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  1. Hotel

    Hello all. Hopefully this is allowed here. I figured this is the best place to find a hotel that I’m looking for. I am looking to get a hotel in either downtown or Dtc that has a hot tub in the room. I haven’t been able to find anything on my searches. Does anyone know of any in the area? Thanks I’m advance
  2. Skyy

    Colorado Escort Just curious if anyone has seen skyy. I see she has reviews on TER but I am not able to view them. I’m sure she’s legit but just wanted to check to make sure before I see her
  3. Has anyone ever seen a girl outside of the hobby and wished you could see her in bed?! Then you ended up finding her on some website? I am out of town right now and saw some girl in a restaurant and wanted her. I was checking out ads on backpage and saw some hot chick that had ok reviews. Once I found out where her hotel was I asked her if she ate at a certain restaurant the night before and it was her. So of course I had to go see her!
  4. Hanna

    I text her back and forth and she seemed nice. But did not see her due to no reviews and her incall is Lakewood. Lakewood scares me
  5. Club 69 - contacting them

    everytime i call them and they dont answer, they call me back from a blocked number, as recently as yesterday... so if you didnt say anything you shouldnt have on the phone, keep trying
  6. 411 on A Little Off the Top Salon

    nope...but have been there a few times...If you dont mind paying a little extra for any of their services, its really not that bad...but you definetly wont get what you might be wanting
  7. Any Boulder FS/GFE provider recommendations?

    there is "celeste"...I believe there is a review or two on her...I can not speak from experince though. I have not seen her..but im pretty sure she has a good review or two....
  8. 411 on Apple

    were you able to find the reviews she claims to have here? I was not, and something about girls that say check out my reviews that are either hard to find, or are not really there make go go strait to the next girl...
  9. p411 WTF and response to price increase

    My reaction? I no longer have P411.. I dont "hobby" enough anymore to pay 140 a year or whatever it went up too
  10. 411 on "A little of the top"

    If you expect any kind of ending, dont go there. If you want a half ass massage or haircut by a chicj half naked, go there, but thats all you will get.
  11. Las Vegas

    Check out TER. It is good for Vegas..With that being said, check out Cj Thomas. Im pretty sure i have a review of her on TER, and she is amazing and her prices are about the same as good vegas providers..(which is high)
  12. p411

    I just wanted to come here and bitch a little...i havent been around too much lately, but as i want to "get back" into the hobby, i notice p411 is going up in price...i know most of you still think its worth it and i agree, things are so much easier with it, but screw that...the past couple times it had gone up its been something like $10 at a time, not the $40 this time!! 31,222 client members paying $129 a year for a website to be ran is crazy!!!. Maybe i should have been smart back in the day when you could get the lifetime membership ( i think i saw that) but screw that. And i know i can still renew for a few more days at the cheaper rate, but i think im going to go back to just using plain old references and not paying that crap!! would rather give it to the girls!!! and you guys can talk as much crap as you want here, i might read it, and i might not..
  13. Discrimination?

    haha thats an interesting ad...but i guess the girls have a right to see and not see whoever they want..just like we have the right to call and not call whoever we want...
  14. question....

    I just wanted to get an opinion from some of you....how long do you think is to long to wait outside of a hotel past the appointment time for a girl to call back...meaning if you have an appt at 8 and you call at 8 to let her know you are there, when would you leave assuming she is no calling you? girls, you can chime in also.. I am asking for a reason. I left an appt today after not getting a call back after me trying a couple of times. The girl finally called me back but I was already on the highway heading home...I waited 30 minutes with no response....
  15. Get away rates....

    $2400 for the weekend?? good luck..I would say close to that per day plus everything paid for...