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  1. No Shave November - Are You Doing It

    there's no way I would not shave... not even requested. I can't deal with 2 days past. lol
  2. Where to start?

    start with MY feet! ha
  3. Providers asking for deposit

    when there's reports of NCNS, short pay or things like that I do require a deposit. Also, if I'm touring I require a deposit as well... many fantasy bookers out there and at least need to make sure the cost of airfare and hotels would be covered before arriving in case a ncns or last minute cancelation.
  4. Hope All Veterans Enjoyed today

    thank you to All service members! who have served and honor the tremendous sacrifices made by members of the U.S. armed forces and their families to preserve our freedom. #VeteransDay2018
  5. New friendships

    I dont understand you just.. could you explain a bit more please?
  6. New B .

    welcome!! where are you located?? I am in DC
  7. Harrisburg - Hershey!

    things to do while on a short trip there (Besides Hershey Park?)
  8. Refrence checks

    I personally have an auto text for text messages, a voicemail set up. So if any lady wants a reference I always request to be contacted by email. With the ladies info as well, website, twitter and their info.
  9. Positions

    all of them.. it depends of the body type of the other person to..
  10. EROS?

    I personally advertise on eros, (since it is the main site for Washington DC) Im sure there's lots of scammers, (just like any other site- providers and clients). Make sure you google their phone number, email, have their own website (domain), twitter, instagram etc. Very easy for you guys to verify a girl using all these I just mentioned.
  11. Birthday Recommendations

    depends the area you coming.. lots of festivals and events going on! msg on twitter i can give u a list
  12. Wild Visit

    definitely! msg me on twitter or email!
  13. What do you prefer? photoshoots

    well depends... some clients request specific outfits, like casual clothing" instead of the nude shot haha
  14. What do you prefer? photoshoots

  15. What do you prefer? photoshoots