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  1. Tonight at around 10:30ish? Coming into DIA!

    Well, if he is coming from Vegas that explains a lot. 10:30pm is when things are just picking up here and the wording of his ISO is (unfortunately) pretty much common place for Vegas boards. So he is likely just keeping things par for the course, lol.
  2. HOT IN HERE!!

    Vegas has been just as hot as Phoenix this past week... Which is why I hit the road to the mountains, lol.
  3. off the clock time and extended dates

    In response to the question about a regular business person spending (or not spending) time otc with their customers... Hopefully this comes across as relevant, lol... Before making this my primary gig, I worked in advertising sales for a regional magazine. All I HAD to do was go in, present the product, close the sale and move on. But I CHOSE to spend time getting to know my customers, going to lunch, etc. My commission did not change because of the extra time I spent, but my retention rate was phenomenal. That extra bit of otc time spent in the beginning made my job leaps and bounds easier down the road. When the other sales staff were busting their butts every month trying to find new business because half of their previous accts moved on, my acct base continued to grow at a nice easy pace and eventually, I was getting paid my monthly commissions just for having lunch with my new friends and maintaining their loyalty to our product. The same philosophy applies here. Its a twist on the 'work smarter, not harder' concept.
  4. I think I can say this ...

    And this right here is the problem... I am not the said lady and while I don't like speaking for others, my best guess right now is that she thought you were LE baiting her in with a conversation like that. I think most ladies would run for the hills if a potential client took a pre-visit conversation in that direction. This is a cardinal sin... You NEVER discuss activities! Its the first lesson in 'Hobby 101' class...
  5. Any info on this 40 year old lady

    Let's not forget Marylin would be 91 if she were still with us... So I wonder what is this ad implying about the lady's true age, lol?
  6. General Question about p411

    Was she maybe just offering extra time for that regular rate? Thats the route I normally go and I've seen plenty of others offer similar incentives.
  7. General Question about p411

    As long as someone is booking me through P411, I just assume whatever I may be offering there at the time applies...
  8. HOT IN HERE!!

    AZ seems to be a tough market for all of the boards... But that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep trying! PS, I think you jinxed things and brought on the hot weather with your comment, lol... J/K, thge heat is just par for the course down here in the SW...
  9. Your penis shrinks in space

    So does this mean that men would have massive erections on Jupiter? Hmmmm... sounds intriguing, lol
  10. Deposits

    I was thinking about posting something like this a couple days ago. I think as a deposit, it would be perfect as it can be done anonymously. But I wouldn't want to do everything on that platform. That's an investment acct for me, so I prefer not to touch it... Cash is king for the day to day stuff... 0xDa6FA0748a6636a5310629c9D154C1a4901F45a3

    Kegal exercises would help to tighten her up, however, I have no clue how you could breach that topic without sounding insensitive...
  12. Deposits

    For those who are concerned about PayPal, I would be leary of Venmo as well since its owned by PayPal... Personally, I have used PayPal with a few of my trusted regular clients just fine. That said, it's been so random and spaced out that it probably didn't raise any red flags. For those who don't understand why so many ladies are anti-PayPal, what COULD go wrong with (and I have heard of this happening to a few ladies) is if a client logs a complaint or for whatever reason PayPal detects suspicious activity, they will freeze the acct pending an investigation. If they determine any of the the money in the acct was obtained illegally, they will seize the entire acct and everything in it will be lost permanently. That's a terrifying prospect and a risk not worth taking, imo...
  13. Creative criticism

    And then you go hire an escort... ;-) the circle of (hobby) life...
  14. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    My last visit to CO, I stayed in Westminster (Ok, most of my visits I have stayed there, lol) and had a 100% cancellation rate! That was a first... Granted, I only secure a few bookings for each trip because 1. I like to have time to enjoy the area as well and 2. My visits typically go over on time, so a sparse schedule allows for that kind of flexibility. But still, I think it was 5 of 5 cancellations! That said, was Westminster to blame? IDK... I'll still be returning to the same area. I love the scenery there and I guess Im just a creature of habit, lol.
  15. Planning my next big adventure... :-)


    1. Vegas Jen-5884

      Vegas Jen-5884

      Counting down the days until my Colorado (and beyond) road trip... :-)