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  1. I had a gran mal seizure! No fun. Okay now.
  2. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    I grab my guitar....and head off into Stones country
  3. Gents, what would you do...

    Norwegian here. Never heard of this.
  4. You once bumped me for an overnight, but you were at least honest about it.
  5. You were my first!I'll never forget.......thanks - and may Lady Luck shine on you forever
  6. Where Will You Discover Us?

    Screenshot from original ECCIE URL:
  7. Not a frequent contributor here on TOB since I live in New Mexico and until recently mostly checked in when I travel in Colorado. I visited with a regular lady friend in NM over the weekend and she is experiencing the same kind of onslaught of trash and stupidity. I just wanted to chime in and agree with OP that I am in awe of you ladies and wish there was something I could do to help relieve the stress and misery that you are experiencing. This has been a very "civil" board in contrast to the gone ones and I hope it stays that way despite current challenges. When I read some of the posts now, I am truly ashamed of my gender.
  8. Funky Spunk

    Uncut here. My mama always told me to keep it clean for the ladies. Peel back foreskin, apply soap and water, and enjoy. Pretty obvious and basic cleanliness.
  9. Just read me

    Not a frequent contributor to TOB, but I'm here today and came across this thread, and since my intro to the hobby involves a Colorado lady I thought I'd add my story. Me and my wife went through a very tough time about seven years ago. Our daughter was raped and murdered and our lives fell apart. We struggled to keep our marriage going, and it was a dark and painful time. No sex as my wife lost all interest and barely made it out of bed in the morning for months. I've always been a horny guy, but never strayed from monogamy. I started thinking about escorts, looked around and found and joined P411. Lurking on ECCIE as well until one day I decided to take the plunge. I contacted [Snip}got a yes and jumped on my bike and rode many miles north to CS and I'll never forget my introduction to this hobby. Wonderful experience and thanks [Snip} I doubt you remember me. It was all vanilla and new and [Snip} and subsequent many other ladies played a large part in the healing process. I could have spent all the hobby money on conventional therapy, but I've met so many wonderful providers over the years and their presence in my life has helped me more than any shrink or therapist ever could have done. ( I tried some of that as well). Thank you ladies !! You are very special, and Laci you have been on my wish list for some time.....yummy you look . Next time I ride north!
  10. San Luis Valley/Alamosa

    ??? I did once. Hooked up with lovely Sonja. She's in Denver now, I'm told.
  11. what are your favorite pornstars?!?

    I think you mean to ask who is your favorite pornstar, not what? Gianna Michaels.
  12. I always set up my appointments through P411 and I mention my special condom requirements on my profile there. I ask the providers I contact to check out my profile, so they'll know. That's been working out fine for many years, but I always carry my own just in case. Most providers I've seen like this setup, but a few refuse to check out my profile for some weird reason. In those cases I just move on.
  13. Any one having trouble accessing P411

    No problems - mac/ safari or chrome
  14. When is old too old?

    I'm 68, and have been in this hobby for many years, and have seen providers of all ages. I'm lucky to be well endowed, no ED issues, healthy in all ways, and I can fuck better now than when I was 20 due to years of experience. When I book with a 20 something I always ask her if she has issues with my age first. Usually, no problem and they enjoy my skills and often get turned on by being with an old guy who knows what's what. I gotta say I enjoy 30+ ladies the most because they have developed skills and patience and enjoy the entire session including interesting conversation. Last provider I saw was 59 and we had a blast. Old works for me.