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  1. Anyone seen this Gem? COS/DEN

    Phone number with matching pics and tosluts review: 719-396-2709. Number on add is one digit off from the call me option
  2. 719-396-3709 Colorado Companion Seen her post before but can’t find any concrete info. She has a review on “tosluts” but that is hit or miss. Also escortfish shows her posting only in COS and Denver.
  3. Cat in Colo Spgs

    I have seen her before, and she is real and her pictures are dead on. PM me for more details, but if I remember correctly she was banned because something her “gf” doubles partner was doing. Sweet enough girl, would repeat in a pinch.
  4. Any info on Mona COS?

    Updated web link:
  5. Your Dream Ride

    Irish Sport Horse 1920s Actress: Raquel Torres. I’m in my 30s but have a thing for flapper style.
  6. Mona 719-425-1065 Colorado Companion I’ve seen her post off and on anyone seen her?
  7. BBFS Providers

    This post seems like the fastest way to get blacklisted by all the reputable ladies here. Please make sure to review all the providers you find, so the rest of us know who to avoid.
  8. How to avoid stings?

    Absolutely right👆. The hobby is definitely a “shit or get off the pot” but also “No risk, no rewards,” approach to life. The risk and uncertainty is actually what I enjoy most from the hobby, with the exception of the finish .
  9. How to avoid stings?

    Number one rule is be vigilant of your surroundings. I tend to alternate between providers, I have seen before and have learned to trust, as far as the situation is concerned. If I’m meeting someone new I usually drive around the parking lot or neighborhood in the immediate vicinity and look for anything that doesn’t seem right or suspicious. If the incall is at a busy hotel/motel etc I will park in the parking lot without any issues so long as there are car to park near as to not stick out. If the meeting spot is a private incall or the parking lot is sparse I will park a few blocks away where I feel safe and hoof it the rest of the way. I only carry my burner phone with me for the meeting and the donation w/ tip to the appointment. No ID or anything to identify me. If someone new catches my eye I wait a few weeks and let them establish themselves. Not everyone has reviews, but the more they post the more likely they are at least not LE. I also avoid any ads or conversations where explicit language is used by the provider. If the provider does have reviews do your homework. If they have a single review from someone who has only given a single review I tend to stay away as well.
  10. 411 on Kassie<3 in Colorado Springs

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. Another provider “Jayde Sunshine,” also in COS, has the same background in some of her photos. I think they may be traveling together. The latter has a review from a trusted member of the board. I’m thinking they might travel together, but I may just be connecting dots that aren’t there.
  11. What constitutes courtesy and Gentle-manly behavior now days?

    I try not to be generic initial msgs, however I also I’m always aware the number/contact method could be incorrect so I am careful with the wording until I can reasonably confirm whom I’m talking too. I don’t mind introducing myself but again once I’m pretty sure I’m speaking to my intended recipient. I’m not a fan of throwing out my handle to a new lady, to me it feels like I’m fishing for a discount, which isn’t my modus-aperande.
  12. Good evening everyone, I’m a bit confused as how to reach out to some of the ladies here. Having been military, My go-to introduction generally involves “Good evening Miss...,” or some variation wherein. I never try to waste anyone’s time, although sometimes I am just doing research and I make that clear from the start. I also always, end thanking the lady for her time. I realize there is no absolute right way to initiate contact albeit there are obviously wrong ways . I typically only receive 1/4 of msg’s back the others are usually complete radio silence.
  13. What's your Unicorn?

    Don’t need help cleaning my house, but if she can muck stalls it’s a huge plus.
  14. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    Oh I whole heartedly agree. There are some ladies who do absolutely deserve the No. What ever happened to the will/won’t repeat option when reviewing? YMMV is the truest statement out there, your wow could be my meh and vice versa.
  15. What constitutes a bad review nowadays?

    Perhaps the Site Programmers would be willing to add these sections. Nothing about services provided or incriminating. NCNS, Hygene, Environment(clean,messy,safe,unsafe,sketchy etc).