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  1. Know when to hold em’ know when to fold em”

    Hi Ryan..........Please PM me as I may be able to help you. BR 303-246-0649
  2. Latina Providers

    I am a P411 member and have had Valentina Cruz on my radar for a long time. PM me if you want more info. BR 303-246-0649
  3. FBSM Recommendations

    I recently saw Mya in Aurora ..... I would highly recommend. BR
  4. Hello TOB

    Ahhhhh always nice to welcome a girl with XXX in her name and the nice pic of her hot ass! BR
  5. Denver

    For sure Jessica! I still thinking about Laci's comment about few clothes on the bod ....... nice thought picture Laci. BR
  6. New to TOB

    I second Tide32's greeting lovely lady!!! BR
  7. Something Lighter, It's Much Needed.....

    Ahhh this takes me back......I agree with Sultry Kitten on Bugs Bunny. There was also the flintstones, but my ATF was The Howdy Doody Show and my younger siblings loved Captain Kangroo! Wheaties was our cereal of choice. BR
  8. P411 is now a closed community

    As a lifetime member whose membership was giving to me by Gina, my friend, when she first started P411, I have always felt very strongly that she and her staff did a great job vetting the girls and guys. IMHO I believe that she now feels that those opposed to P411 (those that pushed for and got FOTSA) would greatly increase their efforts to bring her and P411 down. Hence, no new providers and no new clients as everyone's safety is her main concern. That makes good business sense to me. I applaud her for taking a strong security stance to protect her business and all the providers and clients! Thank you Gina. Bob Richards....................P411 Handle BR 13
  9. Review Length

    I believe that being a P411 member would help the girls be more comfortable with vetting the guys. Plus the guys can get a lot of basic info on the girls, at least for now until Gina feels she needs to change it. BR
  10. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    Hunter has it right......treat your regulars right with respect and you will always have biz as they will recommend other hobbyist to her and be loyal to her. Kinda sounds like the Golden Rule. BTW Hello to Nicole of Denver. After 15 years away I am glad I am back! HUgs, BR
  11. Positive Vibes & General Welcome

    Hi LeAnne and thank you.....though I am an oldie of 15 years ago .... and decided to come back as I still have some friends here like Bit Banger, Heidi the Housewife, Countess Kelly, and few others!!! I really like the changes over the years that TOB has under gone. Be well Babe. HUgs, BR
  12. FBSM Only

    Hi Countess, I am a blast from the past!!! Bob Richards....It has been 15 years since I saw you. Glad to hear you are still around. Be well Babe! HUgs, BR
  13. Profiles...

    Hi Bit Banger.......BR here. After all these years I at last registered again with TOB. Glad to be back. Be Well Bit and Semper fi