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  1. Nuru

    If you’re willing to make the trip to Colorado Springs check out Dakini Hali. She does true tantra/nuru . Go to
  2. This is pretty sick either way

    Yeah, especially since that event happened in 2014.
  3. FBSM or Tantric

    Tantra is INSANELY pleasurable if done by two people who know what they are doing (in other words tantric is not something that someone does TO you). Simply put, it recognizes that your entire body is one huge erogenous zone and that orgasm is not the endAll of sex. It is about having entire body orgasms often many times over. It is extreme lovemaking in the moment rather than a race to a finish line.
  4. STG any luck boys?

    If you are looking in Colorado Springs put “springs” in the search box to glean out the fakes. There’s a lot of girls on there who are legit, many of whom have been around for a few years and don’t advertise on TOB for some reason. The usual challenge is getting one of them to answer a text unless you hit them at the perfect moment, whatever that is. The ladies on TOB however almost always respond quickly (thank you ladies, we love you! )
  5. This is pretty sick either way

    So, last night I was perusing the ads on escort fish for Colorado Springs and I came across the following sick ad. It is a tad graphic so for those of you who don’t want to see that what it is is a plea for money to help an escort With two kids who was beat up by 2 masked men. The picture shows her regular face and then her face all beat up and bruised. It goes on to ask for you to call the 719 number to hear how you can help her out. So, this is sick in one of two ways. Either it is for real and it is sick that any SOB would ever do that to a woman OR it is a sick scam to get people to donate money for something that never happened. I’ve been hobbling in the Springs for over 10 years and The girls face does not look At all familiar even though it says she is “a local favorite”. Maybe I missed her, who knows? I also checked the news reports and papers Going back a month for any stories about a girl getting beaten up in her own home and Nothing came up that sounds like this story. Again, maybe I missed something. I’m hoping this is just a sick scam Because I’d hate to see this happen to anyone. But if it is a scam somebody ought hang the perpetrator by their balls. And if it really happened someone ought to hang the perpetrators by the balls. Same punishment in My book for both crimes. Do any of you TOB folks Know anymore about this?
  6. 411 on Daisy in Springs

    Interesting. Maybe she just doesn’t like me or my phone number. 🤔😞
  7. What’s going on in Colorado Springs

    Audrey, you are definitely welcome. We have a few great providers down here and then there’s the, well, the rest.
  8. Hotel reservations

    That’s an insane policy. Twice I have booked a room for family members because we didn’t have room to comfortably host them and another time I booked a room last minute because our sewer pipe broke and we didn’t have any water for two days. I can’t see how any chain could turn down that business.
  9. 411 on Daisy in Springs

    The PM grapevine said she was still available but only working a few times a month. However, I just texted 719-648-4892 and the response was “I’m not Daisy” and when questioned further answered, “wrong name, wrong number.” So looks like either she didn’t want to talk with me specifically, or she’s out of the business or she got a new phone and some non-escort person got her old number and is getting weird texts LOL. I had the last thing happen once before with a girl who left the business. The new person who answered the text said, “I’m not her but I have her number now. She must have been really popular! How much did she get for a session?” I replied $200/hour and she wrote back, “dang I need to quit my day job and become an escort.” Never heard anymore from her though. I wonder if other ladies have gotten into the business that way?
  10. Am I too old for the hobby?

    I would add, as long as you can still get it up, with or without Viagra, you can hobby. And even after that - just hanging out, conversing and admiring the Beauty of many of these ladies is sufficient reason in my book to hobby.
  11. The Answer is Condoms

    Kaduna - thanks for the PSA! Just another example of how TOB provides a vital service to society.
  12. What are you thinking

    When a stray thought floats into my head that I want to dislodge I wonder what would Pinky (from Pinky and the Brain for those of you who don’t know about them - check out would say and I go and look up some of his famous quotes which gets the other thought dislodged. Here’s a classic of his: The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?Pinky: I think so Brain... but do I really need 2 tongues?
  13. memphis sucks

    I was there for a day this fall and discovered that the crime rate in the city is #2 in the country. Downtown was like a ghost town at noon on a Wednesday. Asked a local WTF? and he said all the businesses moved East and only the government still has offices downtown. Thankfully Beale Street still comes alive at night with blues gigs but outside of that this place is dead which is sad. Not surprised you got such lousy results Loremamet. Atlanta should be MUCH better for you.
  14. Eden from Tryst

    Did you send her your license?
  15. New Girl, June COS

    I tried to hookup with her before Xmas and traded several texts before her battery died and we were unable to hook up during my open window. She sounded very sweet and was a great communicator until her phone died. Based on the conversation I was excited to meet her. When her phone came back up she texted me immediately and we agreed to hook up after New Years. She said she’d be out of town until then and I told her to text me when she got back. Voila! On the 2nd she texted me and I am arranging to meet her sometime very soon once my schedule clears up. I like a girl who can remember to contact someone like that. Usually if they are that competent they are also compete (and more) in other areas.