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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    I just want life to leave me alone long enough for me to go see my favorite girl. The distance between us is kicking my ass.
  2. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    So..... Lay back on my couch, please. Take a deep breath and try to tell me: Where does this irrational fear of corporations come from? I've worked with and for them all my life. Most of them are made up of....and run by....pretty nice folks. Sometimes free markets just work best.
  3. Backpage ads

    Again, this is false. TOB was born...and grew lustily...during the pre-net-neutrality days. As did backpage. The law and regulations are now the same as they were back in....say...2011 when I first stumbled upon these hallowed pages. Net Neutrality was REPEALED. No new laws or regulations made. Everybody just needs to take a deep breath. Sheesh. Stop the fear-mongering.
  4. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    Well, if the recorded history of the internet BEFORE net neutrality.....1995 to 2015....is any indication, you are in fact very wrong. So that should make you feel better. We just went back to the way things were. Kind of a nice change.
  5. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    See, now, THIS GUY understands. Well done!
  6. FS QV

    Look, a lot of us have tried to explain it to you....some more politely than others, true. Unfortunately, we can't understand it for you. But, if you can find regular, reliable, great full service gfe for a 15 minute, 100 QV.....I say congrats to you and ride that pony 'till you drop.
  7. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    You have to use the Thesaurus.com tab. Top of the page. You'll find it.
  8. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    Is thrifty cheap? According to dictionary.com: Main Entry: thrifty Part of Speech: adjective Definition: economical Synonyms: canny, careful, chary, cheap, chintzy, close*, close-fisted, conserving, frugal, mean, parsimonious, penny-pinching, preserving, provident, prudent, saving, scrimpy, sparing, steal, stingy*, tight*, unwasteful OFFICIAL ANSWER: YES
  9. Just gonna put this out there.

    My dear. You have a singular wit.
  10. Need help finding a good provider

    Ok. A little better. You are in the world's largest candy store, and you just narrowed the selection down to "candy bars." You can search on specifics, like 115 lb blondes with short hair, DD breasts, and a tattoo of Alf on their butt, who like to discuss particle physics while taking it up the backside. Ok. I exaggerate.....a wee bit...but you get my point. Try the search engine in the ad section. Meanwhile....I will pm to you a couple of providers I've had good luck with, who fit your "broad" requirements.
  11. To Good for backpages?

    Actually, my very first lady (a hot lil' brunette spinner) was off of BP, and I've had several good experiences since. So I agree that there are good providers there. BUT....I also researched them elsewhere before pulling the trigger. Everyone should do their homework.
  12. FS QV

    Yeah. My boss asked for a QV.....
  13. FS QV

    Seriously? How can you get to know the provider in a QV session? She is literally too busy getting you off and getting you out. If she is NOT doing this, she is wasting time and money. You want to get to know someone, cut loose with a few extra bucks for that "time and companionship" the ladies advertise. I can remember one lady years back, offering a 15 minute bng for X dollars. If you wanted her to smile and ask how your day was....that was xtra. FS in a QV session? Highly unlikely. Just takes too much time and guys abuse that all the time. Oh yeah...one final thing: If you are truly worried about the providers ripping you off in a QV session, then your provider selection process really sucks. You should pick an easier to understand hobby.....like checkers.