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  1. Naughtiest days if the year

    Reminder everyone, Dec 26- Dec 31 are the naughtiest days of the year. Santa watches all year long meaning he doesn't pay attention until Jan 1. He already delivered presents on the 25th so it leaves a naughty 6 day loophole. Enjoy everybody!
  2. Favorite Role Playing fantasy.

    Love me some Pink Floyd!
  3. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    I enjoy dirty talk but am much too shy to start, also afraid to say the wrong thing.
  4. Hello all

    I'm good. Living the dream.
  5. Hello all

    Been here for a while but never posted anything in the forums. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and just wanted to say hi. So... Hi!
  6. Other sites!

    Tryst.link which is connected to switter.at give them a try