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  1. Visiting Denver

    Not all ladies do phone numbers only. Email is a wonderful way to reach out. As long as you are easily verifiable in another way (as some use phone numbers to screen). Simply ask the companion you are approaching what is best for her..and explain your situation. Many of us are professionals who can guide someone through quite easily....those who cannot...well... might not be the match for your situation. International gents for me have never been an issue in the past..
  2. Neighborhood Breakdown for Accessibility

    Thank you to the friends who pointed me to Uptown/Nob's time! ...although my real life biz takes me to Santa Fe soon.... ABQ - I had a blast! ...
  3. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    (I can see why a lady would *cricket* you in that case..and it's different than the OP's discussion/situation) If you approach someone and they do not want to see you i.e.: "busy" or "not working" when clearly is available to others....and you tried to get thru using a different number (Big Question is....WHY would you do that? text someone from two different numbers? to cloak yourself? hide hobby identity? / reputation? ..... then it just comes across as stalkerish/creepy AF. Seroiusly, gotta call you out on that one. and most companions will veer Far Far away from that behavior. I think it was a way of the lady telling you to take your business elsewhere..
  4. Venmo scam, or paranoia?

    This has less to do with Venmo or paying in advance or deposits than it does that it sounds like you didn't even pick a legit provider (or a very stupid one at that). The way you described all that went down sounds pretty shady. Payment apps are popular among traveling ladies, longer date appts to take deposits so that our time is not abused...(especially NOW with new legislation and lack of advertising venues) takes a good amount of professionalism and discretion to pull it off and make a gent comfortable with it. What you described sounded more like a "scam" or a girl starting this who neither knows how to screen nor handle appts professionally. You'll see more and more payment apps and methods in the future (Paypal is NOT provider friendly btw) amongst professionals and as the millennial crowd grows up (it's super common with my under 35 friends) but it will also yield ignorants and con artists. Sounds like you need to choose your providers better...
  5. Neighborhood Breakdown for Accessibility

    Love to hear commentary on ABQ neighborhoods! I've been to downtown before.. but what's your opinions on Nob Hill? and Old Town? and Airport area? both for accessibility for gentlemen? (tend to be a longer date/social date companion)... but moreso- accessibility for a lady who may or may not rent a car/ Uber accessibility? walking restaurants/ wine bar to predate in/yoga studio and access to fitness (pool/crossfit etc?) ... wanting to try something out of downtown possible this time ..and debating car or not..
  6. Providers wanted

    Pretty much this... at $65 a month for just an ad title...and with a lot of the "u avail?" knuckleheads that have plagued providers more than ever recently...... we often have to figure out what is best for our advertising $. For some of us that have ft careers or only moonlit part time...we poke our heads out to spend ad$ only occasionally (but may focus on other ad venues like established twitter profiles and our regulars..) Every lady is different and TOB is a good resource but only a small drop in the bucket nationwide of resources that ladies (even local ladies) use now. (although that bucket is much smaller than recent years...) . Play nicely all! Mel
  7. Best Place to Stay In SLC

    (never mentioning any names of specific hotels) ..but instead "areas"...I personally waffle between Sugar House and Downtown SLC... but then i tend to do private in calls.....but those are the two areas that are exceptional. I stay away from south SLC...simply due to traffic at rush hour and it's a touch far from what i like to do personally (Temple, Tabernacle, dining etc)
  8. east bay love

    East Bay visitor here.
  9. Ohmibod

    Todoesprivado, it sounds like if you wish to view this in a session, the more appropriate thing would not be to ask a lady to purchase it...but bring it along as a gift! how fun!
  10. Ladies, A Heads Up!

    Received the Same here. I will happily assist someone I Know in that case...but a total stranger to me from the internet..... Too risky.
  11. Recent text message-

    Same here. The amount of f*&^ery and frustration goes down immensely with email only. You get less inquiries but mainly more sincere inquiries that took the time to read your ad/site (although less so in recent years) At first i didn't have a phone link due to having a career/school (who has time to carry 2 phones and pick up with private life all the time AND try to be discreet? I don't.) And, in the past, phone girls were almost always main LE targets in busts as it was easy to pick up and dial.......then texting came on rampant and the "u avail?" craziness started. I've experimented every once in a while with the hopes that a gent would listen to my voicemail for further directions..(and feel comfort in my presentation and sugar voice) .but last experiment had 150 or so one-two word texts and zero I dropped it and went back to the tried and true method of send me an intro and screening info in your 1st email method... I want to look back at this venture in my life loving my male company and not feeling frustrated or jaded from bad experiences... I don't know how some of you ladies who do texts and direct calls do it.... Hugs to you. xoxo Mel
  12. Banner Exchange

    ladies, please be wary....the days of banners not being seen as pandering/promoting other ladies in this age of "war on trafficking" may be over. Taking things underground with private referrals may be a lot less risky if one of you get in trouble and to avoid unnecessary attention.
  13. Greetings Santa Fe/ABQ!

    I am in love with the Sandias, Rt 66 and the area.... wanted to shout out Hello in introduction as my travels take me there in the spring (I don't "tour" per se as my "real life career" has me traveling and i occasionally like to connect with a friend or two) Particularly looking for mtn biking in Santa Fe and an exceptional restaurant and coffee shop and a good camping spot.
  14. Backpage ads

    Those who had pain in advance for sponsor ads ...and kept them updated before they expired (you could buy a month or a week).. are the ones with longer verbiage. If a provider let her ad expire where she needed to "renew" it- it gets bounced to the new system. Pretty soon...all will be just the numbers.
  15. 2 more nights in Denver

    Rioja in Larimer Square. (many other choices in the Square also) Check out what is in Union Station (also multi choices) and patio at Root Down. Acorn in RiNo. for exceptional small plates and cocktails.