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  1. 411 on Amanda Sorrento

    Not quite sure what the question is or if this is to me or not but this is the URL of Amanda
  2. 411 on Amanda Sorrento

    She is 100% legit. I've seen her numerous times and she is always amazing. I tried to leave a review for her and it was rejected for not having enough detail, but she does not want details and I respect that. DM me if you need any more info on her.
  3. Screwed that one up

    Completely inappropriate on her part. You were respectful and doing everything correctly. If the issue is that she only does outcall, then she can say so without coming off like a psycho. Now, the only caveat is if she had "Outcall Only" all over her listing and/or website, in which case she probably thought you were just messing with her.
  4. Thing you say when

    I hear this one a lot: "My house looks like it's in Aurora but it's got a Denver address."🤣
  5. The rap

    Bring the dough
  6. Late starting appts

    “You talking to me?”
  7. Hobby clothes?

    When I first started, if I was concerned, I would get a haircut before I headed home. That way any strange perfumes or lotion scents were easily explained as coming from the stylist or products she used. She could also have had a cinnamon candle burning right next to the chair, “I didn’t really notice it at the time, but boy it really got into my clothes didn’t it?” Then you can take a shower to “get the hair clippings off my head”.
  8. All James Bond Edition: Dr. No in the ass The Spy Who Loved Me in the ass You Only Live Twice in the ass Diamonds are Forever in the ass Never Say Never Again in the ass The Man With the Golden Gun in the ass Thunderball in the ass Moonraker in the ass and of course... Goldfinger in the ass!
  9. Snow Day

    I’m thinking that’s going to cause more problems than it solves unfortunately 🤣. But hey, a guy can dream!
  10. Snow Day

    I usually love an unexpected day off work because of snow, but this time it has destroyed my plausible reason for getting home late tonight. Can’t spontaneously “go out with friends after work” if you didn’t go to work! 🤬 And I was so excited for tonight that I’ve been singing in the shower all week! C’est la vie.
  11. How to become a regular??

    When you’re in town, see someone you like. Repeat.
  12. Happy Birthday Megan!!! 29 is the best age. I know because I’ve been 29 for 17 years now!
  13. Seeking with REDACTED that loves REDACTED.

    Way back when I joined the board (Class of August, 2018! Woot!) we were put on Newbie Probation for what felt like weeks and all our posts had to be moderated. We worked for our ability to put up inane, offensive posts. Now it looks like these kids just join, demand Phat P***y immediately, and then they don’t even bother showing back up. Damn millennials....😁
  14. Eccie?

    This guy’s a douchebag. Don’t respond to him.
  15. Seeking with REDACTED that loves REDACTED.

    Charming... The ladies here love it when you’re explicit that you think of them like pieces of meat at a deli. This will work out well for you...