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  1. That's hot. Just a good old fashioned stare.
  2. That sounds fabulous! But then again a lot want pure fantasy then POOF right?
  3. Clearly but what exactly makes for that connection is what I’m opening up for discussion !
  4. Yes! What are some details that help you connect? :-D
  5. Good morning! As an artist I always like to improve my craft. I am very curious what you all find satisfying with all your exchanges here on TOB :-D. Let me start by saying what DOESN"T matter to me are pics of how hot you are or of certain body parts. Also if you are the ruler of 5 foreign countries . What I tend to look for is consistent and complete communication in a timely fashion. Respect for time and expectations. Cleanliness and hygiene ( although a nice cologne is a real bonus!!!) Genuine desire to please in mannerism and actions. Brevity and fun! I'd love to hear from both sides just as a curiosity and way of getting to know you better! Happy holidays, Lili
  6. P411

    This is a little confusing! lol
  7. I got a wierd request!!

    Men can feel violated too.
  8. Cutting The Cord!!!

    I was curious what this forum thread was about. You guys are really talking about cable tv. Gotta love it. Maybe I'll get some ideas here for car servicing.
  9. What is going on?

    I like your name. That is catchy! Don't like golf or gambling so would have to come up with something totally different.
  10. What is going on?

    haha. Funny girl! ;-) Just trying to give you ladies a heads up. And I'm trying to verify if this is just a rumour or actual recent events
  11. What is going on?

    That doesn"t seem to be the case in these recent events. Lot's of fake ID's etc. It's a new sting so just trying to make folks aware!
  12. What is going on?

    Not sure if I'm hearing rumours but outcalls have lead to numerous pops? Please be aware and or comment below.
  13. Happy Holiday!

    That you sweet pea! Stay in touch ;-)
  14. Happy Holiday!

    Wishing you all an awesome holiday and fabulous New Year 2019!!! We really appreciate all you do! In love and light! Ms. Sapphire Jones xoxoxox...............................
  15. Threatening bad review

    I love this " The cycle of fuckery". You have me smiling this morning!