    What the hell ... I didn't know all this I never read the pop up's This is a bad thing all the way around for US!!
  14. I Got Scammed

    TNA link is gone ..
  15. Yes TNA works well .. EROS is good for the Business traveler's who are not on a board like TOB P411 TNA TER PD Tryst ECCIE Oh2 are really just a Bitch site now for drama / Hobbyist just bitching about every thing a provider may or may not do & Body & Looks / age/ cost / anything they can, ECCIE Now is just a site for Sausage fest
  16. ECCIE no longer have adds PD in Co. is not that big /PD is big in Ca like TOB is for Co.
  17. Escorting days in USA has come to an end

    Right but they really need to look at themselves first / Before putting anyone down !
  18. Are there any left

    Sometimes we have to get out of That BOX !!
  19. Are there any places with glory holes?

    Here I'll be Google lol
  20. I Got Scammed

    Wow so crazy OP sorry this has happened .. I had talked with her a few times about touring some city's she had before and she gave me grate info . Seen her around for a long time .. never would think something like this would be her !
  21. EROS in all cities work best for me so I'll give it the highest ( works best for me ) TOB worth paying for when on tour get just as much from TOB as I do EROS Slixa never get one appts / calls or text or email with a paid add so I stop using it Tryst is okay don't get a lot from there P411 depends on the city you can bump your ad all day long . Private Delights works best in Ca & EROS Twitter Iv'e gotten a lot off and repeats Most of my clients I've been seeing for years have been from every site I've been on .
  22. Iv'e lost 13 pounds in 4 months slow but study !!
  23. I’m thinking that I am a bit confused….

    Had someone ask me the same ( i'll pay you ) if you get me on TOB ... Had to say NO ..
  24. board for norcal / socal

    I put under my avertar dates when im in town .. But not gotten appt of there in the 1-2 years now , When in Dallas
  25. board for norcal / socal

    ECCIE .. No ads there any longer ..