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  1. Happy one year Hoversary..

    Are we talking the anniversary of our first actual hobby experience, or the first hobby community interraction? July 2014 is when I joined my first site, August was my first booking... I guess I'm the newbie so far in this group, lol...
  2. Mans Dinner Menu

    Unless I missed something, it sounds like they will all be here for an extended visit... so... Why not start with a varied American menu and see which dishes go over well and which don't so that you can narrow it down for the following meals. Even if it turns out some of them don't care for American food, they will appreciate your efforts. And what a great family bonding experience it will be if you invite the new additions to join you in the kitchen to teach you a few foreign dishes for your subsequent meals! :-)
  3. Thank you

    Ah, ok... thank you for the info... Im only on here sporadically, I guess I've never hit that limit in a day, so I was unaware of it. We have a limit on how many points we can give? I didn't know this...
  4. Thank you

    We have a limit on how many points we can give? I didn't know this...
  5. So, What Really Turns You On?

    Confidence and intelligence are the two qualities that turn me to putty...
  6. Cause every good drama has one

    I thought you said that was my song, lol.
  7. For the love of...

    Quit whining... I see your east coast and raise you Portland, OR (my home town) so ha!!! It could always be worse, and at least the rain keeps the wildfires at bay... :-)
  8. False Images..

    'Equivalent' implies that we are interchangeable and generic. How unfortunate for anyone to minimalize their uniqueness in such a way. If safety is the main concern, such ladies are in the wrong business. If its simply discretion the lady seeks, blurred pics or no pics is the honest and respectable approach.
  9. Gramps

    If I had a dollar for every gentleman who told me I reminded him of someone from his younger days (often a younger version of his wife, lol)... Oh wait, I get several dollars every time that happens! But seriously, this is so very correct. Many men choose us simply for the opportunity to reminisce about their youth in general, an old fling, a one time fantasy crush that they never acted on, etc...
  10. Selective Providing....

    Regarding all the potential woes of decriminalization, ie laws restricting the right to decline service... as long as lawyers and psychiatrists can legally decline to see/represent clients and parents have the right to choose whomever they wish to care for their children regardless of prejudice, I really dont think we have much to worry about... Just keeping things in perspective here...
  11. Selective Providing....

    In which case he becomes 'just a John'... that nice generic name for men who have (or deserve) no real identity. :-) (no offense to anyone actually named John, lol.) But seriously, ignore him and KNOW you are far more and far better than any stupid label...
  12. Selective Providing....

    Some people forget that we are people too. They view us as a product instead of a service provider. Its dehumanizing and disgusting behavior that no one, regardless or their job, race, gender, religion, etc, etc should ever have to endure.
  13. Selective Providing....

    At this point, I wouldnt even dignify him with any more replies. Let him rant all he wants. And let those rants fall on deaf ears. Thats his problem, not yours. You are an independent contractor providing a service. Not all that different from a construction company who chooses which projects to bid on from those which are available and seeking bids... No one tells them which ones they must bid on or how to present it. Or which ones to accept. Thats ALWAYS at the discretion of the contractor. Same goes for us ladies...
  14. False References

    Roger that! Um, I mean okie dokie Mr J.R. Wolfe!!! ;-) I wish more folks would play by your set of rules, sir...
  15. False References

    I can only speak from my own experience/observation here, but there are some very catty and competitive people out there. Some areas seem to be worse than others and since I am fairly new to the Denver scene, I have yet to form an opinion here... That said, I have never heard of a lady giving a bad reference in the way JRwolf mentioned, but I have witnessed providers contacting the hobbiest to either bad-mouth the lady he was considering and/or to try and guilt/persuade him into seeing her instead.