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  1. Have you discovered any new unexpected kinks

    definitely I had discover things on each appt. It's a beautiful thing!
  2. Do You Believe In Giving Second Chances

    depends, depends of the approach. I think people can change, their personalities and their views.
  3. Providers having an "Assistant"

    I can only speak for myself, I do not have an assistant, I really dont like other set of eyes on my e-mails and private communications.
  4. hope you have a good day if you seeing this
  5. Tyson's Corner

    Im local in Tysons
  6. P411

    is working for me now.
  7. What are your favorite car shows in the US? Doing some research, Veronica
  8. Happy FRIDAY!

    Summer almost to the end.... hope you are all enjoying as much as possible what we have left. Hugs Veronica Turbay,
  9. Inflation of donation !

    cost of living goes up, transportation, hotels, advertising sites. We have to adjust our rates accordingly
  10. Baltimore/DC/Virginia

    welcome to DC / DMV area!
  11. Are you Considering Other Options?

    other services available, virtual days, phone calls, text packages, etc.
  12. If the decision was yours...

    as much as I would like to "normal" we have to adjust (just like we did with F&S. life is not gonna be the same for me. Too many lives lost already. Safe hugs for everyone.
  13. COVID-19. information & URL's

    thanks for sharing!
  14. I'm back "kinda"

    welcome back!