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  1. Denver General nurses suspended for looking at....

    I think they'd only be violating HIPPA if they were discussing the patient's personal information. I hope this scenario is in next year's employee handbook! LMAO
  2. Fort Collins

    Stay safe, beautiful! 🌞
  3. My favorite grammatical error

    No, pfunk, I think people truly think that definitely is spelled "defiantly" even though it doesn't phonetically make sense. I'm not a grammar nazi so to speak but this error makes me cringe every time. It can even be a turn off.
  4. Hotel Points

    I'm pretty new to hotels. Any trips I've ever been on were pre-arranged. So far, I have booked with Expedia twice and have already begun to receive offers (that I may or may not commit to). Recently, a client mentioned using his points for the hotel. I think his rewards program is through the actual hotel chain, though. It made me realize that I would love to rack up points and use them for my stays! You all probably do that already, right? Those of you who use hotels. Do you have a preference of travel site? Any programs better than others that you've seen? Do you have an opinion on who has the best rewards?
  5. Tattoos.......

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Tell 'em it's abstract and they need to tell you what they think it is.
  6. Eclipse...

    The same reason we aren't? The thing is, we can't communicate with them not to look at it during that time. Most people have dogs, whose eyes are structurally similar to ours but because they can see better in the dark, I think their rods are bigger. Making them more vulnerable... Were you being serious?
  7. Role play ideas

    *fans self* This thread is already "bothering" me...
  8. Eclipse...

    Interesting! Good idea.
  9. Role play ideas

    "... I'll be in my bunk." (Firefly reference) Laci babe! You could totally dress as the sexy firefighter, come to put out his fire. Flame retardant pants, suspenders, and no shirt would be even more sexy, IMO, on a woman. I, myself, have been thinking of adopting the Sexy Doctor persona. [yeah, I know the clichΓ© is the Sexy Nurse but it's 2017 - we're doctors now] I have a real stethoscope, all I need is a white lab coat. Nothing else ;P
  10. Trim your trees

    They do look rather villainous "alive." Uglier than their abandoned exo's.
  11. In the DTC

    I was there for a minute today. Well, I was just a few minutes away from being there when I was canceled on. Too bad gas and time are nonrefundable. Hope the night treats you well! Maybe you'll still get lucky (ba-dum, crash).
  12. We Vibe

    Bummer. I was intrigued for a moment. A while back, I looked into "webcam"-ing and saw something similar (controlled by members in a live chat room). Decaf, perhaps this technology has been improved elsewhere. Might even be worth a pretty penny.
  13. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Aha. I see where I sounded like a borderline dictator. Just got caught up in the anger. Thanks, Bit. I see it now. Come to think of it, I don't want to censor anyone either.
  14. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Oh. I see it now.
  15. "I Always Encouraged Her to Be Strong"

    Rest in Love, Heather. You did not deserve this. To note, it's clear we've let our "freedom of speech" get out of hand. It doesn't help that the Toddler in Chief is constantly pushing boundaries. All we can hope is that no more innocent blood will be shed at the hands of terrorists and Nazis. It seems "freedom of speech" is being rewarded to these villains. Maybe now, with the help of any sane powers that reside in the offices, we can find a way to amend it.