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  1. E = Experience

    Just saw a review on one of my favorites. The experience section was pretty informative. Seems to allow at least a bit of info
  2. New to Site Hello Everyone

    Yes, welcome!
  3. Moving to Denver from Laguna beach

    Welcome, and enjoy that south west excursion
  4. Share your favorite naughty vid links

  5. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    Sooo.. A cute dog is okay to watch? Sorry just could not resist.
  6. New girl

    And a warm welcome to you!
  7. Be thankful!!!

    That damn raccoon is everywhere. I always did the honey badger, cause he don't give a shit. Yes I am grateful for this site!
  8. Looking to prevent chafing?

    I like all these ideas!
  9. Hello TOB!!

    Welcome, just welcome!
  10. Lady Friends

    Welcome new girl! As you have seen these ladies on this forum are great! They will help you! A nd some of the guys ain't too bad either! Unless their name is Happy. (Ok he is the best!)
  11. Your First.....

    My first was WAY more than I expected! Her reviews said (she advertised nuru massage) like fs but not fs . Brother she was that A nd more! Made appointment for seconds, A nd was stood up! She apologized A nd said she would make it up to me. We shall see
  12. Positive Vibes & General Welcome

  13. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    A dream come true! A nd natural grooming
  14. Newbie