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  1. Gas War

    Solar vs Wind Just one google note says but not verified by me: “A five-megawatt wind turbine can require 700 gallons of lubricant, and, costly synthetic fluids are preferred in the industry. Typically, oil change intervals are scheduled for from 9 to 16 months.”
  2. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    SURPRISE. ? With your experience, I’m curious as to what would be your most favored surprise - something to get the reiki room “pretty dam hot” - in a great way, of course 🤭.
  3. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    NEW ? ……….. New for you, or, New for him ? 🤭
  4. Naive Question Perhaps?

    Well, I've been accompanied by UTR ladies on a few occasions to some private adult parties and the former Scarlet Ranch location. I supposed we had the right relationship with these attributes......... ...................( A. Generous. B. Nice Looking. C. Generous D. Gentleman E.. Generous ) Hmmmmm hopefully one of those attributes qualifies as 'right relationship'. I'm envisioning being escorted by a TOB 'trophy escort' to the Scarlet .Ranch. I'm surely open to more advise from experienced hobbyists or TOB escorts.
  5. Naive Question Perhaps?

    Does the concept of 'Escort' ever include the opportunity of any TOB providers 'escorting' a generous gentleman for an evening at an Adult Party or Adult Club?? TIA
  6. Best days to hobby

    I really really enjoy an after work happy hour incall visit ! ! ! 5:30 - 6:30 a whiskey on the rocks and and a hot session in the bed parker