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  1. More beating of the dead horse

    I think the last sentence in your post might be the secret to your success. I almost exclusively see ladies that are at least 35 and over and I have never had the issues that you are having. It seems as though the ladies that are a little older put more effort and take it a little more seriously than the younger girls. Anytime I have ever seen the twenty somethings I have only seen the ones that have stellar reviews with zero no shows. Now I could just be really lucky in the sense that I haven’t had any issues to date but I am going to stick to my formula. Besides, the older ladies have the experience that I am looking for and they seem to enjoy themselves as well.
  2. Is Denver overated ?

    Personality is a big deal to me as well. If it wasn’t, I suppose I could just buy a blow up doll and get the same service as those ladies who just don’t enjoy people.
  3. Is Denver overated ?

    I personally don’t have any complaints about the ladies here in our Denver market. There are plenty of awesome ladies to keep me happy anyway. I’m not sure what is missing here that the OP felt the need to make those kinds of comments.
  4. Is Denver overated ?

    Supply and demand my friend. I would think that with the size of LA the sheer volume of providers would make it very competitive thus possibly driving down rates. I don’t like commenting on rates as I think the ladies are certainly entitled to ask for whatever they think their service is worth. It is up to us to decide if we want to pay that rate or find someone within the budget we are comfortable with.
  5. I Failed!

    I think you said the key word “Chemistry”. If it’s not there between 2 people who don’t each other that makes it very difficult. You didn’t go into much detail, but if it was a short session, that might have had something to do with the guy not being able to get off. I know I like 1 hr. Sessions myself so I can relax and not feel too much pressure to perform so quickly. I’m sure it wasn’t you. You’ve been around too long with a stellar reputation so I would chalk it up to just not making that awesome connection some people need to make the magic happen. I say don’t worry too much about it and get right back in the saddle😉
  6. 411 on Blondefantasy

    Sounds like an awesome plan!
  7. Thank you!

    Some women are blessed with beauty,brains and great genes. You sweetie are blessed with all three.
  8. 411 on Blondefantasy

    Obviously she’s alright since the reviews are from Feb and she has ads out today. I would think that if there were truly good reasons for her no show and she cares anything at all about her reputation then some kind of explanation in the way of a rebuttal would have been in order. Just my 2 cents
  9. 411 on Blondefantasy

    She doesn’t seem to take this profession very seriously. Probably has to do a little bit with her age , only 21.
  10. What exactly does THAT mean?

    Cecilia, I think it means pay to play. In other words it doesn’t always have to be free to be a beautiful experience. I might be wrong though, lol
  11. 411 on Blondefantasy

    This one is a head scratcher. Beautiful lady but with only 3 TOB reviews and all of them no-shows that is enough to make me pass. Too many other choices out there to take a chance on this one.
  12. Fear Of Screening..?

    I guess I will count myself as one of the really lucky ones. I never had to join P411 to enjoy this hobby. I found someone initially who was Newbie Friendly and I just built references from there. Sure , almost every reputable provider does some time of screening but initially I only saw the ones that asked for the information that I was comfortable giving. Everyone has there own comfort level when it comes to that stuff. I never had to give out my real world info or pics to visit the providers That I chose to see. Eventually over time ( 1 year) it became very easy to see anyone I chose. I think having a list of references here on TOB is most important to my success along with always treating the ladies with the respect they deserve. I always try to keep adding to my references with current and active providers. Luckily I have never been turned down from seeing any provider I have wanted to see in the last year by just opening my references for them to view here on TOB.
  13. Scheduling with Reign

    I would just move on. There are so many beautiful ladies that are a lot easier to see in the Denver area. I wouldn’t spend that much time chasing that one.
  14. DO negative reviews have an expiration date??

    Fortunately I’ve never had a bad enough experience where I felt it warranted a bad review. Sure, there have been experiences where I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I would have liked but that is not always the ladies fault. Sometimes 2 people just don’t have that great connection. I tend to only see ladies that have a lot of great reviews that enjoy the activities I enjoy. This has cut down the amount of less than positive experiences for me.
  15. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    I hope the odiot is dumb enough to write a review and out his dumbass self. I would love to read your rebuttal.