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  1. Aubree

    Some ladies love a lot of makeup ...
  2. I need in my life...

    running fingers though the hair can be so relaxing ..
  3. Snow

    I was out in the snow and was like this shit is cold lol
  4. Shaving and Man Scaping

    But no Pubic hair can way better when you are going down . if you are getting open wounds might change how you shave them areas ,,Just saying ..
  5. Why is it so

    getting pleasurable DATY is fun , but if you don't quirt then what ?
  6. San Francisco

    Nice . I like to get a friend of over 12 years on TOB
  7. I'm back "kinda"

    Hello . just have fun fun fun is to short
  8. Snow

    burr 36 out right now
  9. San Francisco

    Did help u out on that one lol .. Right it's big in Ca
  10. Donation instead of tip?

    ya when is that a real thing ,, I don't tip my DR. But do tip my hairdresser & nails and other services ppl
  11. No Texas ladies?

    I like Dallas
  12. Why is it so

    Getting oral is easy getting a squirt out is harder
  13. San Francisco

    I would get in PD chat room . ask the questions you need to know Last time I was there Union Square was where to be . Hotels are very high . Get on Private Delights as that's the New for No Cal .
  14. New Member

    Bet you can fine a lot help here on TOB ..
  15. Donation inquiries

    I see a lot of established providers webs sites with the donation listed , may not say what the details of the Donation are for and that's a smart way to go . Just do some home work or just ask her. I think a lot of providers use site where they can be listed like P411 /EORS/ Slixa / Twiter /Switter /Personal Websites / seen them on emails