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  1. What do the black dots mean?

    so the dots cum in time.
  2. Mother Nature show off!

    Winter has been long, we are finally getting to Spring
  3. Welcome me

    Welcome. Come on in and sit a spell. Light up a bowl, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax.
  4. Checkmate

    A professional of any profession is worthy of respect.
  5. In praise of the lil' dick........

    I was cursed from birth. I 'center punch' the cervix and make sex fairly painful for my partner. Which has caused a restriction in sexual availability from my life-partner.
  6. Full body O

    I would assume, that if I were in that industry. Selecting an 'actor' to hire, to perform in a role, would be largely a matter of reviewing their acting ability. To make it look like they are having a fantastic time, to put on a good show.
  7. Forum and Twitter Presence

    If a lady spends time complaining about the men in her life, I must assume that she will likely complain about me if I were in her life. Life is better when you avoid the drama.
  8. Guys favorite Halloween costume for Women?

    For some reason I kind of prefer ladies dressed like this:[/img]
  9. Just posting to see how many dots I have.

    I love freckles on ladies.
  10. Ladies, Please Don't....

    Each of us has our private preferences. I understand that the ladies need to feel good and sexy, whatever they need to do to feel good, should be encouraged. What upsets me is how easily my eye is deceived. The makeup can cause a girl to look totally different, my mind has a hard time reconciling this. Which is why I prefer most ladies to be without the makeup.
  11. Holiday

    Sounds like a wonderful holiday
  12. Question for the ladies and gents.

    I agree. John Oliver did a good summary of the hearing: A group of entitled, belligerent, drunk, frat boys had lots of fun in highschool. From the yearbook and the calendar entries, I think there must be dozens of damaged girls out there.
  13. What do the black dots mean?

    Maybe at 8 dots you get cookies ?
  14. The happy thread

    I will be participating in a parade with our Libertarian Party.
  15. The happy thread

    It is a great place to live.
  16. The happy thread

    East Boothbay is a nice area. I live a bit North and inland. It is mostly dense forest here except for the rivers and lakes. Life is good.
  17. The happy thread

    Isn't dinner better when served warm? Nobody wants a cold dinner.
  18. Hasty La Vista

    May God keep and bless you in all your future travels.
  19. Sex doll brothels legal in North America

    I would think that a lifeless doll has many 'restrictions and limitations' that a real human partner does not have.
  20. Do you see it?

    Where is the safe?
  21. Is this true???

    In your opinion, does a beard need to reach below his nipples? Or is it okay if it only lies on his chest? I had to wear my dress Navy uniform for a ceremony, which meant that I had to remove over a foot off my beard. Now as my beard is slowly growing back, I am kind of ashamed to be seen in public.
  22. Is this true???

    What you can grow in one week, is NOT a beard. That is commonly called stubble.
  23. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    I have no idea if I am 'good' or 'bad'. I have heard ladies say things like 'It is the motion of the ocean', or whatever, but that tells me nothing.
  24. Screening

    That sounds very reasonable to me.
  25. new vetting process?

    Be nice. In 1980, I was 21 and someone told me that I looked like Charles Manson, so for Halloween I drew an 'X' on my forehead and went as Charles Manson. .