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  1. Trendy sh*t like or hate list

    Like: My new Samsung8+, Quenton Tarantino movies. Hate: Craft beers, pretentious assholes driving trendy European autos. I drink Coors....ice cold in the brown stubby bottles, dammit, the way god intended. My automobiles are American steel.....bought new and driven as far as they can possibly go. And boy can you take cars far these days. Finally had a 20 year old sedan break down and bought a new SUV to replace it. Will drive that for 20 years, too. My farm truck will be next. Don't much care for images. I've spent most of my money on big guns and fast wimmen. The rest, I've just wasted.
  2. Question for the gents.....

    It depends upon the ladies preferences as well as her situation and mine. I will sometimes PM, sometimes email, sometimes (when time is limited) text or phone. Regardless of the message media, I ALWAYS offer to send a P411 prescreen or appointment request so she can "check me out." My board handles and review history are in my P411 profile.
  3. Cause every good drama has one

    LOL. So I did...... And aren't you one of the regular characters in my program? Hmmmm?
  4. Colorado Winters..

    Source: Intellicast. Denver Date Average Low Average High Record Low Record High Average Precipitation Average Snow January 16° 47° -21° (1984) 78° (1982) 0.63" NA February 19° 50° -23° (1989) 77° (1982) 0.64" NA March 25° 56° -8° (2002) 84° (1986) 1.83" NA April 32° 62° 4° (1997) 92° (1992) 2.25" NA May 41° 72° 21° (1989) 97° (2003) 2.6" NA June 49° 83° 33° (1998) 103° (1990) 2.05" NA July 55° 88° 40° (1987) 103° (1990) 1.78" NA August 52° 86° 37° (1992) 102° (2002) 1.87" NA September 44° 79° 14° (1985) 100° (1990) 1.16" NA October 33° 68° 2° (1993) 94° (1991) 1.32" NA November 23° 54° -5° (1993) 84° (1990) 1.18" NA December 17° 48° -24° (1990) 75° (1998) 0.86" NA
  5. Haha!

  6. After reading thru this train-wreck of a thread, I was so depressed that I cracked open my bible. And there....in the wise words of David the Psalmist....was the only answer to this clusterhump: Psalm 146:3. New Living Translation"Don't put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there." ....and that's all anybody should be saying about this.
  7. I hate these kinds of threads. Politics makes people grumpy. Grumpy people don't wanna fuck.
  8. So, What Really Turns You On?

    So, if I show up and channel Andrew Dice Clay, you swoon? 'Cause I can totally do that! I agree that Badboy probably doesn't give a rip....but the very best blow jobs require a perfect balance of 3 factors, mouth, hands, and brief pauses for really nasty comments. The ladies that balance these 3 factors have me climbing the walls in very short order.
  9. Zoey Portland

    Seriously though. With credentials like that I would have no hesitation in pulling the trigger.
  10. Zoey Portland

    Tall, fit blond? Check. Big boobs? Check. Lots of different reviews from experienced reviewers? Check Reviews say the pictures are her? Check. Reviewers rave about her services? Check Nah. Too risky. /sarc
  11. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    It's not just cookies. Sites also log your CPU unique identifier and IP address. To be truly seperate, you need to use your facebook laptop at home with the family using your family internet. Get a seperate pad/laptop for business only. Use it via a different network account using mobile data. Never ever ever communicate between the two devices. This means you need to use a data key and sneakernet to transfer files from one to the other. It takes a great deal of effort to keep the two worlds apart.
  12. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    I got sent some "porn" last night that surpassed anything Pornhubs AI can com up with. Holy Crap! Its just creepy that every business and government agency is cyberstalking us. I swear....it may be time to sign out and settle down.
  13. No towels!

    Yes, the really good one go that extra mile!
  14. Cause every good drama has one

    My drama theme song:
  15. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    Good article! Thanks for posting. F*CKB**K is the devil. Twitter is his evil spawn.