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  1. Should we give second chances.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Respect needs to work both ways. Ladies would hate for this to happen to them. The ladies that do this type of thing, do it because business is probably booming for them so they couldn’t care less if they lose an appt. here and there. This is not ok ladies!!!! If this happened to me, then no second chance would ever be given. My time is worth just as much to me as their time is worth to them. Business is booming! Lots of choices out there.
  2. This man treated me horribly!!

    Emma, the fine ladies on this board would love for you to share any info you have with them through pm’s I’m sure. This is a great community of providers who look out for one another and this guy needs to be shutdown!
  3. Time to hang it up ?

    Megan is right! Where are these guys finding these ladies that are giving the bad experiences. There are so many choices on this board that offer so many postive reviews and great reputations that it isn’t really that hard to find a great time. You’ve just got to set your sights on proven ladies and leave the rest alone.
  4. Being New Sucks

    Nope!!!! there is absolutely no excuse for a NCNS. It’s very easy to call and cancel or at the very least shoot a text to cancel. Ladies are livid when if we NCNS them so it goes both ways. Communication people !!!!
  5. Being New Sucks

    Something here just doesn’t pass the smell test. Either this guy has the worst luck ever or I’ve got the best luck ever. This guy has 2 no shows in the same week. I’ve had 1 no show in 4 years of hobbying. Maybe it’s because every lady I decide to call each have impeccable reputations so if I were the OP I would start looking at a different type of provider than the ones that he is calling but that just me.
  6. New Here just A warm welcome 🙏

    Hi Jerica welcome to the board
  7. How to treat a client

    And for those of us that are folically challenged grabbing the ears will work too!
  8. Suggestions Please

    I think happycamper has the right method and I do pretty much the same thing. If the lady still won’t talk to you about the various options then just move on. There are so many wonderful choices out there that will check off all your boxes, don’t give up looking for them.
  9. Suggestions Please

    I’ve got to disagree! Some of us aren’t comfortable TOFTT. I’m not about to take a chance on wasting my hard earned hobby dollars on someone that I’m going in totally blind on. Some of us don’t have a lot of opportunities for playtime therefore we want to make sure we have the best chance to have the best time possible. New world or not I’m not about to change my standards even if I have to work a little harder to find out more info about a provider.
  10. How to treat a client

    Just remember Turtle for every lady that asks you for that kind of personal info there are at least 20 who won’t. If one asks for more than you’re comfortable with giving just move on. So many choices on this board!!!
  11. Hi everybody!!

    I must agree , these are exactly the kind of pics most of us guys love to see. Welcome and hope you have a great time!
  12. What’s the first thing you notice?

    Definitely eyes and a smile.
  13. MILF Status?

    I’ll volunteer to throw myself in front of it!!! 😜😜😜😉
  14. Face pics

    I just hope it’s not a gift that I would like to re-gift if you know what I mean.
  15. MILF Status?

    No Bravo not in my mind, perhaps it’s because I’m a little older myself.