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  1. Sesta Fosta Workshop This Weekend

    interesting, anyone took notes? would sent info with pertinent info?
  2. How to be a provider's favorite...

  3. Let's Talk About Switter

    so far so good...
  4. Safe Communication

    it's been a learning curve let me tell you! but... like everything in life.. it would take time but everything it's gonna be alright.
  5. Washington DC

    no ads... all TOB ads are for Colorado ONLY. I think the discussion boards are fine tho!
  6. Positive Vibes & General Welcome

    thank you!
  7. Assholes are taunting and celebrating

    it's just a minor change... everyone would adapt. Changes can be good and positive... (just depending of our point of view)>
  8. Are the listings gone forever?

    I could not find any for DC or VA );
  9. To all the fellow hobbyists

    lol too funny! but hey.. sharing is caring!
  10. SESTA / FOSTA to be signed Wednesday

    ACLU hasn't say anything yet... last post I saw on their twitter was couple months ago (ONE SINGLE POST)
  11. new people

  12. Let's Talk About Switter

    its a bit difficult to navigate on the site.. I got it on desktop but I'm having difficulties using on an app. lol... I will figure out (I hope)
  13. What I know for sure

    love your post! too many changes lately... can hardly keep up! LOL
  14. Listing Rules etc.

    I am a bit confused... went to my listing in DC and realize that it disappeared... so only Colorado has access to listings now?
  15. "GFE": VR "Documentary"

    interesting! thanks for share