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  1. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

  2. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

    Sadly this is true! That and live music events. I don't see how you guys even like web caming! I prefer human contact always. Just a touchy feey gal! Either way, let's stay positive and healthy! Have a great day!
  3. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

    I love long hair! :-D
  4. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

    I hear you! Some alone time is good but being an extrovert this is starting to grate on my last nerves!
  5. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

  6. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

    Yes I'm learning a lot about people!! This is bringing out character for sure!
  7. Quarantine Highs and Lows :-P

    What has been the best and worst experiences for all of us that have to stay home for work? Some best has been: 1. cleaning the entire condo like never before 2. pulling out my violin and actually playing it! :-) 3 taking more time to reach out to friends and family on the phone Worst has been : Missing my gym buddies ( although been working out daily ;-)) Getting a nice massage! Missing the rush hour traffic on Leedsdale ( jk just seeing if y'all are actually reading this! ) Feel free to share or vent! If you are struggling we are here for you ! Hugs n kisses Lily
  8. Covid-19 (2019 novel coronavirus)

    Totally agree girl!
  9. Covid-19 (2019 novel coronavirus)

    Might as well have smile on your face ! lol. I understand your concern. I'm sure most on here are taking extra precautions to keep this a fun and relaxing exxxperience! Have a good one!
  10. Big donations

  11. That's hot. Just a good old fashioned stare.
  12. That sounds fabulous! But then again a lot want pure fantasy then POOF right?
  13. Clearly but what exactly makes for that connection is what I’m opening up for discussion !
  14. Yes! What are some details that help you connect? :-D