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  1. The strangest place you’ve masturbated

    I once masturbated on a RTD bus...and climaxed;-)
  2. Evil Is Among Us

    Ok the threesome was only part of it. I think you are missing the point that this guy threatened to "expose me"
  3. Evil Is Among Us

    Extortion is not petty. When someone makes threats to try to force you to have sex with them it is very violating and serious matter. Independent providers would like to stay that way and should have the choice to see who they want to see. This person has attempted to take that choice away from me. It is a form of abuse that no woman should have to deal with.
  4. Evil Is Among Us

    Thank you all for your support! I have reached out to his references and also verifyhim. Not sure how to contact moderators or do I contact the Whisperer?
  5. Evil Is Among Us

    This is my first post as I like to stay a little under the radar but I feel it necessary to warn other ladies and ask advice about someone who is trying to extort me for sexual favors. This individual had two references and so I felt as though he'd be safe. Boy, was I wrong! He has asked me to do such things as "beg for my life" and he'll leave me alone if I stay with him overnight. He has even asked me to get another girl for a threesome, which I in good conscious, would never lure another woman into that kind of trap. If anyone else has experienced this type of situation, any advice would be appreciated. Ladies may PM me for other details.