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  1. Sex On Demand

    What, you aren't sitting naked by the phone/computer waiting for me to call/text/email/PM you?!?!? 🤔
  2. Sex On Demand

    Exactly and on both sides! Fellas, be respectful in asking and understanding if it won't work. And YLs be the same in explaining/declining if it won't work. Record for me was 15 minutes from inquiry to first contact on an available now ad. Was special circumstances and inquiry explained the tight window politely. Not in any way saying for you fine YLs to make yourselves available all the time, but if you are it can't hurt to advertise, right? The most informative available now ads include some idea of location (big deal if there is limited time window) and some include specific time windows of availability, even hours away. This is nice for those who have flexible work. Could be go have some fun and come back and finish up work or hustle to get the work done and then go enjoy a reward!
  3. Sex On Demand

    I have had some good luck with it. Good for us guys that have difficult schedules to plan around. Or are just last minute Louies. Or both!
  4. Sex On Demand

    My question along these lines. I thought I read somewhere that the Available Now ads on P411 are free. Why don't more Denver YL's use those? Seems like other cities have tons but many here just post and re-post on TOB even though they are on P411 too. Don't get me wrong, loves me some TOB, but screening and profile info is more robust on P411. If I see a YL posting here and there, seems like a better shot at connecting if I am working last minute.
  5. Sex On Demand

    Yes, go to the YL's profile and Forum Stats and see if her last login matches the ad time stamp. Some are days ago for last login but have ads going on auto-post. Another hint is watch for ads that hit right on the hour or half hour.
  6. Thank you

    First one (above) is free! 😉
  7. just takes a second ...

    Even saying "I am better than average" is incorrect for half!
  8. This week's game

    Tina Fey, but has to wear her glasses. Funny, nerdy, and hot, but not necessarily in that order.
  9. When provider's change personas

    I think two variables to consider make this an even more interesting question. First, how quickly the name changes happen might signal something. Rapid fire name changes seem to me to be searching for the "right" identity. Kind of testing the waters. Could also be trying to disassociate with drama or reviews when getting started. A couple of years with the same name maybe one gets bored or even just gets too much spam in the email and wants to start fresh. The second, and very interesting to me, is the choice to keep the same account and reviews or not. There is at least one longtime member with reviews under several different names but the same account and a stellar reputation. Some that change accounts also say who they "used to be", clearly pointing gents to prior reviews. It doesn't seem to matter too much as the community seems to figure out who changes names pretty quickly. The why is always a guessing game, but an interesting one!
  10. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    It may be the early bird that gets the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese!

    Serious question: Would it be okay to refer you to P411 or TOB if I had shared my okays or references with you on one of those platforms? Or do you want references typed into your screening form? Totally agree that the idiots that say "don't have any" are self-screening out by not reading requirements!
  12. Grooming Rant

    If you need some QC to make sure it worked, feel free to PM me.😉 The flavor is already in the muffin, no need to mess with perfection!😁
  13. Why do you do this???

    Add, "oh yeah, my first time doing anything like this" and you have an absolute masterpiece!
  14. Grooming Rant

    Kill two birds with one stone and use a shave butter! Haven't tried it down below, but sure has helped on the neck.
  15. Personal Websites

    I am a nerd and read the website and usually everything on it trying to get a feel for the personality of the YL. Of course pictures or videos are nice too! 😉 (IMO, enough to entice, but not too much.) I agree that most seem neglected, especially the blogs. Usually starts out with something like "I love writing and am so excited to be sharing lots of stuff with you. Come back often for updates." Then nothing else but crickets chirping. Links to Twitter and reviews or ad pages are nice, but insights greater than 120 characters would feed my nerdiness better and feeds my desire for context. I guess the bottom line is to decide if your website is just another ad venue or if you want to make it more personal and a reflection of something deeper. If it is an ad venue, check back every once in a while to make sure it is consistent with your ads. If it is more personal, take some time to make it who you are today because that changes over time.