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  1. Crazy guy

    OP sorry you had to deal with this .. but COVID has all the BS'ers Out ! Man should see my call log of my last visit lol every dirt bag was out just the other day guy call's all he says is his name and says nice tits , I'm like really this is how you talk to women ? Then I tell him learn some manners , where you brought up to talk to women this way ?.. then I hung up Some guy text . ask for address I said really he side if I didn't give it he do a bad review on me . me - go for it i'm not even in town , nor do you have appt with me he says i do me no you don't im not in town he just kept going on and on So when I get threatened I just say go for it . 9 times out of 10 they are just trying to get you up set to force you to see them , never do it .
  2. What do you believe in?

    we believe in the same thing - long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days."
  3. Show Some Luv Dallas

    Oct is nice in Dallas ,other sites has Tx. listing P411 ERos Slixa , Can we have Tx back please TOB
  4. Am I the only one...

    Nothing like a baby doll smile when she looks into your eye's and say I'm cumming with you !!!
  5. In Search Of: A reasonably priced 12 to 24-hour...

    Most ladies web sties will have rates listed ..
  6. In Search Of: A reasonably priced 12 to 24-hour...

    I can fart in the AM - sorry just had to lol at this
  7. Should I be worried?

    Depends what did you chat about ?
  8. Lina on Eros 411?

    EROS you have to give ID to prove age .. ask for ID
  9. Please, stop asking....

  10. Atlanta Eros Twitter ›
  11. Sports Question?

    play footsies ** I fixed it lol
  12. STG any luck boys?

    Right every site has it's BS of dumb callers and games players .. STG is one less site to deal with ,,
  13. Sports Question?

    I'm more likely not going be able to watch tonight , But I like to kinda know what's going on so I have something to talk about with men lol and I know nothing about football .. but I do like to pay footsies with ball's
  14. Football Starts Tonight

    So i'm not a big on sports but I do like a good game of foot ball !
  15. Why do you think she ASP told me these things.

    I'm a normal lady don't do drugs don't hate men and life as child was just the norm , I just got tired of the RW job and went on to the net for big boob molding and then got tired of that and here i'm 15years later and still love this life .. OP to say we all have some type of issues just not fair at all ..