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    Hello Denver Fellow Hobbyists & Wonderful Ladies!!! A blast from the past, Bob Richards here. I have been away for nearly 3 years as I had Prostrate Cancer. I was lucky that it was found early enough that I only needed 65 radiation treatments and NO chemo. Though doing the deed any more is out of the question I still have a magic tongue and fingers. Lol FBSM and lots of cuddling are all I can do. But I beat cancer and that is important! But the topic is NOT only my retirement but to make sure you all know that my ATF Busty Monica has officially retired and is seeking a warmer climate to enjoy her retirement. I guess she wants those awesome breasts of her's to get more sun and warmth! Though she is still active on P411 she is fully retired and will NOT be seeing any old or new clients. As her long time friend, client, and tax man she wanted me to let you all know. Happy Hobbying guys and ladies please stay safe........I hope to maybe seek some FBSM girls now. BR
  2. Happy Titty Tuesday

    Ahhhhh Titty Tuesday! Nice thought pics as I head to bed and some XXX rated dreams of my ATFs. Can't name them as the MODS would put me in the dog house but my main one recently had a shower review! Happy Titty Tuesday everyone!!!!! BR PS......I am getting close to my 100th post. Wooohooo!
  3. So, if you were a billionaire .....

    If I had Robert Kraft's dough I would send one of my trusted employees to get a girl or girls for me and the donations would be 4 figures!!! Just my thoughts! BR
  4. Riddle me this Batman...

    IMHO 4 will fill up first because 2 will never fill up as water continues to flow to 7 which has a leak and 3 leaks to 4 as 5 backs up and forces more water to 4. In other words, water seeks the lowest level and path of least resistance. That's my story and I am sticking to it. BR
  5. Postmen's Motto

    Sundance -- in 1 word and then 2 words: YES ….. HELL YES! BR
  6. Prophylactic wisdom

    Beyond 7 are my favorite!!! BR
  7. Ahhh! The memories of old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. My first favorite major league team....The Cleveland Indians!!! Wasn't at that historic first game that player/manager Frank Robinson coached but attended many that first year. Besides being a great ball player he was a great man! He will be missed. BR
  8. Just wondering

    Hmmmn color doesn't matter to me but I do like long hair especially when it drapes over a girl's luscious breast! BR
  9. Today is National Chocolate Cake Day!!! Next to sex eating chocolate cake is the best. A number of years ago on my September birthday my ATF, since retired, baked me a chocolate cake! So I had my two top favorites on my birthday!!! I don't bake cakes, heck, I barely cook, so I will be seeking out the best place to find my Chocolate Cake fix. Any suggestions? Have a great day everyone! BR
  10. P411 Access

    No problem for me either. Reboot your computer. BR
  11. What’s your favorite

    10 two letter words have helped keep me focused throughout my life: IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME. Great thread Laci. Thanks for asking! BR
  12. 2019 Resolutions ...

    With a New Year comes the resolutions. Besides the normal ones of loose a few pounds, eat better, exercise more, be more charitable, and stay in touch with friends I have added a special one: See 30 or more Providers this year! Now this may sound low to you high rollers and younger guys. But I am a semi -retired accountant and not making the big bucks of the past. Besides, even in semi -retirement, sad to say, you have to go to the doctors more often. I also want to play more golf this year but that will have to wait till tax season is over. Have any of you set any similar expectations for the coming year? I always feel it is important to set goals, especially the fun ones! Be well all and Happy New Year! BR
  13. Those Eyes

    OMG!!!! I am in love! BR
  14. Dog humor....

    To brighten your day!!! Subject: FW: Some pretty neat dog pictures for animal lovers So seriously - this stuff melts? And if you touch the left side of my nose.. Right, and I'm suppose to smile at the camera with him here Yup - If you wait I can get ya a lab report I'm confused - politicians are good?
  15. So is it still too early

    Hmmmmmmn nice pics to see before hitting the sack. Hopefully they appear in my dreams!!! Thanks all. BR
  16. Favorite Chick Flick?

    1990 film with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze ....... Ghost .... is at the top of my list. BR
  17. Sadie Hawkins Day

    Gents, Get a good night sleep so you can be ready for the marathon of girls contacting you! BR
  18. Goodguy69 please add me to Laci's list! BR
  19. As a Marine during the Vietnam era I still celebrate Nov 10, not like I use to many years ago in my dress blues. The link below will give you a story from a military family. Happy Birthday USMC. 7 more years to till the big 250th birthday! I hope the Good Lord let's me stick around for it. Semper fi BR
  20. Hope All Veterans Enjoyed today

    Hi Sheila, Thank you! I lucked out as I got a free haircut from Great Clips, a free cup of coffee from Starbucks, and 10% off my grocery bill at Safeway. But the best was talking with some fellow veterans as we paid tribute to those that paid the ultimate price for the freedom we all enjoy! Semper fi BR
  21. Thank a VETERAN

    May we Never Forget those that paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy today! Semper fi BR
  22. Happy Birthday USMC

    Bit Banger has it right, “former Marine” is a fictional term. Semper fi BR
  23. Multiple Shots on Goal

    Ahhhh MSOG ..... an occurrence of the recent past. But as the saying goes," I am not as good as I once was, but I am good one time as I ever was!" Then every so often I find the right girl that helps me rise, pun intended, to the occasion of a second shot on goal! Oh Yes baby!!! BR
  24. Nuru Oil Or Sub?

    NCG above has the right idea! 4 years ago while working in Miami for 7 months I was lucky to find a girl who gave the best nuru ever and she used the real Nuru Oil. It was awesome, b2b to die for along with the extra activities and the clean up shower at the end! Have been back to Miami since but she had moved back to Brazil. Have not been able to find a Denver girl that comes even close to the one in Miami. I for one think the real Nuru Oil is the best! BR
  25. Pussy is not free.....g

    Free is a fantasy .... but reasonable is achievable!!! BR