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  1. Not so funny at the time...

    That's funny. There was a provider had my eye on, but she never advertised when I was looking to make an appointment. Well, one day (maybe a year after I first saw her ads), I was on Facebook, and the profile picture of somebody who commented on one of my friends posts caught my eye. It looked somewhat familiar. It was a girl I went to high school with, but I didn't remember her looking like her profile pic. So I looked in her profile and at the pictures....sure enough it was the provider I was interested in, but hadn't booked with. She even had photos from the same photo shoot she used in ads in her Facebook profile. Needless to say, I was glad I hadn't booked with her, especially since she was in contact with some people I was. But it also kind of sucks because she has great reviews, and there aren't many providers in the area.
  2. Peptide 141 first dose experience

    I'm surprised at this. I am a type 1 diabetic, so can easily a prescription for syringes, but it is can be a hassle if I don't have a current one. I have bought boxes of syringes several times at Wal-Mart without a prescription. Just ask for them at the pharmacy counter. They usually sell them in 30cc, 50cc or 100cc sizes, and probably others. Just ask for insulin syringes. If they ask what you are using them for (I've never been asked), tell them you take "Lantus".
  3. Never left a bad review

    Wouldn't mind a pm. But I'll all for honest reviews as well. No chemistry isn't necessarily a bad review, and is something out of both of your control. You could leave the chemistry out. Appointment was on time, pictures aren't deceiving, there are the activities. But pictures were deceiving, bait and switch, upselling, rude....I want to know those things. I also want to know how the service we in spite of those things as well. It helps me make an informed decision. When things are left out of a review to make the review good, those are the things I wish I knew before booking.

    Eh..Larimer county ran 2-3 John stings off of Harmony last year. Talking to one lady, it was a hotel she had issues with the owner accusing her of...what she was doing, so he was probably more than happy to help. But, it isn't always in trouble areas.
  5. BP Fort Collins Shania

    It was a long time ago, couple years. I've had a couple others not get posted, but most do. But anytime I have a bad experience, or see a provider without many recent reviews, I always post one. I just use a different account for reviews.
  6. BP Fort Collins Shania

    I did post a review, under a different handle. She went by a different name at the time as well. The review never went up though, even though I could seer it under my account. I'm not sure why the review was never posted, as I had several other reviews before and after this one that were.
  7. BP Fort Collins Shania

    Was not a good experience when I saw her, but that was over a year ago. Evidently her menu has expanded, but cold mechanical ways hasn't.
  8. Ice Ice Baby

    I just go to the local minor league games (Colorado Eagles). Eye candy is fairly good as well.
  9. How do you not get busted?

    Not sure about what is happening on BP, but I know one of the more popular AMPs closed down in the last couple weeks. Interestingly, in the last couple weeks there was also a Yelp review "exposing" this AMP. But I had noticed this place has been a lot busier in recent months as well. Interested to know what happened and why it closed. I haven't seen anything in the papers.
  10. So'le Message

    Eccie has decent reviews that don't require premium membership. That is a good resource so that you have an idea of what to expect and who to ask for. It is better than going in blind.
  11. Another sting up north

    We would welcome you back. : ) I stay away from BP for the most part, but if I do browse, I won't consider anybody if I can't find more than a couple reviews. And I haven't had any issues yet. You would also assume these guys are incriminating themselves. I can't be sure, as I am not one of these guys, but one lady I met with said most guys that call her aren't too smart about what they say.
  12. Another sting up north

    Be careful guys
  13. So'le Message

    Eh...I never had a problem like that at Melody Spa, and always enjoyed my time there. It had been a while since I have been though. It isn't too far from So'le if I remember right.
  14. Best NoCo providers

    I wasn't complaining though. I was just trying to explain what to expect, and since most information available here concerns the Denver area, that is what I compared it to. I do feel bad for those in more remote areas though.
  15. Best NoCo providers

    I'm not having an issue at all in this hobby. But my point stands that in northern Colorado, the selection of regular providers is older, more limited (and therefore higher priced for comparable service) when compared to Denver. Maybe I should have stated it as "higher" rates instead of "high". I am doing fine, but it is different scene than it is an hour away. That was what my point was.