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  1. Hangover Cures??

  2. Self-driving cars

    sounds dangerous.. more dangerous than me driving haha
  3. Fake Reviews

    I never had this issue on TOB but on the other T site yes. I fought it, and they were able to remove.
  4. Ten Important Facts

    The hardest lessons are given to the strongest souls.
  5. Roanoke...VA

    welcome! I am local in VA... you can contact me via email or twitter.
  6. oh gosh, I was very lucky, I had tiffany & co jewelry, clothes, amazon gift cards, tickets to Colombia to visit family, and my clients know me so much... I got lots of nutella jars hahaha
  7. Last Minute Cancellation

    when I cancel a date, I usually offer extra time the next time we are able to meet... (in addition to the time he book previously). Ussually they understand and they happy to know that I respect their time as well. Only has happened on just couple of occasions. Once I end up in the ER bc my asthma and the other a family member was sick too and I have no-one else to take care of them. Actually had to cancel a client on Sunday because the snow and didn't feel driving to his hotel and back home (2 hrs drive total) offered additional time the next meeting...
  8. Kissing, giving oral

    He's judging us all ladies. I guess he needs to be more careful on he wish to meet then.
  9. What’s your favorite

    “Any day above ground is a good day. Before you complain about anything, be thankful for your life and the things that are still going well.” “Stay positive, all other choices are pointless punishments to your psyche.” “The positive energy and love we give to others, heals our own wounds.”
  10. Kissing, giving oral

    I'm responding this post in a respectful manner. Not sure if you understand what I'm trying to explain (English is my second language)- (or maybe I am reading it wrong?!) hehe... I am not a high volume provider, I do have a civvie job, life, hobbies. To me; being fully booked means one outcall a day, or one incall a day. Those that know me (and met me) know this. I'm not a morning person (for dates), and most of the days my "first" - and only appt can be at 3pm, 7pm, etc. it's a personal preference, I don't judge ladies that see couple clients a day **kuddos to them!!**, but you are generalizing to ALL ladies see different people daily. Perhaps you are missing good ladies out there like me that the "first appt of the day" could be at 3pm? Anyways, hope you have a good evening sir. Veronica Turbay
  11. What's better? Longer or shorter?

    first time... 90 min. short enough if we dont have "chemistry" and long enough to make you crave for more! hahaha
  12. Has any of you divers/snorkel crowd ...

    I did the boss in Nassau during one of the days I was there this summer. You will move about 1 mile per hour, been there, done that. it's fun!!! have a good trip !
  13. Kissing, giving oral

    early in the day? I never understood this.... I really find it annoying when someone say the first appt of the day.... lol not everyone see several guys in the same day, for some... we can be fully booked BY ONE APPT a day. (and Im definitely not a morning person) but my FIRST....(and only) apt of the day can be at 7pm lol guys, sorry but this is ridiculous, when a guy write an inquiry with something like this... it goes straight to my delete box. I can be a full time companion seeing ONE or two people a WEEK. Some of us have different life outside the "hobby". my two cents,
  14. This is some sick advice

    Im Colombian so... I do what nana said. "agua de panela" with lots of lemon, drink it as hot as possible. cut it in little pieces, boil with water. add 2-3 lemon juice, If u don't trust me, google it. Grandma always is right. haha lots of vitamin C, hit the sauna and release those toxins out of u body
  15. No Show - the Kiss of Death (and Non-Patronage)

    sorry that this happen to you. Not just ladies need to screen guys but guys need to screen ladies as well. Meet with stablished providers, better be safe than sorry.