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  1. Funny Holiday Shows/Movies

    A bit twisted but Reindeer Games. Kinda of a hot scene between Affleck and Charlize. More adult themed though. Family friendly movie White Christmas.
  2. Filming request

    I've also seen reviews, can't remember who, and know of at least one that offers that. A lot of reading reviews helps too. OP, PM me if you'd like info on the one. The info is listed on her site.
  3. References help

    Thanks for finishing my thought. OP jump through a few hoops which has been said and you're on your way.
  4. References help

    Being a newbie myself and as has been said, find a newbie friendly provider and you're going to have to give them something. I gave my ID, link to a linked in profile. And in general if you're in Google they should be able to find some info on you as well. It's all on your comfort level. The providers should command this level of scrutiny, a lot is on the line for all. I hope you can respect that.
  5. Should we have discounts for Dinner

    Stop... The... Visuals. Ughhh!

    Welcome, beautiful lady!
  7. Wearing out your welcome

    How about a nice warm clean up with some wash cloths? Place them in a slow cooler on low with some water and offer to clean the gent up before he leaves?