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  1. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    yes, is cary, thats why always use different device if possible, different browser, and if checking acts for screening.. never ever do it from your personal acct. (same as linkedin)
  2. can anyone guide me into Tucson?

    about the city, things to do, what places are worth to see during a trip? thank you!
  3. New to TOB and noticed ....

    I notice that TER, p411 is pretty common in those areas
  4. Incall....

    have ou try a 3 month lease? some places have furnished apartments for 2-3 month lease. It's a good way to be UTR specially with noisy neighbors. If you can pay in advance ...let's say 3 months? When I lived in Texas, Dallas that's what I did. I want some changes but I realize that Dallas wasn't a good place for this business, I heard stories but I want to experienced myself. Good luck in your search! Vero
  5. If you could...

    India...(planning for 2018)
  6. Well reviewed providers with old reviews

    no biggie... ladies take breaks like everyone & everything else in life
  7. Hello DC people

    crickets... anyone here
  8. KiK it

    kik is more like text message system that deleted after opening.. twitter is what I use. I do also have only-fans for private-special content that i don't post in public forums. If a client wants to text between dates or phone calls... nite-flirt is a good option
  9. so if you have few hrs to spare in Denver...

    awesome ideas! thank you!
  10. Reversing Roles

  11. what would be your top things to do? (A Washington DC gal)
  12. Incase it's never said!

    awe! such a nice message!
  13. Long time reader, first time hobbyist

    hello! Im new to the board (kind of)... since Im in the East Coast but looking forward to visit!
  14. False References

    I always provide references... and I expect ladies are reciprocal with them.
  15. Privilege Escort Agency?

    its working fine.