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  1. St. George Recommendations..

    Fave restaurants, wine bar, quirky sightseeing? swimming holes and coffee shops?
  2. Not newbie friendly

    "Newbie" = someone who has not seen another companion.... particularly for ladies who rely on references for a major element of screening. Seeing someone who is brand new involves a bit of coaching... and also risk in trying to determine if their expectations are on par with what this venture really is... I've had guys who have seen companions in the past and didn't have recent references and claim that they are "newbie again" ..nope...not how it works. Seeing newbies can be a big risk in safety and comfort...and those companions...that do...typically have some different protocols to navigate it for both...
  3. Dealing with Blackmail

    Woman: reaches out for advice on a personal and trying situation that threatens her safety and sense of well-being along with her family, friends and contacts. Internet Guy: Responds with single sentence invitation/hope to reconnect with Boner needs. ??? No, serious Lexx, that sucks... I'd lock down your internet security, glad that you moved...and refer to any issues he breaks with the restraining order. ....and most of all....keep yourself Safe. Sometimes rebranding might be in order if you can't disappear for a while. But Stay Safe. Too many providers that i've known or known of that have dealt with some horrible and sometimes potentially dangerous stuff.. My heart goes out to all.
  4. What do you think?

    There you have it. If it was not her home and it looked like a short term rental....and there was a Ring and your appt was set up late at night...then there is a good chance the owner of the property is wondering why you..and possibly other guys were coming around at night. (many VRBO and AIRBNB House rules have verbiage about visitors) . As a property manager once, you bet- I'd be on the phone with my tenants if there was unapproved activity/visitors at night and i was getting the notifications on my Ring. She probably saved you from an awkward situation with the owner or neighbors coming by or calling LE. I feel bad for the girl as to have to abandon appts during a mini-tour is costly. For those posting about seeing what kind of "make up" or discount she gives you next time, understand this .... Yes, the gents are put out time, gas money and the chance to get their dicks wet ....but for some means rent money or feeding their kids. Be a good human, if she offers a discount (in fear of a bad review or losing a customer/further income) listen then Don't Take It. Understand that there is a gap in power dynamics in this industry (esp now) and simply pay her normal fee. it will yield dividends in the long run. As for what actually happened... there's nothing wrong with actually reaching out to HER, expressing your concern if she is Ok...ask her what happened.. vs guessing or posting on hobby boards etc. Communication is sexy. Now, Play Nicely All.
  5. Using bad reviews as blackmail

    No matter how much we wish for people to be good humans, there will always be and have been predators floating around in this industry...(and yes..that is what they are in my opinion). Stay professional, follow the straight and narrow and not giving them any of your energy is a skill to save sanity in the long run.. When someone does that, getting the word out to other companions helps save someone else the fuss of dealing with an A-hole. Brush their bad energy off your shoulder like a piece of dandruff and realize..that is a flaw of the review systems in general that really can't be fixed..
  6. Does a connection count?

    Agreed. I don't do a public phone number just for that very reason...Plus it seems to be a magnet for the "u avail?" and troll crowd...BUT...I believe a "comfort call for both" (after screening) is important prior to a meeting..and a bit of time to get to know someone is simply my foreplay also....'cause although someone is hiring me to be a companion...i want to have fun also.
  7. I feel unworthy…

    Levi's? No worries! ......It's not about the clothes....what is attractive is putting forth some element of EFFORT. Putting one's best foot forward is evident whether it is a sparkling clean and good smelling man in Levi's or a sparkling clean and good smelling man in a suit. If someone walks in like they just rolled out of bed and forgot to do laundry for a week...with stains and dirt under the sends another message altogether.
  8. reputable San Francisco providers

    Wonderful wonderful ladies in SF!! it's a virtual gold mine! . ...but many of us migrated to Twitter YEARS (heck..almost a decade ago for some of us) ...that is /has been the most progressive site to find providers.
  9. I'm in SLC now..and there are wonderful ladies here. P411 may work the best...and choose ladies with solid web presence/websites/social media......but also be wary that everyone here is Very cautious...with recent activity that they have had here....... Be forthcoming with your info and give them complete assurance that you are not one intending on entrapment... (meaning follow screening to a "T' from their websites) ...that will yield you the best results here.
  10. Stats: "hi"

    Lazy Men are not attractive. Delete key is the best option...
  11. Western Slope Wineries

    Cabs are always a good decision in my world... thank you!
  12. Western Slope Wineries

    If you could only fit in ONE winery (or TWO) in a hit and run passing through type of visit.... (open early a plus) in Palisades or Grand Junction ....what would be your choice? So. Many. Of. Them. (joy!)
  13. How do you take your coffee?

    ....delivered..... I like my coffee delivered...
  14. How do you take your coffee?

    Coffee delivered by sexy delivery man.....(yes...that's a Thing with me...) medium roast with almond milk or even a BulletProof concoction on the weekend.
  15. Any New SLC restaurants?

    I've done the Brass Onion...the wine bar by the Temple...but seeking something intimate with amazing food within the Capital, downtown area...perhaps even venture over to Sugar House. Creative components, small plates, Happy Hour of interest.. any suggestions?