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  1. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    Oh I whole heartedly agree. There are some ladies who do absolutely deserve the No. What ever happened to the will/won’t repeat option when reviewing? YMMV is the truest statement out there, your wow could be my meh and vice versa.
  2. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    Perhaps the Site Programmers would be willing to add these sections. Nothing about services provided or incriminating. NCNS, Hygene, Environment(clean,messy,safe,unsafe,sketchy etc).
  3. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    I believe you both have valid points. However, inaccurate pics can still be addressed in reviews. A NCNS, in my opinion should be in the review section as well. Life happens and people need to support themselves and want to protect their privacy so I don’t necessarily believe a NO recommendation is fully warranted, but defiantly a MAYBE recommend. I have had a couple situations where the pictures were not the lady or they were obviously dated, however If I countinued with the meeting regardless and left satisfied. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you, but I feel the bigger disservice to our community is to cast doubt on any of our wonderful ladies. As with everything, patterns form and word will get out on less than stellar ladies.
  4. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    Good evening everyone! I’m a bit perturbed as of late with the review situation. From my perspective, any encounter that ends with My desired release, without being robbed, arrested, etc constitutes a yes recommendation. Perhaps not every visit with every lady is mind altering bliss or exactly what I was expecting, however I don’t believe “No’s” are warranted unless the pictures are fake/unrepresentative or there are serious issues. Now when researching a lady I would like to spend time with, I reach out to both positive and negative reviewer for insight. Usually, the negative reviewer from my perspective, has unrealistic expectations or simply didn’t get exactly what they wanted. Thoughts?
  5. BB

    I’m a huge fan of a bbbj and In the days of real reviews it was a selling point. During sessions I’ve had two separate providers offer bbfs which I declined and haven’t seen since. I’m happy either way, utf or tf.
  6. COS Ladies morning availability

    Good evening everyone. I’m attempting to see if any ladies are available in COS around 5-530am in the mornings. I commute every day and that is my best time frame. PM me. Thank you for your time.
  7. Etiquette in contacting a provider

    Good morning everyone. I curious with how to contact a provider whom hasn't posted in a couple days but isn't nessassarly out of there normal online presence. Is it okay to reach out to them relating to their availability, or is the period considered their own personal time off? I don't want to bother said person/persons or blow up their phones (massive exaggeration) when they are possibly with people not in the know. Thank you for your inputs, fmrracer
  8. Maria and Molly COS

    Has anyone seen either of these ladies? I found a single review on TER, but nothing else.
  9. Diamond Doll Dawn (COS)

    Decided to toftt and she is real. Posted a review and waiting approval from the mods. I will offer this: she will get the job done, but your world perception won't be blown away.
  10. Toftt

    Good evening everyone! So I'm seriously considering seeing an unreviewed provider and am curious about the processes you go through when you all decide take the leap of faith. So far everything seems to checkout. What are your deal breakers, experiences etc? Ladies same question, how do you decide to see newbies and alike?
  11. Diamond Doll Dawn (COS)

    Diamond Doll Dawn 719-602-8435 Colorado Escort Has anyone seen this lady? Recent number change but no red flags pull up with either number search. She has been posting in the area for a while now off and on. thanks for any help New Number: 719-602-8435 Old Number: 719-208-1506
  12. 411 Angie COS

    I sent her a text and didn't hear back from her till the next day, but she did respond. Seemed personable as well. I may toftt next week and post up a review. Although I'm seriously considering lifting myself out of the bp realm and exploring the p411 offerings.
  13. 411 on Kylie COS 719-244-6972

    I've been watching her for a while now too. I'm waiting for some info on the board. She is advertising as 19 which is also a yellow flag in my opinion. It's beyond my comfort level to have to "card" a provider like she is buying alcohol or ciggs.
  14. Giselle COS

    Giselle 213-294-7599 Colorado Escort Has anyone seen this pretty lady? I think she used to work out of Peyton by the name of Kennedy, but I may be mistaken. I can't find anything on her.
  15. Ruby COS, Car Dates?

    Has anyone seen or have any info on Ruby? She post sporadically, and has changed numbers a couple of times, but no other red flags. Previous phone numbers pull up the same pictures and she only has posted in COS from what I can find.