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  1. Are you ticklish??

    It's all fun and games until someone farts.
  2. Newbie

    Yes, guys really do that. Those who are comfortable with doing that, of course. I never pressure anyone about it, we just wish each other a good day. I am one of those who requires such an invasive screening from those who don't have references. It is the only way I feel safe.
  3. Newbie

    Megan is on point here. I would be mortified if I caused any of my beloved clients to get caught. Lafrate, from a one-year-seasoned, kinda-newbie-provider's perspective: A newbie is someone who doesn't have references. It especially bothers me when the guy says "oh I don't remember her name even." That is just so disrespectful to the entire hobby IMO, I don't even want to be around someone like that. So, don't be that guy. And nobody let Average1's handle fool you, he is an angel sent from heaven.
  4. Infatuation…

    Well, you f***ing did. And I hope more women see how you've put our your true colors out here after being here for just 3 days. Gooooood f***ing luck! I mean that insincerely, don't bother responding. Heed or don't: sit back and STFU and learn before getting back to the keyboard.
  5. A little Thorbjorn on Thursday anyone

    I am now listening to "I Used to Love You" and I am seriously loving this! He does have a unique voice! Very full of shape. And ahh, I love the blues guitar
  6. A little Thorbjorn on Thursday anyone

    Never heard of 'em but I dig it.
  7. Disrespectful sites.

    Yo, you're the one with the problem. Delete your account yourself. Nobody made you login.
  8. Disrespectful sites.

    I hate it! I've seen myself on a random site (it may have been adultlook) with just my number and two of the same photo taken from p411. That's the only place that photo is, which tells me p411 doesn't really protect pictures. I've even seen other providers on those kind of sites, where it's obviously a rip off and they didn't actually sign up there. Its so frustrating.
  9. Disrespectful sites.

    This makes a lot of sense, Weasel.
  10. No Words...

  11. Olympics...

    Being unorganized 😂
  12. BB

    I'm so glad I read this thread; I am never going to Texas. If someone says no to something BCD, they shouldn't have to stand their ground (because the other party is persistent).
  13. BB

    I am now laughing at the tag I just noticed that says "bare protection"
  14. Sex Worker treated as second class people

    100% exactly.
  15. Sex Worker treated as second class people

    Yikes @ the ignorance in the comments. Not as violent as I expected but I didn't scroll very long either as I have better things to do And I don't mean ignorance as in "these people need prayer", but mostly the comments along the lines of "well how can a SW expect respect or success when she's making 'immoral choices'?"