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  1. ECCIE down

    Good to see a few more faces! There was a twitter post about the site being taken offline.
  2. Eccie?

    There was a post on twitter from a semi legit account, I believe. Public response is that they have voluntarily taken the site down while they review their options.
  3. More Breached Hookup Sites

    Interesting. But really, anything you sign up for and post, can be exposed at any time--I wish more people would realize that, and care.
  4. Wyoming?

    I'm trying to figure out if there is much going on in Jackson, at least. Is there some other network I am not aware of, as a local concentrated board? (not p411 or switter, not a lot there and not much use in Jan.)
  5. Not sure it will hardly be worth a paying membership at that time, for a new guy there.
  6. And still going forward, as things still seem to be a bit chaotic.
  7. Zodiac Signs

    Scorpio. And yes, somehow, there does seem to be an uncanny mix and match of the signs.
  8. Nice to know. I've currently lost verified status(wtf), so I can't see anything.
  9. Eccie will be back soon

    It won't be able to be exactly the same. I'd prefer waiting to see how it's changed, and not just speculate.
  10. Good to see some familiar names gathering. Tough to keep up with everyone and make sure we are around and making it.
  11. Switterland Luck?

    Yes, it's been working for me. But then again, that is for TX, where we are almost out of options.
  12. Eccie bites the dust

    There are other state forums here, please poke around to find your appropriate local and visiting cities.
  13. Scary times for sure. Perhaps some can use this while we can.
  14. Let's Talk About Switter

    I'm on there. It's not perfect, but I think we will find it really useful as the need increases for being able to stay in touch.
  15. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    There may be some loopholes, but this one is going to be tough. Ad sites, etc are already running scared, and a lot of promotional opportunities will be lost. It's going to be a good idea to be saving the info of your favorite ladies, to reach in other ways.