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  1. 411 Avery May

    But all of these ads HAS to be true because the truth in advertising laws say so! IF she wasn't then some government department (I forget which one, maybe the EPA or NSA) monitors all advertising and takes down the liar's ads immediately and puts them in jail for false advertising... oh wait, that must be a parallel world I was just visiting. Never mind.
  2. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    I am in utter shock and my faith in mankind has been utterly destroyed. To think that some guy is hustling woman trying to get sex for free while the rest of us 99%'s have to pay for it! There oughta be a law! The next thing you know, we won't be able to trust any politicians, celebrities, newspeople, radio talk shows, corporate heads and, worst of all, the escort ads on BP! What's this world coming to?
  3. Ready for winter?

    Ok for that I would be glad to have some snow fall... 😋
  4. Ready for winter?

    FWIW, I hate winter, except for pictures of snow on postcards, but I have lived with snow for over 60 years. If it would come on Christmas Eve about 8 PM and that's it I'd be perfectly happy. Of course, the ski areas can have all the snow they want but keep it off the front range.
  5. Curious about this girl....

    I contacted her about hooking up but we couldn't schedule. Then she gave me her Chaturbate name and I watched her on there doing a lesbian gig with another girl in a private session. It was pretty dull (and sadly funny) because neither one could figure out exactly what position to get into for the various "acts" and the moaning almost seemed dubbed in like the old porn flicks. I watched for about three minutes and moved on. It was very staged and I got the sense that seeing her would be a 3G experience and I've had my fill of those. Maybe someone will TOFTT but not me this round. Chatterbate does offer the opportunity to see a trailer, so to speak, which is cool. I know one girl who is on there a lot and she picked up about ten clients that way so this may be a wave of the future.
  6. OMG! So bored and stuck

    Any idea what types of malware?
  7. Welcome Jax, Based on your gorgeous pictures I think lots of fine men will be getting to know you soon. 😘
  8. Borrowed, Fake, Stolen, Lifted

    Kali, just what would you want to hide in an ass? And why? 🤔🙃
  9. denver? what areas to avoid?

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Oops. I just read the context. I thought you were suggesting putting peppermint oil on OUR balls.
  10. Bp Wanting Links to a Social Media Account

    That makes sense and explains all these dead end links. Some of the ladies actually have legit Twitter and Instagram accounts with additional info and that can be useful. But others have dead links. One lady had an account named ...thisaintme... LOL If this takes off then soon the feds will have to try and shut down Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the same way they tried to shut down BP. (Note to Congress: that horse left the barn a long time ago and you are wasting your time - go play a round of whack-a-mole and you will understand).
  11. Bp Wanting Links to a Social Media Account

    Does anybody know where the links that are showing up in BP ads are coming from? They just started en masse in the last week or so and suddenly most ladies have a link to Facebook, twitter, instagram and another that I can't remember. A few are legit but the majority are dead links or have an account with no posts. And if they don't go anywhere how do they show up on the ad? I'm assuming the advertiser decides to put it in there or is it coming from a more sinister source? Dastardly Dan? Phishing? CIA? Aliens looking for anal probe candidates? Or am I just missing something (besides my brain - that's been long gone).
  12. Do All You Can!!!

    I think it has been cancelled due to lack of interest although since there has been so little interest in the apocalypse recently nobody seems to know exactly where the cancellation notice was posted. So, until the cancellation notice is officially uncovered (I.e. Not fake news) you should assume the apocalypse is imminent and immediately bend down, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. Or if there is a fine lady or John there with you then assume the 69 position and kiss their ass goodbye and vice versa.
  13. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    Ok I'll bite... Bare Back Jiggle During Coitus That Keeps You Fucking
  14. Review clichés that make you roll your eyes.

    Seems to me the trick Is hitting the balance between an egotistical jock boasting in the locker room (compensating for lack of size etc) and a wall flower scared to say anything lest they offend. So, as usual in most things, the middle ground is probably best sans the cliches (although I'll take a cliche over no info). I'd prefer the general details, skip the blow-by-blow and handle details in a PM. When a guy says 'treat her well' he's being a decent guy which I won't condemn although his exhortation won't change how I handle a lady (I treat them like they are lucky I picked them and, if they are honest, they should be paying me for the pleasure, but that's another topic for another day )
  15. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    Kudos to Lonely1 and Realtor1 for TOFTT! Thanks guys. Too bad it's 50/50 but she sounds like a lot of fun but might be best to do incall not outcall. Her flakiness was corroborated by a fellow hobbiest who PM'd me about trying to see her in Denver but couldn't because she was flaky in communicating and planning. Still tempted though...