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  1. I'm in SLC now..and there are wonderful ladies here. P411 may work the best...and choose ladies with solid web presence/websites/social media......but also be wary that everyone here is Very cautious...with recent activity that they have had here....... Be forthcoming with your info and give them complete assurance that you are not one intending on entrapment... (meaning follow screening to a "T' from their websites) ...that will yield you the best results here.
  2. Stats: "hi"

    Lazy Men are not attractive. Delete key is the best option...
  3. Western Slope Wineries

    Cabs are always a good decision in my world... thank you!
  4. Western Slope Wineries

    If you could only fit in ONE winery (or TWO) in a hit and run passing through type of visit.... (open early a plus) in Palisades or Grand Junction ....what would be your choice? So. Many. Of. Them. (joy!)
  5. How do you take your coffee?

    ....delivered..... I like my coffee delivered...
  6. How do you take your coffee?

    Coffee delivered by sexy delivery man.....(yes...that's a Thing with me...) medium roast with almond milk or even a BulletProof concoction on the weekend.
  7. Any New SLC restaurants?

    I've done the Brass Onion...the wine bar by the Temple...but seeking something intimate with amazing food within the Capital, downtown area...perhaps even venture over to Sugar House. Creative components, small plates, Happy Hour of interest.. any suggestions?
  8. Alternative screening ideas. I want to know.

    This is something that should not be spoken out on a public forum... *sort of the "show the mouse the mousetrap"* .. BTW...deposits are Not screening...anyone, LE included will do deposits (as they have in the past in some markets)
  9. Beards, Moustache or Clean shaven

    Whatever a gentleman feels good in and feels confident about. That being said, facial hair- would hopefully be clean (no food remnants, smoke/cigarette stains, drool) and WELL TAKEN CARE OF AND GROOMED and SOFT if you desire it to be near any tender naughty bits of us ladies...
  10. In using any third party parent transaction... one really needs to have their act together... both screening the client...knowing the client...Privatizing the account fully for everyone's discretion..and most of all...DO NOT have it connected to a hobby persona, escort persona, escort phone number Nor email- in any part of the transaction. This is not like re-imbursing someone for a lot more professionalism needs to be there and many more considerations. That being said, they are wonderful tools for us ladies who do extended dates or travel or for any reason...if done correctly.
  11. Patriots owner Robert Kraft busted

    I believe it was a massage parlor incident- seems to be leaking out. But How could you fault a widower? (his wife died in 2001). "Anonymity" of walk-in parlors, street work gone internet /anonymous meetings tend to be costly mistakes vs being a high profile gent who finds a super discreet independent escort who will take his secret to the grave. ugh Most of the "big" high profile guys tend to be smarter than that...and develop a relationship with an indy who will take their secrets to the grave. but it may also be a generational thing. He grew up when there was a heavy "house" or street scene, perception of SWers were that they were risky or out to scam or steal or pimped..and he perhaps never took the new progressive mentality of hiring independently. The worst part, that if it WAS a parlor....he might have actually patronized an organization that has a greater chance of women Actually working under co-erced/trafficked conditions (as I know from my New England days and our parlors in RI. )
  12. There is no "typical" in this world...every companion business will be run a different way. So always best to never assume, read a provider's website and inquire directly of THEM individually vs asking random strangers on a board with , like, 100-200 different business models. Assumptions in this industry is what causes unnecessary confusion, misunderstandings, frustration a mass of "opinions" vs facts in many cases. Plus to note: some cash apps out there are very SWer unfriendly and providers may simply use them "undercover" The more discussion about a specific app or company there is in public hobby forums, the more likelihood these companies will lock sh&^ down. Access to banking and financial services is a big subject right now to providers with legislation currently on the table... Cash is king but not always 100% doable in relation to traveling or touring ladies who need deposits in the new environment nor ATM cash amount limits for some clients. That being said, if a companion uses alternative or creative methods.. they better have their act together super well with discretion, accountability and screening as not to be taken by chargebacks, outing anyone in a Venmo "friends" section that is public and offering a solid written policy on deposit / pre-pay situations that is agreed to by both parties.. There's much more at stake in this industry than a $2 V%nmo to your friend for paying for their coffee....
  13. Back on subject... there is a difference between decriminalization and legalization. they are not the same. SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) and allies voice support for Decrim vs Legalization. Decriminalization reduces harm to sexworkers in many ways...and allows some help in the legal system against those that may harm physically and we've also seen it protect the provider in another decrim country in a case where the guy took the fee back and ran... Legalization creates revenue for govt via licensing fees with no reduction in harm...and actually supports in many different ways, legal "pimps" (those who make big $ off the SWers without doing the labor themselves (always a touchy subject in this it also sort of make the gov't the "pimp" and requires individual registration of SWers) Many of us support Decrim...NOT Legalization due to many reasons. There are many articles and editorial commentary that one can read up on this if you are interested in the specific dynamics and how to be an ally.
  14. Good morning starts with____?

    Coffee, my pups, the gym.
  15. A missed opportunity and blocking

    There is so much wrong with this statement and frame of thought......that I am seriously holding my tongue. "Young Skywalker" it may be time to re-assess your "little head/big head" excuses...realize that you are not seeming to grasp the critical importance of why a companion needs to have their act together in regards to screening (and it sounds like she didn't) and move on and leave the girl alone. Edu-ma-cation is a good thing