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  1. "GFE": VR "Documentary"

    interesting! thanks for share
  2. Newbie needs help

    try to book with a well reviewed lady. She can give a reference to p411. (of course u have to be approve by them) and I think is after 2 references.
  3. Almost the end of 2017, some great things happened, some sad, lots of lessons learned... Me being a latina; we have lots of superstitions for the new years eve. Few are: Do not wash clothes or dishes on New Year's Day as you'll be washing for the dead in the new year. Do not take anything out of the house on New Year's Day Work a little bit (but not too much). Keep lentils on your pockets at midnight (for money luck) You have to be awake at midnight this one is funny **yellow panties** for good fortune $$ and **red panties** for good luck in love. ate 12 grapes at mid nite Cleaning your house—especially dusting—on December 31st Another funny is at mid nite go around the block with a suitcase or a bag *for traveling thru the next year* LOL!!! anyone else?
  4. Merry Christmas

    happy holidays and a prosperous New year
  5. ?'s for those that are new to this

    from a provider's perspective: Make sure the lady is stablished by having a website, reviews, pictures, google her name, phone number, email and see what comes up. A stablished lady would have enough web history for you to check all over the place. Does she has social media? instagram, twitter, does she blog? rumors from other clients are just that.. rumors, clients that I may have declined from XYZ reasons may hold a grudge and give a bad word to others u know? just my .2 cents
  6. i heard some gross things but this.... is on the top ones lol
  7. Fitbits fer yer junk

  8. The direct approach?

    ad was deleted. late to the party i guess lol
  9. Hello VA!

  10. Eros Call Center Raided

    yup! its all about taxes and human trafficking.
  11. Happy one year Hoversary..

    ho- ho !
  12. Leaving Texas In The Wind

    Well, I love my area.. DC, MD and VA has a lot to explore, culture, food, museums and the diversity!
  13. Advice please before court.

    get a lawyer and i hope you didn't open ur mouth at arrest
  14. have a fun trip to Tucson... vacation weekend in NY for thanksgiving!
  15. Halloween

    Im dressing up as pretty woman... hahaha only if my friends would know the truth hahahaha