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  1. Ohmibod

    Todoesprivado, it sounds like if you wish to view this in a session, the more appropriate thing would not be to ask a lady to purchase it...but bring it along as a gift! how fun!
  2. Ladies, A Heads Up!

    Received the Same here. I will happily assist someone I Know in that case...but a total stranger to me from the internet..... Too risky.
  3. Recent text message-

    Same here. The amount of f*&^ery and frustration goes down immensely with email only. You get less inquiries but mainly more sincere inquiries that took the time to read your ad/site (although less so in recent years) At first i didn't have a phone link due to having a career/school (who has time to carry 2 phones and pick up with private life all the time AND try to be discreet? I don't.) And, in the past, phone girls were almost always main LE targets in busts as it was easy to pick up and dial.......then texting came on rampant and the "u avail?" craziness started. I've experimented every once in a while with the hopes that a gent would listen to my voicemail for further directions..(and feel comfort in my presentation and sugar voice) .but last experiment had 150 or so one-two word texts and zero I dropped it and went back to the tried and true method of send me an intro and screening info in your 1st email method... I want to look back at this venture in my life loving my male company and not feeling frustrated or jaded from bad experiences... I don't know how some of you ladies who do texts and direct calls do it.... Hugs to you. xoxo Mel
  4. Banner Exchange

    ladies, please be wary....the days of banners not being seen as pandering/promoting other ladies in this age of "war on trafficking" may be over. Taking things underground with private referrals may be a lot less risky if one of you get in trouble and to avoid unnecessary attention.
  5. Greetings Santa Fe/ABQ!

    Just to note. Thank You! Sante Fe! ..amazing time and hope to be back soon! (although i won't be able to overtly advertise for it anymore with the new lack of boards/ads...) you know where to find me to be kept privately informed.. *wink* xoxo
  6. Greetings Santa Fe/ABQ!

    I am in love with the Sandias, Rt 66 and the area.... wanted to shout out Hello in introduction as my travels take me there in the spring (I don't "tour" per se as my "real life career" has me traveling and i occasionally like to connect with a friend or two) Particularly looking for mtn biking in Santa Fe and an exceptional restaurant and coffee shop and a good camping spot.
  7. Backpage ads

    Those who had pain in advance for sponsor ads ...and kept them updated before they expired (you could buy a month or a week).. are the ones with longer verbiage. If a provider let her ad expire where she needed to "renew" it- it gets bounced to the new system. Pretty soon...all will be just the numbers.
  8. 2 more nights in Denver

    Rioja in Larimer Square. (many other choices in the Square also) Check out what is in Union Station (also multi choices) and patio at Root Down. Acorn in RiNo. for exceptional small plates and cocktails.
  9. Thank you. I am pretty familiar with Austin (I am primarily a food truck and Salt Lick girl) ....but San Antonio is where most of my time will be. Researching Gwendolyn, Cured, The Last Word and La Boulangerie - love to hear local's faves there!
  10. An Introduction *Salt Lake City*

    Greetings! In the past my "real life" career has taken me to SLC and i've had the pleasure of wonderful company during what little free time I have had there (i do not "tour" per se but almost always have been there often in combination with a business trip- although always amenable to a Fly Me to You I miss the former AHB board and the friends i have made there and reaching out here to reconnect if any have gravitated here that i have missed...esp with my fall travels out that way. xoxo Mel
  11. Greetings! Long time established companion from Colorado and formerly Boston here. My "real life" business is taking me to San Antonio next weekend/week and then a brief stop in Austin...with some future Austin business in the works. I am super part time with my "Melinda" life and cater to very few friends- many regular but adore meeting new ones along the way! Love the following recommendations for my upcoming my free time outside of my seminar is early mornings and my evenings aside from my last day. #1 Restaurant. (I love fresh and creative components, relaxed upscale atmosphere, unique) #2 Coffee Shop #3 yoga studio/running trail/fitness related venues Thanks in advance for the recommendations! Melinda Madison
  12. Westslope Peaches

    Western Slope unfortunately has a reputation behind the scenes and talk amongst the ladies for non-commitment and cancellations. There's a post like this every so often-but typically the guys approaching want the lady to take the risk of hours of travel out to be available IF and WHEN they feel the urge for them to connect for an appt. When one lives in an area that is not heavy with providers-it's often necessary to prebook/commit/deposit/be reliable and actually show up for your appt-gain the reputation as a gentleman AND the region (as being profitable for ladies to come out) before having any carte blanche with choosing on your own schedule. Western Slope has often been lots of promises yet lack of actually showing the $. (for all price point providers). I have had good luck with my longer regular dates/fly-in's and deposited appts but when i offer the shorter dates/non-deposited appts- i get flakes like some of the other ladies have run into.
  13. Where to Find Super-Fit Provider???

    Thanks Raoul,....but i'm more of a curvy, Crossfit, mtn biking type and fluffy off-season right now. I'll be back racing and competing come late spring/summer... a little bit of healthy jiggle, still working out like crazy but i think he may be looking for a leaner type.
  14. Friend's ex

    BUT...that sounds like it was a Mutual agreement between both parties to go that direction in YOUR case. The OP seems to be contemplating booking with someone he knows ( a former gf of a friend of his) (probably NOT pre-agreed upon cooperation from all parties involved). However successful you may have been in bridging the gap between professional provider and turning them into personal friend or gf- there are many cases and stories of this type of relationship gone wrong which just brings forth a low of wrath, heartbreak and drama. Always best to avoid. To the OP: there are plenty of wonderful ladies out there that aren't tied into your personal life and friendships- and she may not be in a situation where she wants to service a buddy of her ex either. (or if she does-should be given the choice Before booking-although i suspect that may be awkward as hell for both of you)
  15. Friend's ex

    This world is suppose to be drama-free (yes-in Utopia) AND DISCREET. There's no element of discretion in the action that you are contemplating taking. Seriously- can't even believe this is on the table. If roles were reversed...any truly professional lady would avoid the appointment to veer away from any issues that may develop from it. You don't mix real-life world with fantasy world- Period. That's just being professional- and Safe.