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  1. Gunnison and Crested Butte Providers

    Does anyone know of providers in this area, in particular Crested Butte. I will be staying for a week in Crested Butte to ski, and my ski buddy/friend has to cancel, so I will be "home alone". Just curious if TOB or other legit sites list providers in Crested Butte. Thanks!
  2. Bbbj with Cim

    I always follow screening, as per the providers ad. I only contact a provider if I intend meeting, and only when I have a date, time and duration decided, then I follow any instructions the provider has regarding screening...I typically never ask about any specific offering or no-lists. Seems I have some useful tips provided here, and once again I appreciate the feedback!
  3. Bbbj with Cim

    Well, my first hand experience says otherwise, I was blocked for asking this question by a provider...this was the second provider I ever addition I only contact a provider if I intend meeting, and only when I have a date, time and duration decided. This provider blocked me because I was asking if she offered CIM. There are 4 providers I am currently interested in meeting who's reviews offer no details at all. As previously mentioned, I have read many reviews where detail including CIM as been part of the review, this is not always the case. I am not simply looking for any provider that offers CIM. I look for providers that appeal to me, and go from there. My question perhaps doesn't have a correct answer as it depends on the provider. I'm just wondering if there is a correct etiquette to asking the question.
  4. Bbbj with Cim

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  5. Bbbj with Cim

    Yes, absolutely... reviews are my first stop... I do a thorough search, but many reviews often lack such details. That's not to say that I have never found a review where this detail is mentioned however, but often the provider I might be considering doesn't have reviews that mention details of this nature...!
  6. Bbbj with Cim

    If I was in the mood for a bbbj with CIM, how does one find a provider who offers this? Naturally you can not ask this question before or while booking as you will likely end up getting my strategy has been to book with a lady and once at the appointment ask if it is an option. It has not been unfortunately, at least with the last several bookings. It just was not their thing. It starts to get expensive trying to find someone that offers this option, so knowing before hand might be helpful. Any ideas?
  7. Weird

    Wow, interesting posts. This game has to be about mutual respect. Many ladies I have reached out to have either completely ignored my message or ghosted me while texting back and forth setting things up. Strange.
  8. Anyone else here been screwed with nonstop lately?

    This game needs to be about mutual respect. Its a business transaction at the end of the day. I have no issue with ladies screening, nor do I mind deposits. If the lady is someone I have never seen before, I do mu home work before contacting. I have NEVER lost a deposit to a scammer. It's understandable why you would require deposits for dates also. In the end you ladies have to do what's best for you, I have the option of booking with you, following your rules or move on. Sorry you had this experience!
  9. BJ + HJ ONLY Appointments

    Thanks for the insightful responses..~! Seems more research is needed. I also had NO idea that Glory Hole locations was a thing! Geez.
  10. BJ + HJ ONLY Appointments

    Just a thought...are there providers that offer BJ + HandJob appointments only? Sometimes I am in the mood but not for FS or FBSM, or simply do not want to spend the money on FS but would opt for BJ + HJ option. I have not come across providers with a BJ + HandJob only option however. Thoughts?
  11. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    I like all types of ladies, looks wise, not sure if I have a specific "type". I like ladies who are genuine, who seems to enjoy the fun and do not just go through the motions, so GFE is what I look for mostly. Variety is the spice of life I guess. Solid skill in foreplay and seduction do not hurt either!
  12. Gun Shy after a Bad Experience

    Thanks for sharing. I have had a very similar experiences, and on more than one occasion unfortunately. Not only do you feel horrible, but the financial impact is very real also. Doing diligent research is essential, but they don't guarantee you'll have a good experience, which I have found out. But my worst experiences were often when "taking a chance" on someone or booking appointments with providers with little to no reviews. Being in a hurry does not help. On occasions I have had expectations from a menu stand point that turned out to not be on the menu, even after much research. Many reviews are void of details, so it sometimes hard to know if a menu item is offered, and you typically can not ask BEFORE meeting someone, they will very often black you at that point. This is probably my biggest pain point, how do you know what menu items will be offered if you do not ask? Now, on the flip side I have had many amazing appointments, ones in which we clicked and had a great time. I have had 90 minute appointments that turned into many hours, the provider did not want to leave. We just got on so well. I tend to not be very active, I pick slowly and this helps. The menu question is a hard one I have no answer for, lol. I hope you get back to the hobby, and your experiences are better, sorry you had this experience!
  13. best bbbj with cim in Colorado Springs

    That is a great question! I would expand the question to best BBBJ with CIM in Colorado! It is not that easy to know as its difficult to ask providers what the menu is BEFORE seeing them!
  14. What is YOUR KINK?

    Wow, if I had to pick a few, edging, outside play, CIM and daty of all kinds, but especially if the lady has large labia! Yum.
  15. Reputable Hobby Sites

    So, I have noticed a bunch of new sites where ladies are advertising. I have only been out of the hobby for about a year and there seems to be a bunch of new sites in that time. So, other than TOB, Tryst and p411 are there any sites worth using? I have no problem with the sites I currently use, I am simply asking. Thanks all..!