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  1. Colorado Springs

    Seems like another good reason to visit the springs......Welcome
  2. New to forums but well established

    Welcome pretty lady
  3. Karaoke 101

    I can not wait.
  4. Karaoke 101

    Naked bumper cars.... even more fun...
  5. 9999

    I will keep practicing for the drink to it...
  6. Karaoke 101

    I got a brand new pair of roller skates.. wait... naked karaoke?.... where do I sign up!?
  7. I can remember the world series being broadcast on the intercom at school. Cleveland Indians won a their only world series the year I was born...Go Rockies! Please!
  8. Pussy Juice - on or off

    Well... can not take it home to the wife.....
  9. Manscaping

    Always trim the hair and shave the underside...
  10. What to watch?

    Enjoyed Longmire and The Ranch
  11. Hello Denver

    Welcome lady Just another semi grumpy pervert here
  12. Hello Denver

    Hello to you... and welcome
  13. New to this?

    Welcome lovely lady
  14. NEW to TOB

    Welcome lovely lady
  15. New to Denver - Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome and enjoy
  16. New B .

    Welcome gorgeous!do take what these ladies seriously, they are very helpful
  17. New to Denver & TOB

    Welcome pretty lady
  18. Welcome me

  19. Collecting

    Flying pigs
  20. Sara in Denver

    Welcome pretty lady
  21. New to Denver

    Welcome sexy lady
  22. Hi everyone! I'm back in the forums!

    Good to see you back Lucy
  23. New to the Board

    Welcome pretty lady
  24. An Introduction

    Welcome Miss Holly