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  1. Seriously? Guys what do you think?

    Snow angels? Got pictures? Sorry kind of off the thread
  2. Denver

    Welcome, and bring on the summer!
  3. Hello TOB

    Welcome Lex
  4. Newbie

    Welcome Elizabeth! I am fairly new here,several months
  5. Newbie

    Profile Pictures! Everyone likes pictures
  6. Newbie to TOB

    Welcome young lady!
  7. I am So Ready For Summer how about you

    I prefer playing undress with the ladies
  8. Hello, kinda new here!

    3rd generation native. I moved to Ohio for awhile many years ago, realized I was taking the mountains for granted. Got back here as soon as I could. Have lived in Buena Vista and Salida, where you have mountains all around and can not do the famous west is towards the mountains thing. Guess I was taking the mountains for granted again and not appreciating where I wasn't. Personal things brought me back to the front range. Now I wish I was back in the mountains. Does not look promising now. Guess I just need to start this hobby in earnest, and enjoy the ladies!
  9. I've had enough

    Lov e you Lucy! Hang in there! Like Car Guy I have worked retail, it amazes me how many people can be a- holes
  10. Hello all! Newbie!

  11. New to TOB

    Welcome I am new here myself