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  1. 411 On Naughty Red Headed Barbie

    Please PM me !
  2. Curious about this girl....

    contacted her and she sent me her menu. She had some very interesting options on it. After seeing that list I decided she wasn't for me
  3. 411 on Ashley Nicole in Colo Springs

    think she post as shes available. [snip]
  4. Pueblo info

    I've tried several times in the past to meet up with her and have never been successful. We had set times and even gave me her address but then ghosted me.
  5. 411 on Kylie COS 719-244-6972

    I've text her. I asked if the pics are her she said yes. It sounded like she only offers safe play no GFE.
  6. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    all very good and valid points but sorry to say it just kinda comes with the job. I'm glad the ladies on here stand up for yourself but I doubt it will ever change. Every job in the world has these kind of issues. Find your clientele and ignore the rest. Sure this is a very unique business but I'd say Eat the meant and spit out the bones so to speak.(no pun intended.)
  7. Pueblo info

    I've texted her a few times and tried to set something up but nothing ever panned out. She sounds like a nice girl and no red flags other then the pics she post but shes says shes a real ginger redhead.
  8. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    The provider in question is new to this so I'm not knocking her methods but I just couldn't give a pic of myself. Its her choice conduct her screening how she wants. I recommended a p411 account to help her to that end. Be safe and smart everyone!
  9. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    That was my thought exactly. I didnt get the LE vibe, but who knows. I understand both parties have to protect themselves. It isnt just about protecting myself but my family and loved ones as well.
  10. I had something kinda odd happen to me. A newer provider that started listing on TOB peeked my interest, so I dropped her a text and sent all my screening info. She said I had to provide a pic of me touching my face. This was weird to me as I have rock solid references and reviews that go back to 2013 plus a p411. She said that it was the only way to make sure I wasn't a LE. I found this odd. As if cops cant take selfies? The newer provider has a review up so I didnt feel like it was a scam or anything but I decided to move along as this isnt my SOP. Any thoughts?
  11. pre-pay

    Yes it was paypal that she requested the service. I had the same idea as you with paper trail she suggested a prepaid visa card. Great point. As far as I could tell all the info matched but I decided to error on the side of caution and forgo the payment. I was peaked by her reviews, pics and that she was in the springs. probably TGTBT Youre right its not a bad idea. If she was Colorado local and had reviews by members I'm familiar with then I'd go for it. Just not enough info for me to make the leap.
  12. pre-pay

    I saw a girl that posed in the springs and decided to get in touch with her and everything seemed fine and normal. I asked her if she had reviews and she directed me to her ECCIE profile and had quite the prolific list of reviews(all good). I thought this was a slam dunk. Real pics, real reviews and all the info matched. She told me that 1st time clients had to put a down donation amount using pay pal. I've never encountered this before so I told her I couldn't. Has anyone else encountered this before from a reputably provider?
  13. Backpage escort section gone

    I joined years ago and had some amazing girls on there. Porn stars and everything in between. Not so big for CO. Maybe it will change.
  14. Backpage escort section gone

    Its more about pressure to rid the US of underage trafficking. Easiest way to get the headlines and declare success is to ban BP. Its not real change but it looks good for headlines. Not really about religious nuts although I'm sure they're happy about it. You should think more critically about the issue.
  15. brandy COS

    I think youre right. she has a baaaad attitude. I was texting her and she was talking to me like I was owed her something. Its like being charged fine dinning prices but getting McDonalds service. Thankfully I didnt meet up with her.