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  1. HAPPY 7/11 Everyone!

    Happy 7/11 one and all! Don't forget to get your free slurpy at all 7/11 stores today! Enjoy! BR
  2. Zodiac Signs

    I have no clue what I am but my birthday is in Sept. I am always horny, does that matter? Lol BR
  3. Rain Thunder and Lightning N Vegas

    I like this post as I can see Sheila and Laci's breast in one frame! I know, I am a breast man and proud of it! BR
  4. Happy 4th Holiday Everyone

    Being a baseball fan, in my travels I have had the good fortune to see fireworks in 6 other stadiums and those at Coors Field are the best by far! BR
  5. IMHO The best and most erotic girls bring on multiple O's from this over 60 guy! BR
  6. Just the Little Things in Life...

    Ok let me make sure I got this right Laci: 1. Neck rub -- check 2. Butt massage -- check 3. Lower lips love -- check 4. Orchids -- check Thanks for the wonderful "To do list" Laci. Now I need a cold shower! BR
  7. Where is best Burger in east Denver/Aurora

    Shotgun Willies has great burgers too ..... or maybe that is because of the great scenery! Lol BR
  8. Favorite summertime beverage

    I am with BBB and the Arnold Palmer. 2nd choice is draft beer. BR
  9. Small brested friend

    Ahhh Stearns. Thanks Bit Banger. Guess the memory is the first to go the older we get. Hopefully the important equipment keeps going. Lol BR
  10. Small brested friend

    Reminds of someone named Dave whatever who would post in chat (yes those joining in the past dozen years or so don't know that T.O. had a chat for TOB), would daily post what part of town he was in and ask the girls to contact him. Never met the dude but heard from some of the girls that he was real and a lot of fun. Another note for the newbies of the past dozen years, a guy by the named of T.O. started this board. I wonder what happened to him. Probably rode off into to the western sunset. BR
  11. New research study about men's self esteem

    Well said Melissa. I think this lady conducting the study has a fetish about pictures of guys junk! Lol BR
  12. Thank you

    Hmmmmn which one of you girls on TOB come the closes to matching the boobs in the picture? Lol Please pm pics and I will decide the winner!!!! BR
  13. Thank you

    Hey TR, Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy!!!!! BR
  14. Happy Monday...

    Ahhh! Rockies game tomorrow night and golf league Thursday evening!!! And naturally every day thinking of all the pretty and awesome ladies here on TOB!!! BR
  15. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    I like the idea of adding a question about the reviewer willing to see the girl again or not. The NO recommend can really a hurt a girl; especially if she has a number of YES recommends and then a guy gives a NO recommend. The negative reviewer could be someone like, well can't mention names, who has given 12 reviews and 5 of them were NO recommend. Girls with the NO recommend had many YES reviews but only that 1 particular NO. Makes you wonder about the reviewer. Guess he can never be satisfied. (pm me if you want more info) So what do you say MODs, any chance of expanding the reviews to include if a reviewer would see the girl again? BR