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  1. Providers who see clients with minor disabilities

    No worries, I do not have any metal detectors where i host. (no, seriously, most true professionals are attuned with dealing with many many issues) and we are happy to accommodate if we can. Simply be a gentleman in approach and all good in the sexy dating world!)
  2. P411 profile update

    In addition to a personalized introduction, the care a gentleman puts in their profile makes all the difference in the world to me. This is not like ordering a hamburger at McDonald's and yet not a dating service where one is looking for a life partner...but the care and attention that one does to intro themselves, helps us as companions determine whether it is a good match (where the gent will enjoy the date) beyond a list of acronyms etc. I am still surprised on how many don't even bother to fill out their introduction... which always comes across as somewhat lazy (or don't care at all?) .. It's your hard earned $, make an attempt at putting your best foot forward for the best experience.
  3. I'm all for the ladies staying safe, but...

    It doesn't mean that YOU were recorded inside.... it could have simply been one of those RING doorbell cameras. (interpretation can be tricky) ...Many homes have those now.
  4. Text or talk?

    The methodology of texting is also (in a post Sesta/Fosta environment and BP closure) attracting the dregs of society (pimps, time wasters, one-liners, dic pics) more than ever right now. the buzz behind the scenes is a Lot of frustration from ladies as the onslaught continues. sifting thru them all is a nightmare. I did an experiment and did a text app for 2 days. it yielded over 200 responses...ZERO of them could be deemed a potential client. Plus, again... many guys can't "lock down" their extra phones/phone apps as discreetly as passworded emails from their SO's - and getting a call/text from a SO really sucks and can be a risk to the guy... Direct contact methods may be largely going by the wayside again if the fuckery continues for many providers. More and more are transitioning to auto-replies on texting apps and emails again and the conversation is fierce via our social media contacts (Twitter etc) It's a gentleman's hard earned money- and i get the convenience of immediacy- but it should also be worth writing a full sentence or two and an introduction to a lady prior to moving forward. It yields MUCH better sexy results than "are you available?"- which some are not even capable of typing anymore via text.
  5. new vetting process?

    What someone looks like is NO indicator of whether they will be safe. "Look, see? I'm a nice guy"-almost every caucasian serial killer
  6. Text or talk?

    That has Nothing to do with the mode of contact used (after all....with today's tech..who doesn't have email with optional notification settings on their phones?) and Everything to do with a provider's business model (are they a same day provider? last minute provider? prebooking provider?) -which is due to many different personal aspects in a ladies' life (kids/career/family/incall accessibility etc) Again- tone gets lost in text and there's so much drama/lack of discretion associated with it... and there's too much potential for miscommunication in phone calls and voicemails ("provider called me hours later when i was with my SO" type stuff OR "provider never called me back" (she was at her vanilla job and didn't dare to call back hours later so guy thinks she's not interested or flakey- see?)
  7. Text or talk?

    I'll put in my .02cents here. Call me Old School...but direct phone contact and texting (although it's slipped into this industry more and more over the last 15 yrs) is the cause of most of the drama/lack of discretion/frustration on both sides that i see posted on these forums. I'm an email and screen and THEN arrange a "comfort for both of us call" prior to the actual date. (weeds out the insinceres pretty quickly, the 2am texters or callers) or miscommunication issues) I determined long ago, that i wanted to spend my time only with those that truly wanted to spend time with me vs "any hole in a storm" and that extra 2mins of effort to intro themselves through a typing medium has carried a long way in meeting really sweet guys. In the past, LE targeted the phone girls 1st cause in a sting it was fastest also. With throw away phones- conversing and info exchange with a complete stranger (could be a stalker, someone you said "no" to who got a new throwaway phone, pimp, etc- is like picking up a hitchhiker) It's HUGE for discretion of my clients also. Admit it gents, it's a LOT easier to lock down your computer/email with passwords then having to worry about a throw-away phone (and justification of having it) or calls or texts that come thru from the prying eyes of a SO. I have NEVER, in all my years, been approached or contacted by a spouse, never had LE issues and (except with some recant onslaught of the "u avail" knuckleheads) - it's been super peaceful and this venture has been pleasurable. I experimented once or twice (hoping that future suitors would listen to my voice-feel comfort and read my website) and it ended up being 200 "u avail?" and dick pics with zero bookings. It was horrible and being part time at this and pulling a full time career- i don't have time for that crap. Tone can't come thru thru short 1 sentence texts..and the back and forth would be maddening and frustrating. I love a VOICE (after screening). Old School email then a call is the most pleasurable for me..and pleasure to both parties trumps "lots of calls" anyday for me. My method attracts the right kind of client for myself in addition.
  8. new vetting process?

    It sounds like someone who feels that a pic will protect them from LE....(or most likely someone who does not know how to screen) ... asking for pics (from either party) could be a red flag...and it truly doesn't tell anyone anything. I typically DO ask a brief description, because if you tell me you are 5'9 175" 50 yrs old and a 6'4" 35yr old guy shows up to my door...then we have a Serious problem. (I know it sounds inconceivable-but that little bit of screening actually saved me from seeing a future murderer back in New England once as the person described did not match a corporate picture i dug up on the person he was trying to pose as. I confronted him and asked - he admitted to using a co-workers identity and then his face was plastered on national news and 20/20 2 months later) If it's a lady that you really want to see, why not ask her Why she needs a pic (politely), explain your concern for discretion and ask if there is any alternative way to make her feel comfortable. otherwise, there are many who are more savvy on how to screen invisibly and make a gent more comfortable.
  9. Visiting Denver

    Not all ladies do phone numbers only. Email is a wonderful way to reach out. As long as you are easily verifiable in another way (as some use phone numbers to screen). Simply ask the companion you are approaching what is best for her..and explain your situation. Many of us are professionals who can guide someone through quite easily....those who cannot...well... might not be the match for your situation. International gents for me have never been an issue in the past..
  10. Neighborhood Breakdown for Accessibility

    Thank you to the friends who pointed me to Uptown/Nob's time! ...although my real life biz takes me to Santa Fe soon.... ABQ - I had a blast! ...
  11. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    (I can see why a lady would *cricket* you in that case..and it's different than the OP's discussion/situation) If you approach someone and they do not want to see you i.e.: "busy" or "not working" when clearly is available to others....and you tried to get thru using a different number (Big Question is....WHY would you do that? text someone from two different numbers? to cloak yourself? hide hobby identity? / reputation? ..... then it just comes across as stalkerish/creepy AF. Seroiusly, gotta call you out on that one. and most companions will veer Far Far away from that behavior. I think it was a way of the lady telling you to take your business elsewhere..
  12. Venmo scam, or paranoia?

    This has less to do with Venmo or paying in advance or deposits than it does that it sounds like you didn't even pick a legit provider (or a very stupid one at that). The way you described all that went down sounds pretty shady. Payment apps are popular among traveling ladies, longer date appts to take deposits so that our time is not abused...(especially NOW with new legislation and lack of advertising venues) takes a good amount of professionalism and discretion to pull it off and make a gent comfortable with it. What you described sounded more like a "scam" or a girl starting this who neither knows how to screen nor handle appts professionally. You'll see more and more payment apps and methods in the future (Paypal is NOT provider friendly btw) amongst professionals and as the millennial crowd grows up (it's super common with my under 35 friends) but it will also yield ignorants and con artists. Sounds like you need to choose your providers better...
  13. Neighborhood Breakdown for Accessibility

    Love to hear commentary on ABQ neighborhoods! I've been to downtown before.. but what's your opinions on Nob Hill? and Old Town? and Airport area? both for accessibility for gentlemen? (tend to be a longer date/social date companion)... but moreso- accessibility for a lady who may or may not rent a car/ Uber accessibility? walking restaurants/ wine bar to predate in/yoga studio and access to fitness (pool/crossfit etc?) ... wanting to try something out of downtown possible this time ..and debating car or not..
  14. Providers wanted

    Pretty much this... at $65 a month for just an ad title...and with a lot of the "u avail?" knuckleheads that have plagued providers more than ever recently...... we often have to figure out what is best for our advertising $. For some of us that have ft careers or only moonlit part time...we poke our heads out to spend ad$ only occasionally (but may focus on other ad venues like established twitter profiles and our regulars..) Every lady is different and TOB is a good resource but only a small drop in the bucket nationwide of resources that ladies (even local ladies) use now. (although that bucket is much smaller than recent years...) . Play nicely all! Mel
  15. Best Place to Stay In SLC

    (never mentioning any names of specific hotels) ..but instead "areas"...I personally waffle between Sugar House and Downtown SLC... but then i tend to do private in calls.....but those are the two areas that are exceptional. I stay away from south SLC...simply due to traffic at rush hour and it's a touch far from what i like to do personally (Temple, Tabernacle, dining etc)