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  1. Low Volume Girls

    I think the answer you get from the guys could be much different than what the ladies think. I personally think 3-5 per week would be considered low volume.
  2. The Tip up front

    I agree with Hunter, this is in very poor taste. If the lady truly deserves a tip she will not need to ask for one.
  3. Stood up twice in one day

    I wouldn’t automatically disqualify her if she offers a reasonable explanation. If she has more than one no show then I wouldn’t ever see her because then it would seem like she has a little too much drama in her life. I tend to try and see the ladies who seem to have there stuff together. I don’t care for the drama.
  4. Contributions

    I always make a point of leaving the donation on a nearby table while I’m talking to the lady at the beginning of our meeting. This way she sees where I’m putting it and she doesn’t have to ask that awkward question.
  5. Stood up twice in one day

    I will have to respectfully disagree with your take on this fish. The reviews are there for us guys to get an idea if this lady would be someone we might want to see. I know when I read the reviews I’m not only looking for the activities that were shared between them but also if she was punctual, cancelled a time or two, rescheduled a time or two and definitely Ncns’s. I don’t know how many guys want to have there time wasted anymore than the ladies. I just don’t have the time or patience for that nonsense. Some of us have short windows of opportunities in this hobby so I for one want to make sure when I make an appointment to see one of these awesome ladies that we actually get to finish the deal. No there was no physical harm and No there was no robbery, however, my free time is very important to me because I don’t get a lot of it. I don’t want it wasted.
  6. Stood up twice in one day

    This is the perfect answer. I wish both clients and providers followed this example!
  7. Stood up twice in one day

    There is a difference between a cancellation and being stood up. If the girls cancelled last minute then that does suck, however if they confirmed an appt. with you and let you drive to the location and then you never heard from them again then that definitely deserves a no show review. This happens a lot to the ladies and they don’t like it one bit and they are very quick to say so on this forum.It is only fair that respect goes both way. Our time is worth something too!
  8. I think what Stevie was trying to say is that there are no shortage of us guys who are looking to spend some time with them. No matter what the situation is their phones will always ring. On the flip side we just hope that they will answer the phone and bless us with their time.I’m not trying to put words in his mouth but that is just how I understood his post.
  9. Do you think?

    It’s ok UTF some of us knew exactly what you were saying the first time.
  10. Do you think?

    I’m not sure Chrissy’s response was appropriate. I thought it was a legitimate question by I guy who was just curious. Somebody must be having a bad day is all that I can surmise from that response.
  11. Visual turn ons

    A gorgeous girl with long hair that has been braided. I think it is called a French braid.
  12. Do you think?

    Not sure about there being more providers here, I just think that TOB is a very active site here in Colorado. That is an awesome thing because it is so helpful to providers and clients alike.
  13. Can The Mods Create a "Newbie" Forum?

    My suggestion would be to ignore the newbie threads if it bothers anyone. It’s pretty easy to do, just keep scrolling.
  14. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    I too have never given name and employment. You don’t need to do that to enjoy this hobby
  15. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    I’m with Mustang on this one. I’m not a P411 member either and I had no problem getting started in this hobby a couple of years ago. Once you have seen a couple of ladies that are newbie friendly and they give you references on your profile you are on your way. It also helps to give reviews occasionally and ask for references from the ladies that you really connect with. Current references are important to most of the ladies on this board.