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  1. Married guys and outcalls

    I am with NoCoGeezer ...........don't do it. BR
  2. What’s up my people?!

    Hey Melissa great to hear from you and that you are doing well. Be well Babe keep doing well with your new job! Miss you. HUgs, BR
  3. Tongue or No Tongue?

    Bit Banger hit the bullseye! Right on. DFK is a must for me and there are very few exceptions. OMG this is my 69th post! woohoo! BR
  4. New to The Board

    Welcome to the Mile High City!!!! Like all of the above have said, have fun and be safe. BR
  5. Hey Guys, New to Colorado, Loving TOB :)

    Welcome!!!!!! Enjoy the Mile High City!!!! BR
  6. How to bring up a threesome?

    Ahhhhhh! Doubles, and I don't mean a double shot of booze, are the most fun! Had one recently and hope to have one again. My birthday is next month so maybe a birthday present to myself! I agree with Ryann on the just ask comment and with Jennifer on enjoyment for all. The classic win, win, and win scenario of the hobby! BR
  7. Have you evee felt?

    We all have had such times to endure. Please know you are not alone and take the suggestions above as I know they will help you. For sure call Laci, she is very wise. Hang in there man! BR
  8. Stay all Night

    In the distant past I would spring for an overnight, but only with a girl I had been with several times and felt we had a connection. I felt the money was worth it as we played after check in at hotel. Then dinner and more play time before bed. Morning fun time and then breakfast before going our separate ways. Very enjoyable with the right girl. Hope this helps. BR
  9. I'm always horny

    Hey Sean, That's nature's way of telling you that you are still alive!!!! So go get some..... BR
  10. Ultimate Fantasy

    Wow! Does this bring back memories. About 12 years ago a fellow hobbyist of mine and me had what we called an HOP (Holiday Orgy Party). 2 guys and 4 girls for 2+ hours at an Embassy Suite hotel room a few weeks before Christmas. What a blast. A couple of those girls are still part of our TOB community. We wore a Hugh Hefner type robes and bought the girls nice fluffy robes for the party. We had so much fun that we repeated the event next year and added a 5th girl. Ahhh! The good old days! Somewhere in the dusty archives of TOB is a review I wrote. Now a days a two girl sessions is all I can handle! Lol Happy Hobbying! BR
  11. Hi gents, Am I the only one who wonders why guys put in their reviews phrases like: I will keep the details to myself or I don't like to kiss and tell, or other such related verbiage. They are writing a REVIEW some level of details are required, or at least requested. Right? I would be greatly pleased if the reviewers stated if a provider is GFE or not. That would be very helpful. Just my thoughts. BR
  12. Would you be offended

    I would have no problem in doing whatever the girl requested if it put her at ease. I once saw a girl after being at the gym and showered. Got to her incall and she wanted me to shower. Though I had just done so less then 30 min ago I obliged. I am always so happy to play that I will do whatever makes the girl happy. BR
  13. What the heck happened to the ads??

    Being slow.....and seductive is a good thing!!! BR
  14. HAPPY 7/11 Everyone!

    Happy 7/11 one and all! Don't forget to get your free slurpy at all 7/11 stores today! Enjoy! BR
  15. Zodiac Signs

    I have no clue what I am but my birthday is in Sept. I am always horny, does that matter? Lol BR