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  1. What’s your favorite season and why

    All of my coats have collected dust this year. We have had a rather mild winter even by Vegas standards. I even donned a couple tank tops in January. Then again, I am originally from Portland (another place with only one season... rainy season, lol) so maybe I never fully lost my tolerance for anything remotely cold... P.S. My favorite season is autumn, if I had to pick just one... but they all have their own beauty and intrigue...
  2. What’s your favorite season and why

    What's a season? (I live in Las Vegas...)
  3. Fear Of Screening..?

    Have you considered pre-screening with one or a few ladies? That way, when your window of opportunity arises, the sreening part is already out of the way. We do that a lot here with so many people planning short trips with itineraries that are... well, its Vegas...
  4. RIP

    I often go weeks or even months between talking to people I meet here. It is, after all, the nature of this industry to remain discreet and keep a professional line drawn in the sand. That said, there are a few whom I have become true friends with and talk to on a more regular basis... So, I tend to get a bit concerned when those people go silent... I just realized my worse fear today when I stumbled upon the obituary of one of my ATF clients... Over the years, we had become very good friends and I am a bit shocked and devastated in learning of his passing. I know he was fairly active on this board, so for those who also knew him, RIP to a dear friend... We will miss you dearly.
  5. Adult Fun in NV

    In a word, no... And stings are common here. Picking up casino girls is extremely hit and miss and often dangerous... It's a stellar way to get drugged, robbed, beaten, and/or arrested... That said, there are, sdome beautiful and legit girls in the casinos as well, but with all the other options out there, is it worth it? While there are no surefire ways to stay completely safe in this hobby, at least stick with people (this goes for both sides of the coin) you can research and verify... Vegas is one area where being lazy can cost you everything...
  6. Adult Fun in NV

    It's not. Prostitution is only legal in brothels and only in counties with less than 150k residents. Vegas and it's suburbs have a combined population of close to 2million, so Clark County is completely out as far as legality... As for the best places to find ladies here, P411, TER, and eccie are the best bets imo...
  7. On the mend!

    Glad you are recovering well. I have always enjoyed following your posts... Get better soon!!!
  8. Superbowl

    It was a great game!!! As a Vikings fan, I kinda wanted both teams to lose though, lol... But I wanted Brady to lose more, so yay!!! That said, I kinda think the 'after party' of Philly self-destructing (peculiar way to celebrate, lmao) might be even more entertaining than the game was...
  9. Just saying Hi there

    Welcome lovely lady!
  10. Let's spice things up around here

    Well, Happy New Year to you! I try to get a couple road trips in each year. Montana is the only state west of the Mississippi I have yet to visit... Maybe I should remedy that soon... Hello to everyone, Jen here. Originally from the great NW, but I've been in Vegas for 17 years now...
  11. Happy one year Hoversary..

    Are we talking the anniversary of our first actual hobby experience, or the first hobby community interraction? July 2014 is when I joined my first site, August was my first booking... I guess I'm the newbie so far in this group, lol...
  12. Mans Dinner Menu

    Unless I missed something, it sounds like they will all be here for an extended visit... so... Why not start with a varied American menu and see which dishes go over well and which don't so that you can narrow it down for the following meals. Even if it turns out some of them don't care for American food, they will appreciate your efforts. And what a great family bonding experience it will be if you invite the new additions to join you in the kitchen to teach you a few foreign dishes for your subsequent meals! :-)
  13. Thank you

    Ah, ok... thank you for the info... Im only on here sporadically, I guess I've never hit that limit in a day, so I was unaware of it. We have a limit on how many points we can give? I didn't know this...
  14. Thank you

    We have a limit on how many points we can give? I didn't know this...