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  1. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    I have no idea if I am 'good' or 'bad'. I have heard ladies say things like 'It is the motion of the ocean', or whatever, but that tells me nothing.
  2. Screening

    That sounds very reasonable to me.
  3. new vetting process?

    Be nice. In 1980, I was 21 and someone told me that I looked like Charles Manson, so for Halloween I drew an 'X' on my forehead and went as Charles Manson. .
  4. Have you evee felt?

    I think that everyone faces this at some point. Some of us face it frequently. I served 20 years on Active Duty in the US Navy, most of that was 'combat duty'. These days I see a lot of homeless vets, most of these vets only served one enlistment. Yet what they experienced in that one enlistment, has sent them on a path that many of them have a very hard time getting straight from. At the same time, each of these homeless vets served alongside others who are 'fine', and who went on to serve through 5 or 6 enlistments. I think the real difference is that those of us who did combat for a career, learned to hide our brokenness enough so we can continue to function.
  5. I'm always horny

    It is fairly normal. I found a cure, but trust me, it is NOT a path that you want to take.
  6. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

    In my youth I have worked at two pizza parlors, as a result, I am a bit of a pizza snob. As a retiree I am also an organic gardener, I have beds of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, mints, garlic, etc. I tend to keep a couple $3 grocery store frozen pizzas in my freezer. I also keep a bunch of small containers of thin sliced mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, garlic, in the freezer. So whenever I bake a frozen pizza I put on additional layers of stuff [along with fresh herbs and cheese].
  7. Would you be offended

    You could start a session with 10 minutes in a jaquzzi. Though I know that a jaquzzi will generally strip away any makeup, but both parties will be clean. I also have concerns about the over-use of antibacterial products in our society.
  8. "Wish there could be some new features added to TOB...

    If a provider wants to get more business, she may provide more photos, it is entirely up to her.
  9. California into three different states?

    I am a native Californian [though I moved away after I retired]. Most of the state is conservative, but the liberal cities along the coast have controlled state politics for the past 20 years. the conservatives want to get away from liberal rule. The Liberals on the other hand, hate that the conservatives have been sticks in the mud that they have had to drag behind them. This ballot question would allow the progressive coastal cities to finally be free. So both sides want it. I have friends and relatives who live in all three of these segments. So I get to hear all of their arguments. Virginia did it, so why not let California do it too?
  10. They all said no when I asked them to The Prom

    For me, that was a long time ago. I attended our 20th class reunion. It was coordinated by the ladies who had been our cheerleaders. They printed our Senior yearbook photos printed the name tags, to make recognising each other easier. The problem was that during our senior year the yearbook committee only included the photos of the popular kids. Our yearbook has a full page in the back listing all of us whose pictures had been excluded. I was not popular among my classmates, so my photo was not in our yearbook. Without a photo on my nametag, nobody at the reunion recognized or remembered me. On the other hand, I feel that I have done far better than that herd has done. They all live within a 40-mile radius of our highschool. I have lived and owned homes in Europe. The year before that reunion I retired with a pension from the Navy, and none of them were even within 20 years of retiring. They may have been stuck-up bitches in highscool. But I feel that in actual life it was pretty easy to exceed all of their abilities.
  11. Hose and Heels?

    Whatever it takes for the lady to be comfortable and ready to go.
  12. Just Wrong!

    You did well. Now you have learned from this, and maybe you will be better equipped to handle the situation next time. We live and we learn.
  13. Declaration of Independence

    30 Million liberals will report anything American and patriotic. Their foaming hatred of all things American cause FB to shut down sites like that.
  14. Libertarian Party ENDORESES Decriminalization of Prostitution

    I have been a part of this state's Libertarian Party committee. The normal LP platform has included protecting sex workers for many years. At least ten years ago, the LP was called the 'Sex, drugs and Rock-n-Roll' party.
  15. Disrespect

    We do need more peace.