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  1. This new

    pretty frustrating the "hiccups" weren't tested behind the scenes prior to rollout! In event hiccups were tested behind the scenes, amateur is putting it lightly!
  2. Reviews

    Yeah the review issue kind of a bummer...Most people I see are regulars, they are very discreet, don't review and aren't comfortable with sharing information!! Frustrating...I have asked (they are happy-cuz keep on returning:-)...Definitely ready to see some guys that write reviews!
  3. history question

    Don John...great book called Seamy Side if Denver by Phil Goodstein...Not sure if theyre still offering seamy side of denver tours (downtown--very cool), but it's a great book! Another one is murder at the brown palace...the wild west days...lot's of "seamy" action went down at the brown palace!! Good stuff:-)
  4. "Draping Optional"??'d be hot with just your boots on...Lose the pants for happy ending "access!" LOL
  5. Dirty talkers

    I LOVE dirty talk, it's hot! Especially when I know what turns him on...I guess I assumed dirty talk would "come" naturally to most providers!! Hmmm lean something new everyday!
  6. Is it Greek for you?

    Only "virgin" part of my body..LOL...I must admit, I'm curious!