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  1. Ladies preference – session length?

    Convo, foreplay, lots of DFK, MSOG with a massage in between to recharge, and a home cooked meal afterward! I mean he did spring for a whole 15 minutes, right?
  2. Ladies preference – session length?

    And you will get slammed for it. Just read yet another review of a 15 minute session where the dumbass complained about not enough foreplay. Seriously?!?!?
  3. Advice Please.

    Then pay for a session (and full price) and just talk!
  4. Advice Please.

    Both the opportunity cost of your time and your time in general are worth more than just a meal, IMO.
  5. Question for providers....

    Sorry, I must be dense because I am not picking up what you are laying down here.
  6. Question for providers....

    Just saying I don't get the mentality of seeing someone just for the reference.
  7. Hilarious! - "Definitions to remember"

    I am rarely ever late = Every time I am late, I will swear it is the first time in like forever. 😉
  8. How Do I See Myself…

    I can tile and grout a floor (took a class at the Depot and learned by doing) but I can't catch a fish to save my life. If I need tile work done, I do it myself. If I want to eat fish, I go buy it. You can still get stiff and take care of business yourself or can pay to have a fine YL help you out. Time is short on the big blue marble and I am glad I can tile, buy fish, and finally found out I am okay with getting some help where I had been nearly only self or no service. I only write these words as a reminder to myself to enjoy the short ride, but hopefully they help you too Fish.
  9. Question for providers....

    I have said this before but it is relevant here too. No way am I spending hard earned money and rearranging valuable time to see someone if there is no attraction in the first place. This may be just me, but even as a relative noob, I don't need a notch on the belt, a credit, or a reference bad enough to see someone I am not attracted to in one way or another. I may also want to return, schedule in the future based on interesting exchanges on posts or PMs, or finally get to see someone for whom a giant snowstorm ruined our planned encounter. Unfortunately I have neither unlimited time nor funds so that encounter may take a while. While I would welcome continued engagement with the YL, I have taken to heart the info shared on time-wasters and try hard not to be one. In short, if there was a connection, he will probably return. It may just be in the time it takes for the stars to align again. Patience is not something I have in abundance, but I try.
  10. Earning in the sex industry

    This whole discussion reminded me of a Richard Jeni bit on how happy the male porn actors must be to go to work. Saw him at Comedy Works and laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants. RIP
  11. I’m Even More Stoopid than I Thought…

    Not a fight, just a discussion! We can agree to disagree on spelling. Had to be an article on it so here you go from a chile professor at a chile institute (who knew such a thing existed) My roots come through NM, so kind of like a religious discussion with me. We can still agree to agree about hatch nasty chiles and better CO chiles. Now Fish, you want a great breakfast, top that tamale with a couple of eggs and some NM style red chile and serve with a homemade tortilla. Dang, hungry again!
  12. I’m Even More Stoopid than I Thought…

    Glad someone said it, hatch chile is terrible! But you don't have to go all the way to Pueblo when there is great chile at the farms in Brighton. A little early yet though. Hate to be that guy, but Owl, you are from Pueblo and don't know how to spell chile? Chili is from Texas, has beans in it, is good on a cold day, and goes on hot dogs. Chile is what you make into green or red chile and goes on burritos, tostadas, in a bowl with some cheese and a tortilla, or really makes eggs sing. And next time Fish, sounds weird but use Vaseline. The acid will attack the oils in the Vaseline and not your hands (or your winky). Dang, now I am hungry. I know what's for dinner tomorrow!
  13. Black and White or Color Photos

    I would say a couple of b&w or artsy-fartsy mixed in is fine, but if all of the pics are like this it may seem like the advertiser is trying to hide something. I have seen several ads mentioning new non-retouched photos so it must have been an issue in someone's mind, right? Mystery is great and all, but to a point when you are advertising and it is probably a fine balance. I agree that if this is how you are showing your peronality, then go for it.