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  1. darn typos. "SWers" not "sweets" although we are pretty sweet.. LOL
  2. Perhaps meet with legitimate escorts/companions instead vs delving in to the online cam girl and sugar baby genre. Most Professional escorts have written cancellation policies and written policies.m when you venture outside other genres of sweets, who don't specialize or have much experience with in-person clients, it can be the wild Wild West and you take your chances.
  3. Anyone else having this happen?

    I initially was not a fan of deposits (I love cash off the grid and only previously did them with FMTYs, longer dates, or chronic cancellation guys) but implementing them for new clients this year has been a life-saver and all the gentlemen have been amazing! Super important however, to have: 1. a clear deposit policy and be speedy on deposit returns in any case you need to cancel. 2. Offer multiple options including a totally non-digital option for those queezey about "anything online". 3. Have enough of a presence where they can be comfortable that you are legit, sane, and professional. 4. Give them distinct directions on how to make the deposit (no "for Nooky" comments on Venmo or CashApp -that's a clear way to banking bans for life) 5. Have your accounting and tax organization squared away. 5. Stick by your deposit policy and be prompt in communication. it can often be nerve wracking for some gents to send $ to a new companion that they are booking. Alleviate fears by being Uber-professional, kind, prompt and clear in communication. More companions, especially touring, are taking deposits than not these days so it's the way the industry is heading as more companions have upgraded their professionalism. As a PT companion with a career, who only gets to play 1-2X a week, cancellations or no-shows can be devastating for me (I haven't had a NC/NS in perhaps 16yrs thank goodness). It's been such a rewarding experience with deposits and I rarely ever get anyone pushing back (only 1 knucklehead in the last year and I promptly ignored him) I do, often work with a gent who needs to reschedule however, dependant on the individual situation. Do what you need to for your business to make it pleasant for you. We give so much of our time and efforts for other's pleasure as it is. Play nicely all, xoxo Mel
  4. Spokane Recommendations?

    Looking for the following for an October visit. best restaurant for a dinner date? any best sections of the city to stay? hiking trails? fave coffee shop? fly fishing? Excited to explore!
  5. Spokane Recommendations?

    Kali, This is actually an inquiry post for Washington STATE... the Spokane area (not Denver Tech Center Colorado) but thanks for the show of helpfulness. ❤️
  6. Football season is here

    Go Buffs!
  7. Any New SLC restaurants?

    I've done the Brass Onion...the wine bar by the Temple...but seeking something intimate with amazing food within the Capital, downtown area...perhaps even venture over to Sugar House. Creative components, small plates, Happy Hour of interest.. any suggestions?
  8. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Can we self nominate?
  9. It's. Been. Years.

    Thanks! and xoxo!
  10. It's. Been. Years.

    It's been perhaps years since I've been active here and wanted to shout out to some old friends. I see many familiar usernames still! Took a break during the pandemic and shuttered my business (both the sexy one and my vanilla one and joined in and worked in a health worker capacity. (hard, hectic time but so glad to be beyond that now and poking into former ventures) My fitness competition training and endurance sports days have meshed to fly fishing, camping, and an occasional trail running race. I'll occasionally pop in here and there in the hopes someone starts a fly fishing thread! and hoping those that I might have lost touch with know that I am still alive and thriving! Fond memories, xoxo Mel
  11. Rude Obnoxious People WTF

    Setting up a website with your screening requirements is helpful. If you do not have a website, an email auto reply or even a text or voicemail reply to let them know expectations can help save your sanity. I've adopted a "send your screening info and introduction or no communication at all" protocol a Long time ago and it's worked out wonderful to weed out the knuckleheads. Makes life and encounters most pleasurable.
  12. Etiquette for meetups

    Gentlemen who bring gifts, albeit even a small token or tip ...are always fondly remembered by most ladies.
  13. Sante Fe or Taos?

    It's been years since I've played in New Mexico. Never had great experiences in Alburquerque but loved Santa Fe..and considering Taos. Is Taos typically best to rent an apartment? resort? or discreet Airbnb? How are fun activities (fly fishing, dining, spas?) already keyed into and a regular at hot springs...
  14. Accepting trades?

    To approach a companion that you don't know with a trade offer is considered by most to be tacky. (I've so many approach with "I'll massage you" and even one offering $300 in frozen yogurt coupons (like, really dude?) That being said, I've had some success at periods of escorting where I've put out a "need list" (typically furniture purchase, pickup/delivery, and assembly) that has worked out...but I advertised those in advance. Cash is king and that is what pays the rent/mortgage and bills....
  15. Make up or natural?

    That's the way I was brought up... makeup to accentuate natural features and beauty but not quite "in your face"...
  16. It's. Been. Years.

    Ah shucks!! I always aim to that's so wonderful to hear! 💋
  17. It's. Been. Years.

    @Mustang87 I see! Social media (Twitter mainly) has definitely taken over and yet, it meshes all forms of SW together which can be confusing as heck for the gents looking for in-person companions. Plus it's not so regionalized as TOB offers. I've been puttering there since the age of dinosaurs... LOL Still involved in the sexy world but I have to say, that the "in your face" over-commercialization of social media "marketing" etc... esp as a part-timer as myself, has been a bit off-putting. I've been quite low-key upon my return much more than the Gen Z crowd. Here's to getting out in the fresh air, tight fishing lines, and strong orgasms this year!
  18. Covered Requests

    Never offended. it's someone who is playing safe from herpes that can be passed orally to genital and I respect that. Flavored condoms make all much more fun too!
  19. Anyone else here been screwed with nonstop lately?

    Deposits (and several discreet methods to alleviate discretion concerns for some gents) has been a saving grace. My nail tech has been requiring a deposit for years (as other professions are also have last minute cancels and no-show issues) so I adopted one a while back. Having a solid policy and being credible and professional to stick to that policy (esp if you cancel) is key. Much higher quality and dependable clientele than ever before.. (and I've been blessed with some amazing sweet souls in the past too!)
  20. Roleplay?

    RolePlay can be incredibly fun....but the subjects are quite varied and not everyone's cup of tea. Get verified/screened by a companion you desire before putting it on the table. It's a delicate ask for some, but there are some role-plays that are quite fun and some that are "nah" for many of us.
  21. Stay healthy and active!

    Pre-paid dates now mean the world to many of we don't want to risk community spread. Also, even jobs that we may have had outside of companionship may be gone now.. (roof over heads, food on the table) but even small tokens like gift cards (grocery, Amazon, Groupon (self care) to an email (gents...even $20-$50 means a lot right now) can be a bright spot in a day) Buy p411 points sent to a lady you admire. ...because with the increased rates and no clients coming out due to COVID concerns.....and no $...even livelihood of TOB owners will be affected with lack of advertising ladies. It's a trickle down effect.
  22. New Mexico?

    New Mexico ladies (as I pop down there at least once a year) can easily be found on Twitter with the appropriate hashtags..and Switter) there's a couple of great ones that advertise on those venues.
  23. Punter

    Common term in Australia also. Not a flattering term either. I hate labels...I'd rather a gentleman (who acts like a gentleman) be called a gentleman..
  24. Gift for your Fav.lady

    So Many Options... This time of is wonderful... (in person, via discreet Venmo and booking an appt in a traditionally slow holiday season). Many ladies have wish lists...or really appreciate Amazon gift cards (helps in buying gifts for the holidays etc or to treat herself and can be sent via email) and as always...many providers have wish lists or the little things on their websites to hint at what is appreciated. What Audrey says cards are great as $ often goes to bills or other's needs...a gift card is a luxury treat for the lady (massage, mani/pedi, restaurant)
  25. References help

    OP....It's really not that difficult. Choose an established provider who is newbie friendly (many of us can guide you through gently) ...expect some RW info needed (this is where it differs in How we verify that RW info..... and everyone has their own methods...IMO it's so easy to do so nowadays electronically (unless you cloak yourself up TOO much.)..and sometimes..ID is not even needed- (I haven't had to use a screen print of any ID except for 1/2X in my career). Most importantly remember.... Us ladies do not want to "ruin a life"....we simply want to not get killed , hurt or incarcerated... The biggest drama and horror stories that you hear out there are often the ones that are fly by night providers who do not screen...which is usually due to some drama that yields even more drama down the line... best to avoid that.