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  1. New Mexico?

    New Mexico ladies (as I pop down there at least once a year) can easily be found on Twitter with the appropriate hashtags..and Switter) there's a couple of great ones that advertise on those venues.
  2. Punter

    Common term in Australia also. Not a flattering term either. I hate labels...I'd rather a gentleman (who acts like a gentleman) be called a gentleman..
  3. Gift for your Fav.lady

    So Many Options... This time of is wonderful... (in person, via discreet Venmo and booking an appt in a traditionally slow holiday season). Many ladies have wish lists...or really appreciate Amazon gift cards (helps in buying gifts for the holidays etc or to treat herself and can be sent via email) and as always...many providers have wish lists or the little things on their websites to hint at what is appreciated. What Audrey says cards are great as $ often goes to bills or other's needs...a gift card is a luxury treat for the lady (massage, mani/pedi, restaurant)
  4. References help

    OP....It's really not that difficult. Choose an established provider who is newbie friendly (many of us can guide you through gently) ...expect some RW info needed (this is where it differs in How we verify that RW info..... and everyone has their own methods...IMO it's so easy to do so nowadays electronically (unless you cloak yourself up TOO much.)..and sometimes..ID is not even needed- (I haven't had to use a screen print of any ID except for 1/2X in my career). Most importantly remember.... Us ladies do not want to "ruin a life"....we simply want to not get killed , hurt or incarcerated... The biggest drama and horror stories that you hear out there are often the ones that are fly by night providers who do not screen...which is usually due to some drama that yields even more drama down the line... best to avoid that.
  5. Good morning Colorado!

    ah *blush* ...and I think in the morning "situation"..... a gent getting pre-screened (safety issue as references etc are pretty much non-responsive immediately at 430am) or having a date previously where he is awesome yields a lot more opportunities for "off prime time" playtime with many of us...... every lady's incall situation is different...but if available... sounds perfect!
  6. Good morning Colorado!

    Mornings are amazing!!! ...and especially for those of us with career commitments... There's a lot of talk but not a lot of sincere follow through that we see.... I'm sure there are many ladies who are early birds who would Love it if booked in advance. (vs the rando stranger messaging at 430 am message "u up?" while we are still snoozing, walking dogs, morning breath, not prepared etc..)
  7. Weird Vibes

    Did the provider fully screen you? (meaning references and/or real life info?) if did YOUR due diligence on her through looking at reviews...BUT she didn't do any on you- so was probably flying blind...... she took a risk that you could be LE and you may have well given her the LE vibe unknowingly. It sounds like a f*&^%ed up situation for both....
  8. Accepting trades?

    ....if I only had $20 for every time I got an email from a guy wanting to give me a massage in trade for a session....
  9. Provider Listings Massachusetts

    Boston girl here....born and bred. We were primarily TER for years after Big Doggie slowed down (once top in the country) ...but in the last decade....Ladies marketi on social media. been on Twitter for almost 10yrs and many of my co-horts have too. Hobby Boards are getting antiquated in the recent couple of years.. Environment is different than ECCIE and a gentleman, plan ahead, prebook, screen and be forthcoming and it's a wonderful city of top and professional and dependable ladies!
  10. Fall is almost here! Favorite things about fall!

    Those women who look tan and amazing sunning themselves? ...nope...not my white Irish ass....(frizzy hair, freckles and sunburns) give me fall, crisp days and cable knit sweaters! Aspen leaves and my trips to Aspen and fall off season dining.
  11. San Diego Visitor here... (work takes me there occasionally) ..def coming up soon.
  12. St. George Recommendations..

    Fave restaurants, wine bar, quirky sightseeing? swimming holes and coffee shops?
  13. Not newbie friendly

    "Newbie" = someone who has not seen another companion.... particularly for ladies who rely on references for a major element of screening. Seeing someone who is brand new involves a bit of coaching... and also risk in trying to determine if their expectations are on par with what this venture really is... I've had guys who have seen companions in the past and didn't have recent references and claim that they are "newbie again" ..nope...not how it works. Seeing newbies can be a big risk in safety and comfort...and those companions...that do...typically have some different protocols to navigate it for both...
  14. Dealing with Blackmail

    Woman: reaches out for advice on a personal and trying situation that threatens her safety and sense of well-being along with her family, friends and contacts. Internet Guy: Responds with single sentence invitation/hope to reconnect with Boner needs. ??? No, serious Lexx, that sucks... I'd lock down your internet security, glad that you moved...and refer to any issues he breaks with the restraining order. ....and most of all....keep yourself Safe. Sometimes rebranding might be in order if you can't disappear for a while. But Stay Safe. Too many providers that i've known or known of that have dealt with some horrible and sometimes potentially dangerous stuff.. My heart goes out to all.
  15. What do you think?

    There you have it. If it was not her home and it looked like a short term rental....and there was a Ring and your appt was set up late at night...then there is a good chance the owner of the property is wondering why you..and possibly other guys were coming around at night. (many VRBO and AIRBNB House rules have verbiage about visitors) . As a property manager once, you bet- I'd be on the phone with my tenants if there was unapproved activity/visitors at night and i was getting the notifications on my Ring. She probably saved you from an awkward situation with the owner or neighbors coming by or calling LE. I feel bad for the girl as to have to abandon appts during a mini-tour is costly. For those posting about seeing what kind of "make up" or discount she gives you next time, understand this .... Yes, the gents are put out time, gas money and the chance to get their dicks wet ....but for some means rent money or feeding their kids. Be a good human, if she offers a discount (in fear of a bad review or losing a customer/further income) listen then Don't Take It. Understand that there is a gap in power dynamics in this industry (esp now) and simply pay her normal fee. it will yield dividends in the long run. As for what actually happened... there's nothing wrong with actually reaching out to HER, expressing your concern if she is Ok...ask her what happened.. vs guessing or posting on hobby boards etc. Communication is sexy. Now, Play Nicely All.