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  1. Is venmo generally accepted?

    There is no "typical" in this world...every companion business will be run a different way. So always best to never assume, read a provider's website and inquire directly of THEM individually vs asking random strangers on a board with , like, 100-200 different business models. Assumptions in this industry is what causes unnecessary confusion, misunderstandings, frustration a mass of "opinions" vs facts in many cases. Plus to note: some cash apps out there are very SWer unfriendly and providers may simply use them "undercover" The more discussion about a specific app or company there is in public hobby forums, the more likelihood these companies will lock sh&^ down. Access to banking and financial services is a big subject right now to providers with legislation currently on the table... Cash is king but not always 100% doable in relation to traveling or touring ladies who need deposits in the new environment nor ATM cash amount limits for some clients. That being said, if a companion uses alternative or creative methods.. they better have their act together super well with discretion, accountability and screening as not to be taken by chargebacks, outing anyone in a Venmo "friends" section that is public and offering a solid written policy on deposit / pre-pay situations that is agreed to by both parties.. There's much more at stake in this industry than a $2 V%nmo to your friend for paying for their coffee....
  2. Back on subject... there is a difference between decriminalization and legalization. they are not the same. SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) and allies voice support for Decrim vs Legalization. Decriminalization reduces harm to sexworkers in many ways...and allows some help in the legal system against those that may harm physically and we've also seen it protect the provider in another decrim country in a case where the guy took the fee back and ran... Legalization creates revenue for govt via licensing fees with no reduction in harm...and actually supports in many different ways, legal "pimps" (those who make big $ off the SWers without doing the labor themselves (always a touchy subject in this it also sort of make the gov't the "pimp" and requires individual registration of SWers) Many of us support Decrim...NOT Legalization due to many reasons. There are many articles and editorial commentary that one can read up on this if you are interested in the specific dynamics and how to be an ally.
  3. Good morning starts with____?

    Coffee, my pups, the gym.
  4. A missed opportunity and blocking

    There is so much wrong with this statement and frame of thought......that I am seriously holding my tongue. "Young Skywalker" it may be time to re-assess your "little head/big head" excuses...realize that you are not seeming to grasp the critical importance of why a companion needs to have their act together in regards to screening (and it sounds like she didn't) and move on and leave the girl alone. Edu-ma-cation is a good thing
  5. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    I have never done an open phone line or text line to the general public for a big part of that reason...but can you believe- now getting an onslaught of "u avail" "hi" EMAILS now.?..that never use to happen. Email for initial contact....use to weed out the knuckleheads easily. but at least it doesn't interrupt me with a notification, beep or ring like phone would. If someone can't find the ability to write a full sentence, or find words to introduce themselves properly, I don't have high hopes that they will find my I simply "delete" Play Nicely All...
  6. Best Restaurants in Glenwoood Springs?

    Farm to Table type food and casual plating and good bar seating service at The Pullman..
  7. Visiting

    Travel out 30mins to Antelope Island.... see the bison herds and go hiking. If you are there on a Thurs eve- hit up the Tabernacle Choir free rehearsal. If more time- hit Provo area for 5th Water Hot Springs Trail Heads...only a 2.5 mile hike up the canyon (bring yak tracks) SLC is a my home away from home. Hit the Olympic center up by Park City.. pretty much need a car for the good stuff. Dining is somewhat iffy...a couple of good wine bars by the Temple (and museums also) .. Yelp is your friend there.
  8. Best places to eat and go out in Aspen?

    Hard Rock in Aspen closed way back in year 2000. i believe.... no clue where the memorabilia went.
  9. Stock Show Time

    *day dreaming of a pair of boots on my floor* Hot Hot.
  10. Newbie question about hotels

    Haven't you ever been to a hotel that you weren't staying in? for a conference? to meet a buddy for a drink? to pick up relatives to head out to dinner? Act....well.....LIKE THAT. But hopefully, you've chosen a professional companion...who will walk you through the dynamics of the layout of the lobby and directions Beforehand..and not just leave it up to you with a basic "this is my room number" exchange.
  11. Quality vs Quantity

    Can I simply have a Large Quantity of High Quality? =Happy Girl.
  12. Best places to eat and go out in Aspen?

    My top 2...The bar seating at Ellina...Love that place! and Element 47 at the Little Nell.... also notable is Clark's Aspen for Seafood, happy hour at Hotel Jerome. The Wild Fig for French bistro ...not as impressed with Rustique . Dining scene changes dramatically year by year there and even accessibility by season..but listed some good solid standby's .... btw..the yoga studio (if you are into that) Aspen exceptional. One of my fave places...
  13. My Breif Forray into the Civilian World

    I'm with ColoradoBadBoy there also. It seems like we have taken our search for connection and even finding a mate in life to shopping "Amazon Prime style" in our jammies from the comfort of our home (or for some guys...their Mom's basements ) ....and then...when it doesn't yield the results or connection that we wish becomes about the people and disappointment vs the medium (ie: Internet) used to try to find the human connection... IF i was looking (and I'm not - my sexy gent clients and career and pastimes take up so much time) ... I would Never ever go internet dating again. You'll find me in a hiking/mountain climbing/flyfishing/running or enjoying nature type club...and let what happens happens as i look into someone's eyes and probably tease the crap out of them. Call me Old-School but we struggle with that also in escort/companion world. It use to be more of a gent introducing himself and requesting a paid date...turned into "sending appt request form" , acronym hunters , one-liners, "hey", "u up?" .. and ordering a woman like a pizza.... Everything has become too big of a "business" Personal Connection should not become extinct. Some of us are truly working on preserving the viewpoint. As for women in their 40's...yes...we've seen a world of BS...but many still are incredibly optimistic and happy by being uber selective with our company (and not wasting time with those incompatible)...whether in escort world or "RL" world. I intend to be a woman well into my 90's with a sly smirk on my face, sexy stories in my heart and a fond memory of the men I've enjoyed....albeit by the hour, 90min or overnight... Play Nicely all! xoxo
  14. What's a MILF to you?

    I always thought of it as a "style" and "attitude" Chrissy said- the "VIBE" of a hot soccer mom. The hot woman getting in the mini-van with the groceries that gives you the urge to..... well...carry her groceries.. Even though of age- those of us without kids....never quite thought of even advertising as one...and "cougar" seems a bit too predatory.... but...perhaps the hot career focused district attorney, newscaster or boss that you'd like to ruffle up maybe...
  15. Yes being over 50 has it's advantages

    24. I LOVE silver foxes. (give me ALL the silver foxes)... LOL (Ok..ladies..ill share...but dibs).