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  1. Any Denver ladies heard of the NFL

    Oooo that does sound lovely. I've been to one ballet and it was breathtaking!
  2. Loving the cooler weather....

    I was in Longmont all day yesterday (where I live). It was sunny the entire day! With a bit of sprinkling rain to play in. That's my favorite weather!!
  3. Loving the cooler weather....

    Aww! What's your fur baby like?! If you don't mind me asking.
  4. Dog Bless You…

    I've read these books! Well, I've read the first two. I tried watching the movie but I thought it was garbage (you wouldn't be missing anything). While I know that you must separate a movie from the books and not compare them too much, it's just not a good film, IMO... I do love the dark scenery in my imagination though (it even appeared in a dream once). Great story to get lost in.
  5. Taking suggestions?

    My first thought, Yorick!! Especially with that gorgeous blonde hair you have, Cherry! ❤️
  6. False Images..

    I'm already beginning to recognize that, myself. And that's why I love this hobby so much! The ones who reach out to me were seeking ME. I don't feel self conscious with clients like I do with men in the "dating" world.
  7. Loving the cooler weather....

    I've been wanting to go on a hike myself, but not sure what any of the trails would be like after all this rain. My go to is any random hiking trail just tiny bitwest of Boulder. I like to wear my 5 finger Vibrams!
  8. I'm New to the board

    It's a slow start up. I'm still new. However, I am outcall only and I believe I would have more business if I were either/or. Just my two cents. Sorry it's not twenty cents. Btw, I love your avatar pic! You're so gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, love.
  9. False Images..

    Hahaha aww thanks! *booty shake* I love yours too! I tried recreating it myself but it looks way better with a professional camera and done nails.
  10. False Images..

    Ohhh. I gotcha. Thank you for the information!
  11. False Images..

    Oh, I meant that perhaps it's just safer to display your (actual) pics on p411.
  12. For the love of...

    Oooo, I haven't started Ozarks yet. And I've never seen SOA. Not for any particular reason, I hear it's a good show though.
  13. False Images..

    As an unbiased source - you walked right into that one. Lies are snowballs and according to these fellas, you've got a snowman.
  14. False Images..

    Olivia, I think as a hobbyist if she had an intriguing ad I would still reach out to her because my thinking would be "well what if she's the perfect type for me but she doesn't want her pics public?" I have seen SEVERAL providers on tob with no pics yet they have multiple reviews. Granted, they also have p411. From what I understand, p411 is very secure so perhaps it's safe to put pics up there. Personally, I have tattoos so I just take a paint pen when editing my pics and cover my face and tatts. Actually, I don't usually show my face at all.
  15. For the love of...

    No thank you!! I grew up in Arkansas and I do NOT miss the humidity. Snuggles and Netflix! Is there a show you're working on or re-binging?