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  1. Bull Shit

    You know, I enjoy hunting, and I butchered my own deer once so I would know how, but now I always take my deer to a professional butcher. I get a well cut and packaged product every time. They can do the job much more efficiently than I, and my time is valuable. I had a nice jeep CJ5 years ago. Throwout bearing went bad. I dropped the transmission and replaced the bearing, so I know how, but now I have a good mechanic so I take my vehicles to him for service. He can do the job much more efficiently than I, and my time is valuable. I have tracked down providers on BP and Craigslist, even via Secret Benefits. I have achieved success, and I know how, but the success to effort rate was not good. Now I rely strictly on TOB, ECCIE, and P411, because the searches are very efficient and my time is valuable. While I understand and empathize with your craigslist difficulties.....craigslist is famous for scammers, fakes, and ne'er-do-wells. If you like sorting through huge piles of assholes to find one diamond....by all means continue. But you should not complain about it....you should expect it. If you just want to get laid....well.....see above. One other suggestion....if you are offering yourself as a "bull" for cuckold sessions (gotta admit a little jealousy here...lol...but good for you!) , you might have better luck with a fetish website like FetLife. Also, reconsider your cock photo requests. Don't send it out willy-nilly (see what I did there...lol), but for a "bull" type of session you should not be surprised at requests for bonafides. Good luck
  2. My Kind Of Brothel!

    I find these two comments, one following right after the other, to be highly ironic and amusing.
  3. Mission trips to Backpage.com - Saving Some Souls

    I, too, started with backpage over 6 years ago. I was afraid to pull the trigger, until I found references to TOB and TER. Turns out one of the providers I was looking at had a few positive reviews both places, so I pulled the trigger. I had a good experience and was intrigued, so I started strictly searching TOB and TER reviews. Found one provider who had good reviews and even had references on other providers websites. She was my 2nd encounter, knocked my socks off, and never gave them back. She became my ATF. While I only use backpage locally now.....and then extremely rarely.....I believe it serves another purpose: To quote the Japanese proverb: "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down." Let us NOT hope TOB becomes bigger and better known than BP in Denver. Because:
  4. My Kind Of Brothel!

    Ah. Understand and sheepishly agree.
  5. My Kind Of Brothel!

    Could not understand what you were getting at here, so I ran your post through Boinks hobby translator. Here's what it spat out: "BAH! HUMBUG!"
  6. My Kind Of Brothel!

    The women look bored. What is on display is simply a hole to stick your dick in. The whole arrangement seems to be laid out to present women as pieces of meat. 2Big, If you and others find this exciting, and the women are willing participants, I will not criticize. But it sure is not for me. I am not in this just to get off into some hole. I can do this alone at home. I am in this for sexual intimacy. This requires you treat your partner with respect and caring. I'm not saying I am forming any kind of permanent relationship with her, but you have to recognize she is a human being with rights and feelings and a life of her own. Your brothel works to destroy this. My $0.02 worth. Merry Christmas.
  7. I'm Sure Of It!

    Merry Christmas!!!
  8. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    Try a two hour + dinner date. Specifically request that play time be split into before dinner and after dinner sessions. She can knock off the "appetizer" in a hurry, and then you can get to know each other over dinner. The after dinner playtime will be that much more enjoyable. Also, while it is fun pleasing a lady, do not get caught in the trap of thinking you must perform like some greek sex god when you see a lady. Especially on a first meeting with her. It sometimes takes many meetings to get to know each other to the point where the lady can relax enough to enjoy herself. If you don't want to do the dinner thing, just find a gal who advertises MSOG. THEN RELAX. If you explode in the first few minutes, you can cuddle and spoon until you are ready to go again. At the risk of sounding like a pig....you are paying them to please you. Just relax and let them do their job. They are really good at it.
  9. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    So.....I'm confused......no talking about adult service providers on an adult service provider forum? I mean, we're using stage names so we are not outing, and we are talking about providers who no longer serve here so we are not shilling. If you have received complaints, you should just say so and close and lock the thread. I would still be confused, but at least I would be quiet about it.
  10. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Velvet Valentine
  11. My favorite is a little more pensive and melancholy than most. It reflects the real me.
  12. What do you want for Christmas?

    I just want life to leave me alone long enough for me to go see my favorite girl. The distance between us is kicking my ass.