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  1. Sports Question?

    Even before the current political nonsense, I stopped watching sports and doing more enjoyable things. I can't believe I wasted so many weekends. I tried DVRing them to watch later. Hell a 3hr game could be seen in 30 minutes and you miss nothing but blah blah from the announcers and a lot of standing around.
  2. Precedent is not law, no need to follow precedent. Rs control senate and president, unlike when the R senate didn't have hearings on a D nomination.
  3. Former porn ladies that worked in Denver

    Taylor Hilton was in Denver for a while. Saw her a few times. Before and after enhancements. Petite and very tight.
  4. Cutting The Cord!!!

    When 5g comes, I'll kick Xfinity inet. I have DirecTV now for nascar and F1. If I could find them online, I would dump DirecTV. I get great antennae reception.
  5. Who would you bring back?

    Mya Mylanna for me. Nice petite blonde. Saw her many times.. Dawn, I think her name was. Former Shotgun Willie's dancer turned escort. Nicki Vixen. The one who started the hobby for me.
  6. Jessica speeds

    Saw her in San Diego. Meh services