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  1. First meet - ladies outfits

    depends the location, time, type of meeting. outcall lunch ussually in jeans and flats... a cute top or low heels, little make up. Outcall dinner date, depends of where are we going... a concert? opera? restaurant? cocktails? Incall... if I know you already prob more sexy stuff... first time? most likely a dress and or jeans... it depends of the person, I mean, every date is different.
  2. What do u do for r&r?

    go for a hike, go to yoga, gym, read a book play with my dog.. and every 3 months I have a quick "get away" so I get something that I am "looking forward!'
  3. Happy Mother's Day

    hope everyone have a great weekend!!
  4. Cinco de Mayo

    Hope everyone have a safe weekend
  5. Drop the Attitudes

    isn't this sad? the fact we have to ask to be respectful, put in other's shoes. I think it is common sense... but yet, here we are.
  6. What are you grateful for?

    1. good health 2. family 3. friends 4. my dog 5. debt free
  7. Scheduling Etiquette & Follow Up

    I dont rely my screening on references. I dont see the point on rely my safety on someone i have never meet from the internet.. lol Unless I know the provider/ companion personally and or know the way she screens and we have mutual clients... i dont bother with references. I only use MY own screening for MY safety/
  8. Foreign IP addresses

    hidemyass, TOR are free. You can download the VPN like an app and there are few that are free. Regardless, there's no reviews and noone post in months in that site.
  9. Goodbye MassageRepublic

    I saw the blog on their site... another one to the dust. I would imagine they would remove all the acronyms.... but they dont want to do it. Doesnt make sense.
  10. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

    screen like your life depends on it because it does.!
  11. meditation, yoga, helps a lot haha
  12. Foreign IP addresses

    you can download a VPN, some are free. Just turn it on when accessing to that site.
  13. Goodbye MassageRepublic

    yes, saw the post on twitter and also on their own blog. Another site gone!
  14. P411

    good news indeed!
  15. Hangover Cures??